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  1. Few questions:
    Will there ever be an AI switch or something that makes kubrows and kavats get away from Sapping Osprey balls?! There have been several times my pets have died because they thought standing in a death zone was a good idea.

    The new changes to archwing are great, but I feel like it could be tweaked a little more. I've seen lots of players complain about the "FOV" (they actually mean camera distance, I believe) being too small or short. Perhaps make a slider for the camera distance? Also, is there ever going to be proper roll controls for archwing? The current solution, binding an alternate key for Hold to Crouch and rolling with A or D is not enough. It's also incredibly clunky. It seems like you guys want a mini 6DOF shooter in game, but you're missing one of the most important things for 6DOF shooters.

    Otherwise, loving the new updates since it's gotten me back into playing again. Hope the stream goes well.

    EDIT: Now that I've remembered, please please please fix the clipping issues on Frost's Aurora helm.

  2. It seems that recent new sidearms have been having different max ammo pools based on their uses. Will we see those changes for older sidearms? Things like the Wraith Twin Vipers and the Dex Furis come to mind. 210 rounds isn't enough when the WTV can burn through its entire ammo pool in seconds without reloading and Dex Furis has an enormous 100-round magazine.

    Will we ever see a kubrow/pet behavior rework of sorts; or at the very least, being able to change their behavior with a precept? I'd like to be able to have my kubrow not attack anything unless I or it gets hit by an enemy. My kubrow's blown my cover so many times while just breaking a vent. With a sentinel, I can just remove its weapon or attack precept.

    Any ETA on when the rest of the Prime stuff will get PBR'd? It's really sad looking at my Nyx Prime being the last few to get PBR'd.

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  3. How will kubrow mods be handled once kavats come out? Will there be combined "animal" mods?

    On the topic of kubrows: will we ever be able to choose when and how they attack? I love bringing mine along for stealth missions, but they always blow my cover when I have to break open a vent. If I don't want a sentinel to ever attack I can just remove their weapon or weapon precept, but I can't do that with kubrows.

    (If 18.5 hasn't come out quite yet) Question for Steve: will we see a new antialiasing method in 18.5? If not, when?

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