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  1. With the redesign of the solar map coming, what are the plans for dark sectors?


    Will we continue to see a similar PvP based contest for dark sectors or will the new conclave be implemented?


    Also, will there be additions to the rewards for dark sectors or the ability for alliances/clans control bonuses for running those particular dark sectors?

  2. Simply Give Players with a 3/4 in the Points for Event the Bluprint for the

    Karak Wraith (they dont get the potato or weapon slot)


    Are you honestly going to tell me that someone at 3/4 purposely didnt finish the last node ?


    Of course not, the intention was to completely finish the event, but something stopped them.


    The people at 2/4 and 1/4 will not get it obviously as no intent can be inferred from either point scores.


    You can not deny this is the best solution because it is unmissable, wheras a final conflict to earn the last point is missable.


    I submit this to the people in good faith, and if you already have your karak feel free to comment (and tell me about how you dont agree LOL).




    EDIT: (If you want DE to see this then upvote it or whatever it is you do to get them to see it!)

    How about no.  You knew the rules of the event, you jumped ship and sided with whoever had better rewards, deal with it.

  3. Hey Nightroad,  Crescent Moon Prime is recruiting members and we already have an active userbase.


    Most of the time we have 50 plus members online, but peak around 100 with members from all around the globe.  Additionally, we are competitive during events and make use of a teamspeak server where you can hang out and chat.


    Hit up myself or another officer in game for an invite.  Let them know I posted on your thread.


    Looking forward to seeing you,


  4. I'm no huge fan of PvP, but there's very little point in having PvP conflicts at all if there's a PvE version.  Fighting other players is always going to be vastly more difficult that fighting AI bots, and so if fighting AI bots instead is an option, everyone will take it.  The PvP portion becomes irrelevant. 


    Better to leave the conflicts PvP only and use the mechanism we already have - taxes and battlepay - to allow non-PvPers to make a contribution. 



    Allowing holding alliances to make upgrades of the sort you're suggest seems reasonable - eventually.   Right now, we need to deal with the reality that there's not even a carrot to motivate people to want to hold a rail.   It's a large burden to defend one of the things, but income from the rail is quite literally locked in the alliance vault with no way for it to benefit members of the holding alliance at all.  We really need to have a carrot for the rail owners before we start making them give out more carrots to uninvolved players.

    I have to agree and say I did not think about the consequences for adding a PvE option, but it would be possible to balance the damage done through a mission type.  Since PvP is arguably more difficult, you could always make it deal a lot more damage.

  5. I originally posted my thoughts on our clans new blog here - http://www.clancmp.com/?p=19


    TL;DR version - give rail owners more control over mission/rewards on dark sector missions to attract players or add incentives to run them.  This acts as a resource/credit sink for clans/alliances and gives purpose to taxes or rewards.


    So I was pretty excited to hear that dark sector conflicts were being improved (or changed anyway).  This also prompted me to dig up a post from a few months ago about improving dark sectors in general.
    The issues I have with dark sectors basically boil down to two things.  First, the fact that they only way to participate in a conflict is through PVP is restricting.  Some people do not like PVP, and some people do not have the weapons or frames to participate at an optimal level.  If you recall when dark sectors first came out, many abilities were broken.  I am looking at you Ash and bladestorm.  Lots of players in order to compete then starting building Ash, going for damage builds, and spamming four.  It sucked.
    Assuming that the new conflicts (from a PVP standpoint) involves the new conclave system, you still will have clans with PvPers that have the PvP mods.  Want your clan to do well?  Now everyone needs to do PvP just to be competitive.  Not to mention, say you do not have any of the frames that are allowed?  Sure many players have a lot of frames, and frame/weapon slots are one of the top purchases for platinum, but when it comes to moon, or even storm and mountain tier clans, you may have members who are more casual.
    The simplest fix, and most likely not the perfect one, is that the PvE style conflicts could come back.  Basically, for those who didn’t get to, you would run a mobile defense with two terminals on an Orokin tile set.  Specters would attack along with heavy gunners and fusion moas, but they dropped rare mods like berserker, flow, or decisive judgement.  It took a set amount of time, was repetitive, and boring.  The idea would be that you could have a mobile defense mission where instead of a terminal or system, you have a repair bot or repair crew you defend (like rescue+defense) to repair your rail.  On the other end, you can do an offensive mission to damage your enemy’s rail.  How about survival that gives the same amount of damage as a single other mission type every 5 minutes?  You could do sabotage, exterminate, or even spy missions instead.  Choice breaks up tedium, and these options allow those who do not PvP to participate actively in rail conflicts.  Not a perfect solution, but it’s a step in the right direction.




