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  1. vor 3 Minuten schrieb Mr.SpookSpook:

    Amazing work! I wonder if you took apart the keyboard, would there be enough space inside to put in the mouse's important electronics, so you would only have to move the keyboard without the mouse attached to it. Would make it less clunky. 

    You definitely deserve a shoutout from DE at a Prime Time. 

    Thanks a lot!

    I thought about that too, but it would be a lot of work more, and i don't know if it wokrs better. The small movement at aiming comes from a slight rotation, which profits from the side-mounting.

    The next thing i maybe work on, is a 3D-printet solution, so i can mount/unmount the Mouse as needed.

  2. il y a 46 minutes, (PS4)Pizza_Parker a dit :

    wow thats pretty handy.







    i'm sorry, i should handle the situation on a more mature approach.

    but on the other hand, it's better to laugh at something than to mourn about it.

    Not really! I would clap - if i could 😉

  3. Hey,

    i didnt know if this topic fits in an Main-Thread, therefore i post it here off-topic.

    As right-arm-amputated i've developed a simple one-hand device for playing Shooters, RPGs and so on (especially Warframe, of course 😉 ) a few years ago. As i started with streaming and YT about two to three weeks ago, i tought it would be a great idea for a video, to show what it is and how it works.  

    Maybe it fits in an "In-Topic"-Thread. If it is so, please let me know where.

    As the Clip is produced in german, i've tried my best to give it an english subtitle, so its not limited to german people... I would love it, if the clip reaches out to anyone whom it can help.

    If you like to see it live in action, it would be great if you visit me on > Twitch < 😉 

    Thanks and see you soon! 🙂 

  4. Hey,

    ich wusste jetzt nicht, ober das Ganze ins Hauptforum passt, deshalb mal hier Off-Topic.

    Ich habe ein Video mit Bauanleitung produziert, wie man Spiele wie Waframe auch mit einer Hand zocken kann (bei Amputation, Lähmung aber auch nem gebrochenen Arm etc)
    Da ich mich freuen würde, wenn es auch die richtigen Leute erreicht (am besten natürlich die denen es helfen könnte) würde ich mich über etwas Feedback freuen.

    Passt das Video evtl auch "In-Topic" 😄 Wenn ja, wo am besten.

    Ich habe dem ganzen auch (mehr oder weniger) englische Subtitels und Übersetzung (Titel/Description) verpasst, damit es nicht auf deutsch-Spachler beschränkt ist.

    Wer das ganz in Action sehen möchte, kann mich auch gerne mal auf > Twitch < besuchen 😉 

    Bis dahin, Danke! Und hier ist das Video 🙂


  5. I really don't see Warframe as the kind of game that would be good with a 3 monitor setup--- It just doesn't seem to fit it as well as other games do.



    I mean I have 5 monitors and I don't really mind it.



    Just set it to my central monitor and I'm chill, so, Idk man.. I think they have more important things to worry about than messing with the amount of monitors you can have..

    Why not that good? It's an 3PS and a wider resolution gives you a wider sight. Sooo... i don't get you there.


    And yes, there are more important things everytime - but this Q is up for Years now. 

    Just take a look under the YT-Vid with the 3Monitor-Setup on 720. Every f#k#n comment is "How?" ;)


    But don't get me wrong - its still a good game on 1920x1080, but it would be a slightly (with slightly i definitly mean bombastic-incredible-mega-much) better experience:) At its best with 3 supercurved, Boom-Headphones in a dark Room. Yeah - pretty much like P##n XD

  6. Hi,


    it's an old issiu of Warframe, that you cant really play it with 3 Monitors.

    I have an geForce Surround-System at standard, so everytime i start Warframe, i have to setup the windowed 1080resolution.


    Besides thats an pain in the A&&, the missing possibility to setup this is a joke... i can play lot older games in this Setup.

    Yeah, youu did a pretty good Job im using your Engine and needed resources (Double thumbs up - theres just a few games wich did that as good as you - an none of them are F2P) - bud did you have planned to inbound that option in an upcoming update? I mean - man... its 2015...


    thanks and best regards

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