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  1. So with the changes to Ash going live, I have seen a lot of feedback on it. Most of the actual feedback that one can find agree on one thing. The changes to smoke bomb are very welcome and loved. Teleport is something that had not been talked about as much.

    Blamestorm either has one of the people talking about it. The majority that claim it is a nerf and are complaining because another one button win was list. The minority who agree with and like the changes. Then there is the majority out people who see the changes as doing very little to solve what you guys wanted. Sure the ability may be slightly more interactive, but most just toggle sweep then kill. 

    I know you feel the ability is something that identifies Ash. Something a lot of us would agree on, however that does not mean something else should be forgotten. Ash currently is viewed like Excalibur was, a majority view two abilities as being better than the others. At the tone these abilities were radial javelin and radial blind. However the ones that played him over all other frames saw value in his other abilities.  Currently is being defined by one ability, that ability is blade storm. 

    So my question to the staff at DE is this. Have you looked into the feedback of the ash changes, and have you seen that not everyone is happy with the current version of blade storm?

  2. When invasion came out they had an impact on the system, now they are just another alert style mission. I want to know if invasions will ever be reverted or changed to be like they were previously. As before the winning faction would control that node, which meant the grineer could have control of a nose on a corpus planet. This was changed when the prosecutors were introduced so that they could always be found on Ceres. Now that they are gone would it be possible to bring back old invasions? 

    I remember back before update 14 even the grineer took over Europa. One suggested change would be to make the boss node a stronghold against the enemy faction. That way the planet's boss tile is preserved and allows the defending faction to fight back.

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  3. With the latest patches there has been a problem with imprint trading. Several people traded imprints just for one of them to randomly vanish. Will these people have any way of getting their imprints back once the bug is fixed?

    Also invasion missions used to have an impact on the star chart as the winning faction would own that node. Later it was patched so that this did not happen. Is there any chance we will see something like this again? 

  4. Way back when you first implemented invasions the winning faction actually earned that node. If I remember properly around U14 the grineer managed to actually take over all of europa. Will that system ever be placed back into the game? As it made it feel like what we did impacted the starstar chart. I think it was removed so that prosecutors would always be able to spawn by removing it so the grineer never list ceres. Though something a little more simple could have been done. Boss nodes could have been made immune to standard invasions. That way there is always a point that a faction holds on a planet enabling them to fight back. While phorid can still appear as invested invasion is slightly different than normal invasions. 

  5. When I first started playing warframe the invasion missions actually had an effect on the system. One example was way back before U14 when the grineer took over Europa. This obviously happened because the grineer poetically offered the better rewards. What I am wondering is if those consequences will return. As it meant the start map was always changing and that our actions did more than just getting us a few fieldron.

    Is there any news on the changes to Ash?

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  6. When I first started playing warframe the invasions actually meant something happened on the star chart. When the grineer invaded a corpus node and won that node was theirs. They could then expand outwards from that node. Will this ever make a return now that the beacons for vay'hek are no longer a thing? As that stopped when the special grineer gaurdsman came out.

    Also, is there any news on the changes to Ash?

  7. I have a few questions I have been wondering about. 

    Q1) We know that a new special type if weapon is going to be integrated with a warframes arm. I am wondering how unique to us will we be able to make them?

    Q2) Is there anything you can tell us about the ash changes, like if he will be getting a stance type ability? 

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  8. Question 1) I know mag and volt are slotted for kit reworks. However Ash was slated for changes far before them. I am wondering if looking at blamestorm has caused his other abilities to be looked at?

    Question 2) what is the current status on the changes to blamestorm?

    Question 3) we noticed on Twitter that Steve hinted at planets outside the origin system. I am wondering if ideas have already been brought up about those planets? 

    Question 4) Ash deluxe skin, are there any concepts for it?

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  9. Q1) With the new start map coming out, it was hinted that planets beyond the origin system could be introduced. I am wondering if you already have some themes in mind. (i.e.volcanic planet, mechanized sentient planet, possibly even a planet draped in eternal twilight.)

    Q2) just because I am am avoid Ash player I am curious about the tweaks to his blamestorm/kit. As I for one want to see him be able to use his hidden blades as melee weapons. After all he was the first frame with built in weapons. Since we have not heard anything for a while I am wondering if anything has been finalized?

    Q3) Any news on an Ash deluxe skin?

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  10. We have seen new skins for both Oberon and Banshee. That prompts two questions from me. 

    The first is will either of those skins come with a rework to those frames? 

    Question number 2 is what is the status on skin concepts for other frames. Frames like ash!

    Now that last question takes me into my third and final question. A few devstreams ago we heard about a change to how Ash's bladestorm works. I am wondering if there has been any progress into that little venture?

  11. We heard that Ash was having his Bladestorm ability changed to be more interactive. A few things have been mentioned before the end of last year. Some of the things we heard were that the camera popping would be eliminated, along with the possibilities of Ash just having clones do the work. I know this is something a lot of Ash players did not want. So I am wondering if anything progress had been made if not a finalized idea on what is going to be happening to Ash's fourth ability? Also I am wondering if his entire kit is being looked at for a rework? Another thing I am wondering is if there is any news on an Ash deux skin, as I need another reason to throw my wallet at the screen.

  12. you guys wouldn't hurt me even if mama sent you, would you? please let me live, guys. im very sorry

    Mama says you gonna die, so you gonna die. Might have to be careful with all the Loki and Ash frames around. personally, if someone pays enough credits. I wouldn't mind taking my blade to you, especially if mama Lotus says so.

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  13. Really people? Your complaining about this? You do all understand that this Prime access is in no way different from the setup of any preceding Prime access in terms of packages.

