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  1. What about ps4? There is a bug in Egypt and some other countries that don’t allow us to play online
  2. Do DE have an exact date on when it’s gonna be fixed?
  3. Is there any news on the udp bug that’s denied you from playing with other players? location: Egypt and some other countries
  4. Did they give and exact date to when it’s gonna be fixed?
  5. So basically there is this bug in the recent update and I haven’t been able to play warframe with friends at all. I can see the chat but can’t join anybody. location: Egypt
  6. I’m in Egypt as well and I haven’t been playing warframe for like 2 months I’m getting bored of all other games and I can’t play warframe becuase of some stupid bug that came with the new update
  7. Is there any news on how to fix this bug yet?
  8. I’ve been trying to fix this bug for 2-3 days and everything is only for pc does anybody know if the devs are trying to fix this?
  9. What is port forwarding and how do I do it? I have the same problem that I have been trying to fix for ever since the new update I searched around the internet everything was for pc (I’m on ps4)
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