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  1. But I've reached 18m XP on Pandero very fast, then after forma-ing it it's been MONTHS now, I'd have at very least twice as much XP already, hmmm. Can't check that on Kavat because she has over 300m XP...can't imagine how long I gotta play now to see it stack up again finally :/ But it does kinda make sense and is very (nonsense feature) Warframe, thanks, I'll keep an eye on that.
  2. Before anyone comments on the MASTERY XP – it's not about that, it's about the general stats one can see on their profile. The kills/assists, etc stats are fine, the stacked XP isn't. Anyone else experiencing the bug? 5-formas-40lvl weapons are alright, but the common 30lvl items just stop stacking up XP for me after applying a forma. I first noticed it on my Pandero Prime as I've been using it most, for over 26% of my gameplay, yet only having 18 million XP (I remember putting 2 formas to it after getting it). Then I saw my Mirage Prime stop receiving XP after another forma I've applied recently. Then I decided to check if it really was a forma issue and put one onto my forma-less Smeeta Kavat and, of course, I stopped getting XP. I wish I had tested that on something less important :/ Being a mad stats lover (hello, OCD) I find great discomfort in this bug, it's been going on for me for a long time, I just don't wanna forma-ing anything anymore. Anyone? I found someone describing the same issue but it got fixed after a few updates for them. Well, it's been like half a year for me now, yet no major update fixed anything, so I'm reaching out.
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