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  1. Ah yes, even those tiny companies... Not saying DE is some small company with a small budget...but comparing any company to titans like Blizzard and Steam is rather unrealistic and pointless.
  2. So...what I can say is...that verification system is working fine for me (and coincidentally, for my brother as well - who has a different email provider than I do). So it sounds like the problem is with your email (provider) tbh.
  3. It probably won't be that long until 24.7 hits consoles...bit of patience and you can use it too :)
  4. On the page it also says it was introduced with update 24.7 and the latest version on PS4 is 24.6.2...
  5. Support is always there...very busy so slow replies but always there. So you say you can't login...but more details are gonna be needed for assistance.
  6. About the first Kuva Fortress mission...(archwing required)
  7. A MR 14 weapon isn't gonna help a MR 7 player.
  8. Polearms and whips. Orthos Prime, Scoliac, Atterax, various Zaws, etc :)
  9. Saryn Systems has a 22,56% dropchance...the chances of having it after 50 attempts is 99.999719283969%. Aka 0.00028071603% chance to not have it at that stage. So...it's extremely unlucky, but possible.
  10. With such detail, it's amazing how there have been no lengthy solutions posted yet. >_> Anyway, things don't just vanish from accounts. Maybe someone had your password and traded stuff away. Maybe you had multiple accounts and you're in the wrong one. In any case, nobody here can help you. Only Support staff can.
  11. I hit the text limit. 256 characters by the looks of it. Not our actual MOTD ofc...just thought I'd see how much I can put in there...
  12. To the Void it goes. For 100% certainty on the matter, ask Support.
  13. Yeah...but that's been referred to as "soon" for over a year now so...you might as well enjoy it for now.
  14. Teaching newbies about the game. Perfecting builds and finding weird unusual builds. Nightwave. Ephemera drop chances. Broken updates. Pointless riven changes.
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