    Now, the second issue with dark sectors is what an alliance or clan does after they control them.  Currently, they get to tax it for resources and credits and that is about it.  This is what I like to call “the stick.”  You see, you are not going to attract people to your rail on Saturn because you have 0% taxes.  In fact, most people run Sechura on Pluto, and that is the only dark sector I really hear about.  You are punishing people for running your rail by taxing them.  So what makes a dark sector good?  What about those bonuses for more credits, resource drop chance, and affinity from specific kills?
    The easiest way to make every rail better is to allow a clan to invest in a rail/dark sector and provide “buffs” to those who use it.  This would be what I call “the carrot.”  I bet people would run your sector on Earth if you gave them 20% more resource drop chance, increased credits, or bonus affinity on par with, or greater than Pluto.  The fact of the matter is, the sky is the limit on what bonuses a rail could offer.  Here is a quick list of possible examples.
    -Change the mission type, make it a survival, defense, mobile defense, spy, excavation (where applicable), or any other mission type
    -Change the faction attacking the rail. Not just infested, but the Corpus, Grineer, or even the Corrupted
    -Attract a mini-boss, like Stalker, Zanuka, or the G3. Not an outright guarantee, but an increased chance
    -Better rewards, upgrade a rail so that it drops better mods. Get rare stances like Tranquil Cleave or Crimson Dervish instead of provoke or intruder mods
    -Offer some prime parts to spread out prime drops (take some pressure off the derelict and the void maybe?)
    Increase bonuses to affinity/credits/resource drop chance
    -Change of resources that drop (make Orokin cells into neural sensors instead, or neurodes)
    The idea with all this is one thing.  Give rail owners a way to incentivize and attract playing on their rails.  Maybe I wouldn’t mind running a rail with a 75% credit tax if I knew I had a better chance at getting a stalker encounter or more neural sensors.  Overall, this is just a start, not an end all be all suggestion, but I bet it would give clans something to do with the millions of credits and extra resources they have once they own a rail.  Not to mention, I would be more apt to fight for an alliance that gives more back to the players than one that just taxes Pluto to death.
  6. I feel like 100 plat is a bit expensive, since if you can just farm these somewhat reliably when you need them.


    A large amount of resources (even common ones), and credits are not unreasonable at all.  The time it takes to build is what i would be concerned with.


    I am sure I can get 10 of any of those resources in an hour.

  7. Here's to hoping the DE addresses this new fad of "farming" in the void.


    Had someone tell me the best way to get to 40 minutes in Survival was to use this new method of "camping" in the voids. 


    People don't learn from Viver and E-Gate that people are shooting themselves in the foot. 



    I read this as


    "Stop having fun in a video game.  I do not like the way you are having fun."

  8. Because someone else is having fun. And we can't have that.


    You must be new to these forums.

    Yea, like Viver, Cerberus, E Gate, Draco, Stephano, etc...


    If someone else is not playing the way you want, they should have to stop.  AMIRITE?

  9. I refer you to my earlier comment


    If you do not want to play with other players to finish the raid, that is your choice.  Not the fault of the devs that you dislike play with others.

  10. I want to play this game.


    I don't want to organize a day outing for toddlers, or herd cats, or organize a board meeting, all of which are functionally identical to ~90% of MMO 'raids' and Warframe is no exception to this rule.


    I don't want any more "internet friends" especially ones focused on a single game.


    I do resent content being locked behind the frankly insulting notion you need to enjoy risking being the director of an am-dram, musical production of "Dumb and Dumber" if you want to see a new map. There is no content that requires a team unless you artificially make it so, it is a dedicated effort to exclude players from content for no damn reason.


    But no: "Warframe is more fun when you play with friends, this is a universal truth, you will comply.... Socialize, SOCIALIZE!"


    Yeah it's nothing do do with the fact that once you get people emotionally committed to one another you can ramp up the guilt to keep them playing way past the point they would have quit if they hadn't been convinced into shared Stockholm syndrome.


    No, fun must be the reason.... sure

    Yea, join a clan that can do it.  It takes 40 minutes tops.

