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  1. Hey DE, Do you guys know about how bad the Nidus Prime Details look on the TennoGen Skins? I really hope this is a glitch because it sure looks like one. Most of the TennoGen skin dissapears and is replaced with the Nidus Prime skin and the only thing that stays is what ever mutation animation happens because of the TennoGen Skin. Please Fix This! (I really wanna give my Nidus Night Hunter a maggot Bandoleer :/ )
  2. No because if you can get a really good riven it's still really good. Because Rivens
  3. (I am fairly sure that this is a bug but please correct me of it is not and I will delete this post) Hello! I just got Nidus Prime and was Fashion Framing him with the Technocycst skin, upon toggling on the prime details though, the whole skin was seemingly replaced with the regular nidus prime skin... on the menu it still said the technocycst skin was equipped though the modle displayed the prime skin. I expect that the prime details are just supposted to be the gold hilights, arm, black infested bits, and bandleader? The prime details on the technocycst skin look... wrong...
  4. Yeah, I agree. Having a channel ablity for wisp besides her laser would be interesting. And this would also give an incentive to sticking together as a group as opposed to what people always do...
  5. fair enough i guess... i just find it annoying to keep placing them even with the augment
  6. I more mean one that makes them follow you around so that you don't need to go back to one point to refresh them...
  7. Hello! This is my first forum post so I hope I put in in the right spot and tags. I just recently got wisp and was thinking about her Motes, I thought it would be cool to have an augment (we could call it port-a-grove or something) that allows wisp to have the Reservoirs follow here around instead of just placing them down. This imo will elevate wisps solo capability and also allow her to possible do things like Eidolon hunts. The catch to the augment would be that the Reservoirs power would be slightly decreased and in missions where you have a team, your teammates would have to be near you to get the buffs. This is just a rough outline so please tell me what you think! I just thought it would be a cool idea.
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