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  1. Warframe Builder

    I know someone might have already talked about this, but... is there any word about changings with warframe builder regarding the exilus slot? many ppl might will come to to simulate the new builds with those new slots.
  2. Blade And Gun Challenge: Deadly Diving

    here's mine contribution: loadout submission1 submission2 a video for understanding better the second submission PS: how to embed the youtube videos here? i tried the yt/youtube tags and neither worked here.
  3. Blade And Gun Challenge: Conclave Supremacy

    well, here's mine little contribution :v loadout the action The Motion behind the pics
  4. Blade And Gun Challenge: Candid Camera

    here's my contribution the action loadout
  5. Blade And Gun Challenge: The Longshot

    Loadout: The action:
  6. New: Mirror The Mod Contest

    well, here's my contribution... the mod: the screenshot: the mirrored version:
  7. Blade And Gun Challenge: Shotgun Surgeon

    So close to win the previous one... damnit... anyway, here's my trying this time... The Loadout The Action (can't show the drakgoon while wall running... such a mess... anyway, can't negate its it, because of the shrapnel mechanics)
  8. Blade And Gun Challenge: Aerial Ambush

    well, here's mine one Loadout The act itself
  9. New Contest: Master Of Mustache Pick-Up Lines!

    here's mine one
  10. New Contest: Warframe Doppelganger!

    Here is mine... Loki Prime as Lord Vasto Ichigo
  11. New: Honoring The System Screenshot Contest!

    This is my contribution to the gallery, the saryn contemplating the poison nature of the corrosive scoliac ... i hope u like :D
  12. New: A Haunting Encounter Contest

    Here's my so hard pic to take. I hope u like the exact instant of the blocked impact of his slash dash. and here's my "personal taunt" "...Never trust your own shadows..."