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  1. Also, the co-op argument actually works against you here because enemies are more difficult based on the number of players in the party, so one person not doing anything = more work for the rest of the team.


    one person not doing anything = more work for the rest of the team = more challenge in warframe = a really good thing that a lot of people are looking for 

  2. i for my part don't care for both. i just invested way too much time into this game than i should have...


    I think you said everthing here, I feel exactly the same about this game.

    The worst part is that deeply Inside you, you always think that this game have so much potential and dream about the day will come where it gonna be out there and you gonna enjoy it the way it should. But well, sometime its time to Wake up and realize that its just in our dreams...

  3. nice tu m'as donné l'envie de tester, c'est rare que je m'amuse a faire du transmute pour choper un common. Quelques try et j'ai chopé ce mod, il a pas l'air très fameux a part pour des speed runs mais en tout cas sa fera un de plus avec sa petite étoile ^^

    Bon courage ce transmute ce n'est qu'une question de chance crois moi je sais de quoi je parle ... 



  4. Warframe est présenté comme étant un jeu censé être "coopératif", si je ne parle que et uniquement de cet event, je dirais que honnêtement sa allait largement plus vite de le faire seul qu'en groupe. 2min30 par mission.

    Dommage j'aurais pensé qu'ils auraient compris des events d'avant. Il faut absolument récompensé les actions coop c'est ce qui fait de warframe un jeu intéressant et la ce n'était pas le cas donc wait and see pour le prochain... 

    Par contre un excellent point c'est que grâce à cet event cela a permis a faire du ménage dans les tennos qui ne jouent pas coop au sein de leur propre clan (a faire des points dans le sens opposé).


    Un seul truc a retenir pour les prochains event s'il vous plait récompensez les actions coop et prouvez que warframe n'est pas un jeu solo totalement unskill. 

  5. AFIAK the drop chance has nothing to do with the level - it is all based on enemy type.  Some of the more "powerful" units, like the heavies, drop the more rare mods.


    Here's a link to a table that was datamined - use at your own risk:




    It seems to be more or less accurate, but with RNG who knows.

    totally agree with that, it's not because someone "say" something that its actually a fact, maybe they are working on it but actually it's only the type of mobs you kill that determine what you can get.

    Soon they will add those information directly available in the game but well we are still waiting

  6. Hi everyone.


    We tried to have fun and do something that make tenno move a little ^^

    So there's our entry from "Alors on danse" of Stromae with taiko drums beat


    Hope you guys like it .


    We also thought about dancing around but that wasn"t really nice to see...


    Band members:




  7. I'm not playing those i'm playing Phantasy Star Online 2 actually and they have also the random mission map generate almost like warframe, but in each room you enter you can start some sort of mini event that are random and make the game and feeling totally new each time.

    Your topic is true for the most part and I think they are already aware of those kind of issue about the game, the thing is we need to give them some "new" idea to improve the system actually in place.

    As players we really like to compare game, but this one now I dont consider him like an ARPG, for me it was and still is a Action game with some RPG elements and with cooperative (try) elements, that's said I still love it and I will continue to do so.

    The game is not perfect, we need to improve it. We need some good idea to improve it.

    Your summary about the game is totally right now lets discuss about how to make it better, cus it's the best way to really make a change here.

  8. I really didnt thought about seeing such apologies from DE, you guys are really kind. I never thought those price was abused, that was fine for me, at least we work like hell to get the new stuff so we didnt rush too much all new content. I think I will buy a nice syandana.

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