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  1. Yep bcoz 4k is defo the top of the leaderboards.... edit: My point being you'd totally have to deal with them lvl 100+ if you're trying for leaderboards , so far I only care about the vandals for the 6k MR points, they're just more collection weaps to my arsenal that i will never use over my more conventional power creeped weapons.
  2. Im just saying scores like these will be the highest not saying that it had to be 6k with barely much difference between the top scorers, yeah its totally possible but if you know how the scaling in the game is , eventually demos will be unkillable without a full squads focus on a single target.
  3. Its baffling to see how you even expect people to go past the lvl 100 mark with demos like this. Please fix all the exploits in the game , then maybe 6k will be the top of the leaderboards with differences of 3-4 points between players. If you want this totally vanilla game play with no bugs/exploits/tactics then I guess 4 Chromas with rubicos DPSing a single demolyst together is the best outcome and god forbid its a Moa. Quite a shame really fixing exploits in the middle of the event , its truly unfair to see the leaderboards not wiped but they really dont mean much considering we probably arent getting anymore after this event (and if you are thinking of making more leaderboard events... Just dont okay?). Putting that 4 hour run down myself wasnt easy but people make you really think like you didnt do much in 4 hours due to ExPlOitZ. And if I get banned tommorow for w/e reason Im alright with it. its a small price to pay for salvation. And before you say im defending my score , yeah i kinda am but im also pointing out that I dont want another score of mine or anyone elses to be in this game any more , leader boards are a joke. Casual.G
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