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  1. I'm not high level enough to talk about the stuff u guys are talking about but from the time i've spent playing i haven't encountered any bugs at all. So if bugs are your concern, from my POV it's all g.

    But my own advice is well unless ur looking for a stress reliever, don't come back? like PvP is dead, no tournaments or whatever, you dont really get anything out of the time you invest in the game. The viewership for this game also i think isnt as good as other games so like, you cant even make youtube vids or stuff off it that'll get u attention or benefits. If you're just looking to destress and hack and slash then of course! It's great at that i love jsut roaming around and killing S#&$. But if you wanna get something out of it, you wont.

  2. 3 hours ago, (PSN)TastyJelloGolem said:

    You are 100% Correct DE sabotaged pvp. Why eliminate earning standing while matchmaking with friends? They wanted pvp dead. Explains why they ignore game breaking exploits in pvp.

    Earning standings with freinds is another topic to be discussed which i shall do now. In some other games, your "standing" or "rank" with a pre-made team is different from when u are queueing solo because obviously having a pre-made team gives u an advantage, expecially against a team of random. So it wouldn't be fair to rank solo players and pre-made team players on the same platform. You get what i'm trying to say? Of course there are system to get around this but i guess DE was too lazy to do any of that.

  3. On 2020-11-21 at 2:18 PM, Xikto said:

    There is a distinct difference between a civil discussion and going to one step below a death threat m8! if u can't see the difference guess u r just part of the problem. always try and see the point of what people say and put urself in their shoes before u start typing. that is how people start talking about sth without giving it proper thinking. 

    i dont see any death threats here tho, all i see from what u mentioned was people trying to prove u wrong which is all fine and good in a discussion isnt it? id ont know where u pulled out the death threat reference from

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  4. On 2020-11-18 at 2:42 AM, bad4youLT said:

    Then I come back from work and tired I want to relax and ease up , thats is something I cannot do then someone decides to yell at mic or said he had some fun with my parrents if you catch my meaning .


    I have thinck skin , I been army , this however doesnt excuse competative games community behavior .

    ah ok yeah those type of players r $&*^s and yeah i hate that too, but well u know just dont pay attention to them, lowlife immoral gamers.

  5. On 2020-10-30 at 1:57 AM, Sevek7 said:

    Okay, I think I understand your answer. But it's a yes or no question, and instead of saying yes or no, you keep bringing up examples. So you can understand why I'm confused. Here is the question again: (3rd try now)

    I'm now going to answer it for you, because I think I understand your answer.

    "No, the introduction of PvP into any game will 100% undeniably destroy the entire community, see for example games like Fortnite, Destiny 2, CSGO, Mobas, CoD, BTF, PoE."

    I think this is what you are trying to say, if I got it wrong, please correct me [remember, it's a yes or no question, so make sure to correct that part too.]

    There's just one problem. I have played a lot of Counter Strike, Call of Duty, and Battlefield. I've thoroughly enjoyed them and made a bunch of friends, we all had a great time and there was very little toxicity. I also recently tried Destiny 2, another of your examples. In Destiny 2, I played several PvP matches. Nobody in the match acted toxic in any way. So, I disagree with your answer to the question. I think it's possible to have PvP introduced into a PvE game without it destroying the community. Of course, player maturity will have a lot to do with it too, but I have faith that Warframe's playerbase is mature enough to handle it. [After all, the players who don't want to do PvP can just... not do it!]



    what do you and other players mean by "Destroy the community"? A community can be sort of toxic but that doesn't mean it's "destroyed" and on that note i just want to mention, whenever you get into the "competitive" level there is always some form of salt and toxicity because that's the way it is. If you play any multiplayer games with pvp but u dont encounter any toxicity or salt, it's probably just because you are playing casual with people who just wanna have fun rather than fight for (glory, honor and rewards)


    I for one would definitely love to see PvP in warframe. To me if there is no PvP, i'm just wasting my life tapping away at keys and swinging my mouse around. What's the point of all that PvE grinding? "HuHu im max level" ok, what exactly does that translate into? It doesnt amount to anything, there is no value at all. The only thing worthwhile i guess is maybe setting like records? Like in Destiny i think there are time records for certain raids.

    This is my take on it. What do u and others think? And yes obviously from the way im replying its pretty obvious im a player who cares about ranks and recognition and like things in game having a "meaning"

  6. On 2020-10-29 at 10:32 PM, bad4youLT said:

    I guess you havent heard on whats going on in Destinys 2 cruisable and Trails nore had expirienced any "hard core" pvp players and their colorfull language .

    OMG OMG i just HAD TO LOG IN so that i can reply to you. You sound like a person who cant handle the harshness of what we call competitiveness. You literally have no other defense against PvP other than, "oh i want to live in my safe bubble and not have to deal with competitiveness and toxicity" .

    "had expirienced any "hard core" pvp players and their colorfull language"
    Somebody can have this experience and be ok with it. I mean IT IS competitive and hardcore, what do u expect? Even in other competitive areas such as sports or even cooking, people are more angsty and "toxic" compared to alll the other casuals. That's just the way it is bro. There is no such thing as a competitve hardcore platform that is like "kindergarten" level kind of friendly. I think even in chess there might be some cases of like players raging and being toxic XD. The sooner you realise and learn to adapt with this the better.

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