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  1. You guys are spoiled. Before nekros there was nothing, & we were fine. We didn't even have survivals or excavations to farm. Be happy DE didn't buff hydroid. Have you seen how they buff? *cough* ember *cough* pretty sure hes better off with a nerf. Also if u read he doesn't have to kill them to loot so it's still viable to have a hydroid with a nekros @least in dark sector defenses.

    Can't really make an accurate comparison....tons more material has been added in game since the build on neckros.

  2. "Mag is only useful with greedy pull." Continues to annhilate everything arfter augment change.


    "Hydroid is only useful with pilfering swarm." Riiiiight..... So I guess that all those times we played him before augments were even a thing, we were just being useless. Now if people would kindly read the changes:

    • The drop rates from the Pilfering Swarm Augment Mod will no longer be affected by Power Strength.

    A) "Power strength increases drop rate." Yeah I would say that was not intended, so this is probably a fix rather then a change.

    • The Pilfering Swarm Augment Mod will now generate drops for enemies that are slain being held by tentacles, not just dying from the tentacle’s appearing. In short, enemies don't need to be killed by the tentacles to have an added drop chance.

    B) This is actualy helpful for you. It means that anything that comes in contact with your tentacles has an added drop rate. This way you'll probably get more loot then before as more enemies get affected.



    These frames were viable before augments and continue to be viable without augments.

    I was playing as mag the other day, and someone commented in the chat "oh, it's funny how some people don't know about mag's greedy pull nerf"

    Like all of a sudden she's completely rendered useless and if anyone uses her she's a burden to the team. It's honestly stupid how people in this game see everything "black and white".

  3. Still no fix for not being able to bring up the power menu while sprinting. We shouldn't have to stop moving to cast a power.

    I was hoping this hotfix would fix it....use to work prior to update 17. I've also tested you can cast while in sprint toggle with kb/m, still can't figure out why we can't do it with controllers...it's frustrating and I'm burning through spare lives to quick because of silly mistakes. >.<

  4. When I play with my team/friends we avoid using the laser until later on (past round 30). 




    Past 30 is when the enemies start to get a bit more tough and the game play becomes more serious. We stick in the center, defending the cryo pod, and hitting the lasers before the swarm gets over the walls. These lasers deal radiation, which gives a status effect of confusion. So, now we have some time to mow them down as they fight each other in confusion. 



    Tactical Alert Escalation Incoming


    Back by popular demand, Tenno who enjoyed Phoenix Intercept but were looking for a greater challenge can now enjoy the Escalation of this Tactical Alert.  Although this new mode was created in response to community feedback, we'll be happy to make modes like these an actual feature if everyone would like to see these featured in future Tactical Alerts.


    This mode will have a much greater level of difficulty than the regular version of Phoenix Intercept and will be on from now until Tuesday March 3 at 12:00pm EST.  Complete Phoenix Intercept Escalation to earn a Rift Sigil, which uses your Warframe's energy color and responds to how much energy you currently have in-Mission.


    Ready your weapons and good luck, Tenno!

    thanks for the challenge! :D

  6. What is your opinion on the R5 Fusion Core changes?


    I think the changes are ok, but need tweaking. (Post your explanation below)

    I like what you've done, however....I was thinking. For the lower tier missions why not add 5x uncommon cores and 5x common cores. As a player I feel like there's just always so much to level up, especially with how fast you guys produce content (which isn't a bad thing, but I find myself falling behind at times because there's always a new primed mod around the corner).


    Do you think friendly fire would add a fun challenge to certain mission types?


    Yes, it would be fun in some missions.


    And by this, I mean with friends. I feel like private matches would be best to use this game type. Whether it's shooting your friend in the butt with a lex prime for some laughs or taking it as a serious challenge and working together to get through the map. I could see this as a game type that could drastically improve team work and player skill if used correctly.


    Public? Hell no!


    Do you think the recent Nekros changes have made his abilities more useful?


    Yes, the changes have made his abilities more useful. He is well-balanced now.


    I honestly never expected him to get a buff. I never saw his character as someone who was offense, but instead defense. Soul punch is probably his only offensive move (I love not having to stand still anymore). However, terrify is amazing to use when trying to aid a fellow tenno who is downed. Desecrate increases drops, but more importantly gives a lot more health helping players last a lot longer. And his fourth ability allows him to bring out fodder. It's perfect to do in excavation, when the enemies are all attacking the drill, defense when the core is under siege and even a great distraction when a team mate is trying to help another tenno up. For the people who think his 4th ability needs to be stronger, I disagree. Maybe because of the way I play with him, but I don't think he needs much more tweaking.


    In your opinion, how do daggers compare to other melee weapon types, overall?


    Overall, daggers are roughly equal to other melee weapon types.


    I feel some daggers can be as good, however very few. When considering melee weapons for my frames I rarely pick daggers if I plan to go into a game I feel I'll be in for a long time. However, I'll experiment with and play with other daggers in lesser, non-serious missions.


    In your opinion, are the recent Rakta Ballistica changes sufficient to balance it with other syndicate weapons and/or secondary weapons?


    No opinion on this topic.


    Will you be more inclined to play Conclave with the upcoming changes?


    Maybe, I’m not sure if I will play Conclave.


    I've always enjoyed playing in the dojo but was always to afraid to venture into the real pvp because I felt like I would face nothing but bolter primes (like everyone had seemed to complain about in the forums) but I've always wanted to. Maybe with the new revamped pvp I'll give it a try.


    It'd be neat to build a conclave room in your dojo that you could modify and invite other clans to vs. you in those room, and vice versa. The aspect would be like sports, where a team could have the home field advantage, while the opposing team coming into a domain would have the experience of playing on a unique level they would have never played in normal conclave.


    Anyway, that's my two-cents.


    Thanks for listening DE!

  7. Mission Reward Changes


    The following Missions / Rotations have been updated to include a pack of 5 Rare Fusion Cores as a reward:


    • Hard Survival Missions (Enemy Level 20+), reward available on Rotation A .
    • Hard Interception Missions (Enemy Level 20+), reward available on Rotation B.


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