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  1. Another major update, another launcher failure.

    Update failed!

    Some content updates could not be downloaded from our servers.

    Please restart Warframe to try again.

    The update will be restarted shortly..

    Happens every time a large update comes in.

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  2. Technically no this will just nerf overall damage and force weapons to use 1-2 more slots for ammo IF they use the mod. This mod will still be godlike on low ROF weapons but be bad on High ROF weapons without ammo mods. This will change how weapons work extensively. 


    Rate of Fire will no longer be GO TO because of this mod being nerfed, snipers will be inharently buffed by this. Shotguns now won't have as much Crowd control, and explosive weapons will recieve a overall buff but have to reload more.

    Maybe this is DE's way of giving us the vaunted sniper "buffs".


    Make everything else less viable.

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  3. DE needs to learn what happens when you give players a choice in events and be ready to accept it.


    Rigging the rewards twice in a row shows you guys are desperate for Nef Anyo to get some points.

    It's pretty obvious from the start more people would've rooted for Alad V simply because he has been hear longer. If you guys weren't prepared for the Alad V steamroll, you shouldn't have made this another Tenno vs Tenno event.

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  4. So will you guys content on leaving Excalibur a low-level only Frame who had both of his useful abilities nerfed?

    Radial Blind requires LoS and now Radial Javelin needs the enemy to be aware of your presence which removes any use of stealth.


    My question is, why have none of the other AOE ults taken a hit? 


    Volt with Overload

    Trinity and Blessing

    Saryn and Miasma

    Rhino and Rhino Stomp

    Oberon and Reckoning (Which has a secondary Radial Blind, LoS included)

    Nova and Molecular Prime

    Mag and Crush

    Loki with RADIAL Disarm

    Frost and Avalanche

    Ash and Bladestorm


    Also note, Mirage possess a Radial Blind that can be used at range and pierce through walls as a secondary(!) to her actual ult.


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