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  1. So Warframe Youtubers like Tactical Potato said, Akjagaras are only Masteryfodder for him, and they are not that great if you look at the crafting costs.


    I say they are awesome, hell you can even snipe with 'em across the map.


    What do you guys think of my build ?








  2. As a MR17 Player i don't think it's a grind. I enjoy it. And if a weapon requires MR12 for a player to use, there is a reason for that.


    You don't like the "grind" (for you it is a grind, not for me), you can leave the game, no one is forcing you to play it, feel free to leave.


    See that's what i like about warframe, you need to work for your Power, for your rank, it has a value.


    Warframe is in so many ways different than other games. 


    It's like a person wants to drive an expensive car, let's say it's a Ferrari F450, nobody will give you one for free. You need to work for it.

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