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  1. I've encountered a bug regarding Excalibur Umbra when using the Vazarin focus school. While having the Protective Dash ability equipped and playing as Excalibur Umbra, if I switch to Operator mode and dash through my Umbra, the regeneration and invincibility will take effect, but they end as soon as I switch back to Umbra. If I stay in Operator mode, I can see that Umbra stays invincible and starts to regain health, but only for as long as I remain in Operator mode. I have not tried doing this to another player's Excalibur Umbra while they're piloting it to see if it works then - I've only tested this on my own Umbra. The bug seems to have a 100% reproduction rate as I have seen the same results in normal missions, Railjack missions, and the simulacrum alike -all of these were solo missions if that helps. I'm unsure of what screenshots, videos, or what information about my settings would be helpful, but I'm happy to get them if requested. Thanks!
  2. Can confirm this still happens for me as of September 12th, 2021.
  3. I can confirm this one - so far I've only used Galvanized Scope on the Latron Prime, but it regularly fails to properly stack buffs. Sometimes it will just refresh the current amount of stacks instead of adding a new stack even when it hasn't reached the maximum of 5, and while I can't entirely confirm I suspect that it's occasionally even removing stacks on a headshot kill. I think it may have to do with the duration remaining on the buff? It additionally won't add stacks if a target is killed with a status proc to the head such as a slash proc originating as a headshot, but that may be intended. EDIT (proper formatting + video) TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: Upon triggering Galvanized Scope with a headshot kill, the mod occasionally refreshes its current stacks instead of adding another one (even when it's not at max stacks), and occasionally it loses stacks instead of gaining them. It additionally does not count slash procs inflicted in headshots as kills and removes the whole buff when it runs out instead of removing a stack like Galvanized Chamber, though these may be intended. VISUAL: REPRODUCTION: Get a headshot kill with Galvanized Scope equipped. EXPECTED RESULT: I should have gained an additional stack for Galvanized Scope, I.E. went from 2x to 3x. OBSERVED RESULT: The current amount of stacks just had their duration refreshed, I.E. 2x with 1.5 seconds left to 2x with full duration left. Occasionally it instead lost one or two stacks as can be seen at about 00:23 in the video. REPRODUCTION RATE: It seems to have nearly a 100% reproduction rate if you hit the sweet spot in the remaining duration, though I haven't pinpointed exactly when that is. As for what causes it to actually lose stacks instead of gaining them I'm not sure other than perhaps reloading before landing a headshot kill? This seems inconsistent though.
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