    Also, I am glad this is like raids from some other MMOs.  The whole thing reminds me of Serpent Shrine Cavern from WoW, vaguely.  That's good.

    Raids have always been more difficult with unique mechanics, but vastly better rewards.  If you played warframe, and at rank 1 with a skana, lato, and mk-1 braton, with no mods, went in and won by shooting a cardboard cut out of hek, you would be storming off to the forums to give everyone a piece of your mind.

  11. Sure is entitlement in here.


    Grow up and put your big boy pants on kids.  You don't like grinding? You don't have time to play more than an hour? 


    Then why did you pick a progression based Co-op MMO to play?


    Also, this game doesn't even approach difficult, let alone "Impossibly" difficult.  I'm getting tired of that being the excuse for: "My gun that was clearly outperforming any other weapon in the game by over 75% got nerfed." and "Why won't you just let me stand in one spot on a map and press 4 to farm things DE?" whiners.


    Oh, and by the by: Playing warframe -is- grinding, and that's all it is and has ever been.  There is literally no other goal in the current game than to level things up repeatedly to get better things to then level up to get better things.


    It's how you go about playing through the grind, yourself, that makes it either fun or not.  And if you don't like it, then, well. Go play some sort of game that rewards you with something other than more grinding.

    If they continue to label the game as an open beta, we are not whining, we are giving feedback.


    PS. I really like the new raid, it reminds me of some of my days in WoW.

  12. Moved to fan zone.


    Cleared it legit without cheesing?

    Define cheesing?


    Did a run in 30ish minutes with a well built group and teamspeak.  Is cheesing 2 banshees? lots of CC? Or is cheesing another exploit, such as the rumors I have heard that allow for 5 minute runs or whatever?

  13. Nova, Loki, Trinity, Mirage (total eclipse), hydroid, Mesa, Limbo, Volt.

    I want a mix of abilities and feel if this is like other games with raids (read: MMOs) there will be adds.  Hydroid's puddle will deal with adds wonderfully I imagine, if not, replace him with something else.

    Also, Nova can slow and loki can disarm.  Finally, Mirage and Mesa would do a majority of the damage, and everyone else provides utility.  I imagine that limbo could banish the DPS and the boss and then use their 3rd ability to increase damage further.


    Then again, a lot of this relies on good weapons as well, since latos and mk-1 bratons probably cant pull it off as well as soma primes and dreads.

  14. Also important to note that adding to the base I/P/S of a weapon does not increase the elemental damage.


    So if you have your 50/50/50 weapon and you add 90% Slash, you now have 50/50/95 or 195 total; but if you also add 90% elec you now have 50/50/95 and 135 elec; you're not getting 90% of the 195, but the 150 base damage. 


    Likewise, you do see an increase in elemental damage from Serration and the like; +% damage mods; If you have 150 damage and add 100% damage, you now have 100/100/100 damage for 300 total, and your 90% elec is adding 270 elec damage.


    Finally, any two mods that add the same thing stack additively before applying themselves. So if you have a 90% and a 60% elec mod applied to a 100 damage weapon, you get 100*150% = 150 elec, instead of 100*90%*60% or anything like that. Or if you have Serration (+165% damage) and Heavy Caliber (+165% damage) on a 100 damage weapon you get +330% damage; 100 + 100*330% = 430 damage.


    Absolutely correct.  Said in the short way, is that all mods go off the base stats of a weapon.  There is no stacking of bonuses besides Serration, which I believe is counted before all other mods are added in.


    I would also add that every weapon uses Serration (primaries), hornet strike (secondaries), or Pressure Point (melee) for top DPS builds, so these mods are going to be on your weapon(s).

  15. So when I started out, one of the main things I didn't really get was modding weapons.  Sure, things like serration were easy to understand, but how +puncture or slash vs. +elemental damage was tougher.  Now that I know, I wanted to share some stuff.




    Elemental vs. physical types (IE. puncture, slash, and impact).


    When you use an elemental damage mod, such as +90% electricty, you take the total amount of all damage and add that much electric damage.


    Gun A has the following stats:

    slash = 50

    puncture = 50

    impact = 50


    The total is 150, so +90% would yield (150 X .90) electric damage.  that is to say, 135 more electric damage.  This works regardless of the elemental type.


