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  1. The answer is kind of subjective. Watch a vid on his abilities or something and decide for yourself. Some like him, some hate him.
  2. Quite likely just unlucky. If others get parts and you don't, get screenshots from them with the end of mission screen with the rewards and a mention of your name in the squad and submit those to Support.
  3. You can contact Support and ask, but if it's not recent they may not be able to help. So prepare for disappointment just in case.
  4. Can confirm, mine didn't go over the cap either. Feels like such a waste of a login reward at that stage.
  5. They've gone to other games due to have nothing left to do in WF. Like myself. Playing a lot of Destiny 2 atm. But in general, imo, the community has turned to -youknowwhat- over the years. But if you want to dress up in pink, dance and do nothing but chat in relays etc, WF is the perfect game atm.
  6. Because DE decided so...that's pretty much it. As I like to say...logic DEnied.
  7. That should improve with melee 3.0...you know...in the year 2185
  8. Ask support to provide you with all the data they have on you. You have the right to ask for it due to GDPR (google it of you want to know more). After answering some questions to make sure it's really you, they will provide you with a massive data dump. All the info you want should be in there, and more.
  9. You're better off playing the plenty more. And I say this in a very chill and realistic mood. Considering what you said you enjoy and what you don't, the coming year or so of WF will offer nothing for you.
  10. Never ask from where. Warframe.com only. Any other source will get you rightfully banned.
  11. Slots, reactors, catalysts. It's also fine to just leave the majority of plat sitting in your account until you think of / find something you really want.
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