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  1. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: After one of the hotfixes, assuming 27.3.10, Revenant's damage with Enthrall & Reave on Liches has become ridiculously low, to the point of not even doing 5-10% of it's shield VISUAL: N/A REPRODUCTION: Constant. Just use Revenant, use your Enthrall then your Reave on a lich. It should at least do much more damage than it does even if it isn't OP damage. EXPECTED RESULT: Considering my maximized power strength, at the very least the shield and some of the Lich's health should have gone. (FULL power strength mods). It still works on other standard enemies and some bosses as always. OBSERVED RESULT: Less than 5-10% total damage. Compared to before the bug, it's only doing.. probably 2-5% of the original damage at most. REPRODUCTION RATE: Constant and guaranteed.
  2. REALLY hoping it's a bug. Bugs I can handle, it's bugframe after all. But stealth nerfs? That's just not right. Welcome to corporate decisions?
  3. Revenant previously was able to Enthrall a Lich and then use is 3 (Reave) to pass through it and do massive amounts of damage to it's shield & hp bar. It simply does not now. It was not mentioned in any changes in any of the hotfixes or updates . If it's a bug, then it's out in the open and can be fixed. If it's an attempt to sneak in a nerf without letting your players know about it, shame on you DE. Shame on you.
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