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  1. Nice. I have 9.1x because of a riven I got so 96%(with Avenger) would be around 8.7. Very nice Yep, I’m using HM. Thanks for the info
  2. I currently have 51% crit chance in my ignis wraith, should u add arcane avenger to my warframe for a 40% additive crit chance? I’m not sure how cc effects your damage if it doesn’t go over 100%. Help pls
  3. Which do you recommend that the items in the bundle don’t matter? I’m between the Vauban Citadel or Volt Proto
  4. Idk what to buy. Some people recommend the eidolon lenses but I’m not sure if that’s a bang for my buck. I only have 55p rn so I can’t even buy ash for mastery fodder.
  5. Will orphix venom ever come back if it’s permanent in railjack now? The system now is trash and the event was so much better for arcanes.
  6. I’m just confused as to why Selkie is chosen over other survivals for steel path farming. Is there like a mechanic in Selkie that makes it better?
  7. I just came on here to ask does sinister reach work on the ignis? If so how does it effect it? I've been putting off grinding simaris standing so i don't have simulacrum unlocked yet. Thanks for the help! (also I'm not using vigilante supplies because in have a carrier prime and the vigilante mods on the artax, so i would not be using supplies)
  8. How do I get vitus essence to drop more? I got like 100 every hour a couple of days ago and now I get like 20. I have both of the resource boosters
  9. Which one has the best overall stats and usability? Just got 40 keys and want to grab one.
  10. I have a question about the crosshairs mods. I have a tenet diplos, and while using it I cannot keep aiming because I have to unaim to get rid of the targeting and get back to rapid firing. So does the crosshair mods require you to aim for 9-12s before activating(welcome to any suggestions for a replacement if so)?
  11. Alright thanks, I’m just gonna test with these 2 options and pick for myself
  12. Oh I want to keep using my nikana, I was just asking what should I switch co to if I didn’t want to use it.
  13. So I have a nikana prime build that’s pretty good. Blood Rush, Weeping Wounds, Gladiator Might, Berserker (gonna change it to primed fury when I get it), primed reach, condition overload, primed smite ___, and organ shatter After the tenet diplos got released I started using that because I like it and it’s fun, so I don’t have my epitaph for statuses anymore. Should I still keep co or change it to something else? If so what should that be?
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