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  1. you work and farm in this game to get your ttk to as fast as possible. if enemies die too quickly, make more challenging content. why are arbitrations lvl 60? make them level 200 so that actually good builds are required and you have something to work for. or keep them at 60 and make different hard content.

    if you remove the synergy between arcanse and warframe abilities, not only are you taking away motivation to get those arcanes but you also limit the viable options. i think the balancing is fine, there are useless frames but there are also alot of powerful frames. but if you have to change something, make it the weak frames.

    give us high lvl content so we have to use those arcane velocities on mesa. or graces on inaros. or adaption. rn we dont need to perfect a build because we can easily one shot sortie enemies and breeze  trough the sortie in 30 min max. give us more powerful options and game modes were you need to be powerful, to grind those arcanes and were you actually have to be good at the game. and dont make it challenging by making it annoying

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