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  1. Well I didn't say they were fun things to do lol. Such as collecting all floofs and fish trophies. Anyways...yes, after awhile things do get boring and this is a very grindy game. It's great for casuals since there's really no 'catching up' needed. Everyone is farming something most of time. I do wish they would have kept the Orphix Event going a bit longer. Like a filler till the next seasonal event or update kind of thing. Overall, it's been a good game.
  2. There's always something to do. You just might not like doing some of those things. For 'endgame' or 'hardcore' players, I guess do 6x3s, solo Profit Taker in 5 mins, Steel Path completion, or Railjack Anomalies?
  3. Ohh, I get it now. Hmm...maybe something wave based? Like a defense mission but without the defense objective. That would really fun.
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