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  1. If you're running the game through Steam and have your Steam overlay turned on, you can directly purchase through your Steam overlay and that takes your Steam funds instead of asking for a card/paypal or whatever other way of payment. While the purchase does go through DE's website, you're still using your steam to purchase the platinum.
  2. Nah it's a perfectly normal occurrence, since you have those Requiem Pillars in the underground Iso vaults as well. When you trigger those, high amounts of infestation enemies spawn. If you're not able to handle it well, then... Maybe you're not doing something right.
  3. I just realised that this line could potentially mean we are not getting Garuda with Orb Vallis... Or am I wrong? :v
  4. Haynox


    Then we just get a Teralyst sized (or bigger) Hydroid after he leaves the pond mode after merging with some other water and have a Giants Brawl battle. Void magic, everybody!
  5. Haynox


    3. Void Magic. 4. Void Magic. 5. Void Magic. Although going by the same logic as the latter, yes, then swimming could also be possible but also think that Warframes have various circuits and systems embedded into the infested flesh that is protected by the outter alloy of whatever armor it is. And as no armor is perfect, water and any other liquid is hazardous. Which could again be prevented by the same Void Magic and all. But why bother right? Also, having to make proper swimming animation would probably be a hassle for DE which is why they don't include it.
  6. Haynox


    You may think your answer is funny, but Bianca's point still stands. And yes, Archwing are Void powered jetpacks. And no, we don't swim with them. So you're saying that submarines also should just sink right? Or any other underwater vehicle that is engine powered to maintain depth and speed?
  7. Someone didn't do the Octavia quest I see :v
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