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  1. @[DE]Danielle Any timetable for Hotfix regarding the standing tokens for the first Entrati rank for consoles.
  2. I use her all the time and will continue to do so. Ensnare on Valk is crazy, as is Roar or Eclipse. This could actually make her Talons worth using.
  3. Yeah, Null Star is great DR... for Nova. I think people are forgetting you need pretty high Duration and low range to actually make real use of Null Star. You'd have to to use the augment and reset so often with other frames. I guess you could run it with lower duration, like 170 but even that is only 50% DR and you'd still need to deal with the stars floating off.
  4. I feel like you're joking but you made a long post so I don't know what to think. So many Frames you just left out for no reason like: Banshee Chroma Hildryn Inaros Khora Mesa Mirage Valkyr Wisp There's a couple more but then you put Octavia on your list when, without mallet, Resonator is by far tied for her worst ability.
  5. The only time I run into frames like Saryn is defense missions and at first I hated them but now I find them a welcome addition, especially on affinity grind (I still wonder if some of them know how Affinity works in this game). I've certainly outkilled Saryns on other mission types.
  6. The Armor buff only truly helps frames with high armor anyway. I mean a frame with like 200 armor gaining 100-250 more isn't a whole lot of DR. We already have Arcane Strike that pretty much procs all the time. The slow down could be interesting though. Things like Roar and Eclipse will maybe bring her claws in line with melee as a whole and abilities like Larva, Condemn and Ensnare can all benefit her greatly.
  7. As someone who uses Valk all the time, I would want to put Rip line or Paralysis (well, maybe Paralysis) on any other Frame. There are better abilities that can do what Paralysis can do. Plus most people are going to overlook it for Roar or Eclipse.
  8. Shooting Gallery is a damage boost ability, so is Eclipse. You can't have two damage abilities so you'd have to give up her 2.
  9. I don't see why not. You'd have to give up Mesa's 2 which means you'd be still stuck with her 1. I think I'm going with dispensary on her.
  10. I just submitted a ticket. I'm not expecting much, tbh.
  11. All I got was the relay stuff. Made doubly sure my account was linked on Thursday stream. I wanted to level Athodai as soon as possible. Hopefully I'll get it soon.
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