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  1. Sorry for the bad English, I'm not an English speaker. When berserker's triggering prerequisite was changed from critical damage to kill after "The Arsenal Divide". I found that the new "Berserker Fury" would make weapons that rely on combo less capable in advanced maps like Steel Path. 1. when the 75% speed bonus by Berserker is removed, and players must trigger its effect by melee kills instead of crit damage: It would be difficult for melees to cram up combos and finish hi-lvl mobs in Steel path just with their stock statistics. e.g. Nikana 2. when the duration of Berserker was halved, sustaining a higher attack speed in missions where you need to take down multiple targets scattered far away from each other, 10 seconds would be too short to move to a target and eliminate it. And about the Galvanized Mods for ranged weapons, some of the triggering prerequisites are not that appropriate for going over Steel Path, or even missions above lvl 50. 1. Still, kills as triggering condition isn't that fair for weapons with low stock damage and dps. The only types weapons that could trigger these effects with efficiency are AOE weapons, shotguns and snipers, and there would be less space for SMGs and ARs to take advantage of these mods. Players would not like emptying their smg's magazine over and over again just for triggering the Galvanized effects. Changing the triggering condition from kill to crit damage would be more friendlier for AR and SMG users, and unpopular guns would start to appear in players' load outs. 2. There's another triggering condition that would make most players sad is Head-shot kills. Not everyone has that precision and if they do, all the Warframe players should take part in CS-GO pro-league. On the other hand, taking head shots on every mob in Exterminate missions would be boring and tired. We need to find better solutions for Galvanized mods to make it friendly and fun for everyone.
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