    Package 1: Kubrow Collar and dual Prime weapons.

    Package 2: Trinity Prime + (above mentioned items.)

    Package 3: Prime Accessories (Kubrow cosmetic armor, gene masking kit, and sugatra) + (all above mentioned items.)

    Package 4: Prime Accessories (ONLY!)

    Why is everyone complaining that they have to buy 2 packages in order to receive everything? I bought exactly one package and got everything. It's so confusing listening to all the conversations going on, so much so that I'm starting to believe that people are either ignorant about how this works or very memmory challenged. (Not trying to be rude)

    Edit: Also, it has come to my attention that some people think the Kubrow Collar is a cosmetic, it is not. It increases health, shields, and armor of your Kubrow when equipted.

    The collar is not what had people upset, it is the gene masking kit and how DE changed the FAQ after people brought up it not being in the accessories. As the masking kit is a cosmetic exclusive that is not included in the accessories which is also known as the exclusive pack.

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  14. I get why some people do not like the kubrows and some will not like them until major problems are fixed. When I saw the kubrow armor and the gene making kit. I loved the thought of having my kubrow wear them. Though hearing that the making kit did not come in the accessories made me not get the prime accessories. Looking at the page that tells you what is in the PA, it says


    With the included Prime Gene Masking Kit".

    This led me to believe that since the collar could be obtained when you get the collar in game. You can imagine that I did not enjoy it when I found that to not be the case. Though I will still support them as I live the game. We have a right to be angry. They may have thought that it was a good idea in paper. As we all may know some ideas look good on paper and horrible in execution.

  15. Sure the new Liset skin is cool looking but in the end its just cosmetics, doesnt really matter much. If it makes the console community happy then let them have it.

    We on the PC have this rumoured 75% discount (that some claim exists) instead, so no need to sweeten the plat purchases with skins.

    It does exist, I managed to roll it for the first time two days ago. Unfortunately I could not take advantage die to a tight budget. Which means I may never see it again.

    Just realized I sound like a crazy old man telling stories.

  16. I was excited when I saw the artwork for the Excalibur Umbra. While I may not touch the Excalibur frame itself, it was certainly a good topic to talk about with my buddy.

    Now we all know that the announcement of the Umbra frames. Some degree of conflict has arisen between those that support them and those that oppose them. I do not want that to be the focus of this though. While I do support the Umbra frames, I also think they need to be implemented correctly. If they are just the same as prime frames then they may as well just be a skin. However if they have different buffs than the primed frames. People may ignore them all together or just get them for the collection and mastery points.

    The release of the Umbra frames could go in many different directions. So I will try and limit my thoughts on how this could the shape.

    Let's take a look at the design of Excalibur Umbra and some of the lore of warframe. His appearance is Orion in design from the ornate look of the frame. If you look around his neck, you can see something that resembles a sydanya. However it does not resemble any in the game currently. It is far more cloth like than the ones we currently see in game. The lore states that when the tenno returned from the war they were adorned with a saviors silk.

    This could just me over thinking things, but that could be the saviors silk that the lore speaks of. Something given to the Tenno who returned from the war. Which means we could see a new sydanya coming to the game as well. It also means that another route is open for the Umbra frames to go. I will start off with the most unlikely routes they could go first. Keep in mind as well that these are only thighs and opinions.

    1) Looking at the Umbra frame we can see that it is one of the ones that fought in the war from the sydanya on it. Which tells me that not all of the Tenno would have fought. Hints to this may reside within the stalkers lore. Now since they were most likely in sentient controlled space they could have come across some tech. We see the Tenno adapting enemy tech all the time in the form of weapons. It is possible that the Umbra frames could have taken sentient tech and adapted it for their frames. This could manifest itself in many different ways from unique starts to different abilities. Even augmenting the abilities the frame already possessed for added effects at the cost of other things. An example could be Excalibur Umbra has an increased distance to his slash dash, but radial javelin could be severely weakened.

    2) The Umbra could have been built by the Orokin just like the primes. However they could have gone down a different route than the primes. We know the warframe is meant to protect the Tenno and focus their abilities. Meaning the core(will use core in place of iconic here) are the same, but the lesser abilities are different. Excalibur Umbra would still have the slash dash and exalted blade abilities. Though he may not have the blind or radial javelin. An example would be Excalibur is supposed to be a balanced frame when it comes to both gun and blade. The Umbra variant of Excalibur could have been focused more exclusively on the blade aspect. Replacing the blind and radial javelin for other abilities that compliment melee combat more than ranged.

    3) now the most likely is that the Umbra frames will be similar to the primes. They get a few stay buffs to make them different from the primes. In all likely hood this is what will happen with them. No special differences to change how a person will play that frame. Just a few stat changes that will keep people playing that frame the same way as always.

    Those are what I think could happen and I would love to see how the Umbra frames are altered compared to the standard and primed versions. The fact that they have announced that they are coming makes my mind wander at the possibilities. However I know that those ideas may remain just that. This is why I say the Umbra frames have to be handled with care. As the options for them vary greatly, but at the same time I know that no matter what people will complain. So I will enjoy what I think the Umbra frames could possibly do until they are released. Keeping in mind that stat changes most likely the only thing going to happen. That way unlike done,I will not be disappointed on release.

  17. My Hype for a Thursday update has died. Two hours left until it is officially Friday on the east coast. Hopefully somebody will see a Thursday update. Though we know it takes time to sort out bugs and program the content. So delays are inevitable in almost anything. With the demand for red text in game getting to unfathomable levels. Someone will have to calm the sharks circling around DE.

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