    Now, physical damage takes the specific stat and adds to it.  Take Gun A from above.  If you got a mod that adds 90% slash damage, it would result in an increase BASED ONLY ON SLASH DAMAGE.  So now, it looks like this


    puncture = 50

    impact = 50

    slash = 50 + (50 X .9) = 50+(45) = 95 damage.


    Clearly, you can see that the elemental mods deal more damage overall.  Now if you use a weapon, such as the Latron Prime (may it rest in peace) which has very high puncture damage, but lower slash and impact, a mod such as piercing caliber (120% puncture damage) would result in higher damage overall than a 90% elemental mod.  So take a look at your available mod pool, and the stats of your weapon for the best results.


    Critical Damage/Chance VS. Base Damage


    When you want high damage, you want critical hits, also called Crit Chance.  The important thing is that sometimes, it is better to increase your weapons base damage than to increase critical damage.  Lets look at an example.


    Gun A

    Crit chance = 10%

    Crit Damage = 2x

    Damage = 100 (this includes all current damage)


    Gun B

    Crit chance = 50%

    crit damge = 3x

    Damage = 20 (this includes all current damage)


    Now, if we add a mod to increase crit chance by 100%, then Gun A goes to 20%  crit chance.  Gun B goes to 100%.  1 of every 5 shots fired (on average) by Gun A will deal double damage, but all shots fired by B will deal triple damage.  So lets look at some averages to determine average damage.


    Assuming we fire 10 shots from each gun:


    Gun A will average 2 critical shots (20% of 10 = 2) for 200 damage each, plus 8 shots for standard 100 damage.



    (Criticals + standard)/shots fired = average damage 


    ((2 x 200) + (8 x 100))/10 = (400 + 800)/10 = 1200/10 = 120 damage per shot on average


    Gun B will shoot 10 criticals, for 60 damage each, remembering that B does 3x damage on criticals on a base of 20 damage.



    (10 x 60)/10 = 60 damage on average per shot


    Gun A clearly looks like the better choice, which in this case, without any other mods, is true.  But if we add base damage or +crit damage mods, will change.


    So lets double the crit damage multiplier for both guns.

    Gun A looks like this now, assuming all other stats remain the same from our previous equation.


    ((2 x 400) + (800))/10 = (800 + 800)/10 = 1600/10 = 160 damage per shot on average. An increase of 33% (or 1/3)


    Gun B 

    (10 x 120)/10 = 120 damage per shot on average. 100% increase in damage


    Now, resetting the original crit damage multiplier, if we increase the base damage, by 100%, you would find that the average damage looks like this.


    Gun A = ((2 x 400) + (8 x 200))/10 = (800 + 1600)/10 = 2400/10 = 240 damage on average per shot.


    Gun B = (10 x 120)/10 = 120 damage on average per shot.


    So what did we find?  Well, with a gun with higher crit chance, base damage or increases to crit damage have similar effects. When you have a lesser crit chance, base damage has a greater effect.  Now, this doesn't mean you can't or shouldn't add crit chance or damage to lower crit weapons. Just make sure to weigh each mod added against another.  It is not as cut and dry as the example.  Guns have wide ranges of different damages and mods add differing amounts.


    Also remember that different enemy types have weaknesses to types of damage.  The Codex in game gives you information on weaknesses of enemies you have scanned, so if you want to find the best gun for a specific event or node, check it out first to be best prepared.


    I hope you find this helpful and remember this counts for all weapons, not just guns.


  16. I have experience with both guns, and would remind you that the vulkar has a syndicate mod that increases damage dealt, but I believe that is 40% (while zoomed in) so charged chamber on the vectis would equal that.


    Also, if you press 'R' to reload manually with the vectis, you can squeeze out a few milliseconds each round, firing more than allowing the game to do it for you.


    Finally, as with any gun, you can put more forma in and get better results.  I did 4 forma into a vectis and was hitting 40k head shots easily.  This was pure damage though and I dropped metal auger out for another damage mod.


    Good luck with your choices though, try them both and see which you like more.

  17. I have an urgent message for all of you today.  The Leech Osprey, a beautiful and majestic creature known for its vibrant green metal plumage and leech shooting thingy, is endangered.  Many of our most passionate ornithologists have been unable to find this magical creature in any of its natural habitats, such as Neptune, Europa, or Pluto.  Some have been spotted on Mars, but the jury is out on whether they can be found en mass there.


    Please, help us find more......























    So we can go and murder them for their pigments that I need 300 more of.  I mean, come on, they deserve it.

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