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  1. Does this person seriously not understand that Arcanes have ranks? I mean, seriously? You made a thread without even researching how Arcanes work? It's written on the Warframe Wiki for crying out loud!

    I started this thread a couple months ago when 1 arcane cost 500k.

    First of all, this is not about doing research, it is about common sense. For an end game reward compare these arcanes to the other ones (helmets), people have gotten Arcane helmets from alerts, the new ones you have to grind over and over for both the money and the enhancements and still nowhere near the other arcanes even if ranked.

    If you can't see that they are ridiculous that's your problem, I expected more from an end game rewards to compensate the grind and time.

    The only 2 pros about the new Arcanes are :

    - You can pick which enhancement you want on

    - you can use the same enhancement on different frames.

  2. Still not seeing why people keep whining.


    Examples of what you people think is "worthless" (again, these can be applied anywhere, and use no slots or mod points):

    Arcane Guardian: 40% chance for +120% armor for 40 seconds when hit.

    Arcane Nullifier: 80% chance to block magnetic proc.

    Arcane Strike: 20% chance for +40% melee attack speed for 24 seconds when hitting with melee.

    Arcane Trickery: 20% chance to go invisible for 40 seconds on a finisher.


    "OH gee, perma invis that I can apply to my rhino. How awful"

    That is 5 million for stacking it 10 times... You don't get it do you?

    How many times you have to farm to get 10 of each? how long are you willing to farm for credit? Raid take 1 to 2 hours, and certainly farming credit takes longer

  3. Considering the fact you get to add these on top of whatever else you gain through mods, it's actually rather nice. They shouldn't be insanely powerful, and the [DE]lerious one is you for believing otherwise. Your favorite scarf should not be granting godmode, no matter what you've convinced yourself of otherwise.

    No one said they should be insanely powerful, but, they shouldn't be ridiculously useless. 

    I don't know if you have commented in the right topic, no one here is asking to be granted godmode, just a reasonable chance percentage.

    Still... you have to admit that the resistance to effect are a bit useless. Have you ever used the mods ( X% chance to resist X effect) ?

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