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  1. Shang_Dragon

    MR 23

    North America/USA North East

    playtime: a bunch, 15+ hours

    I was in the clan before, and I got kicked when the clan downsized, and it really killed my interest in the game. I helped with the demolyst event a bunch. With the drydock stuff Im going to get back into warframe (if I get in that is 😕)

    EDIT: I tried to message Dandy on discord, but since I left the server I couldn't send the PM.
    Pic attached here:




    1. Your in-game name

    2. Your Mastery Rank (Note: Mastery Rank MR12+ is required but friends can join at MR 8+)
      Mastery 23

    3. Your Region
      North America

    4. The length of time you have been playing the game for
      Beta (Hunter), about 6 years. Pretty standard play, leave, come back cycle. I came back a year and a half ago, and Im still going.

    5. What you are looking for in a clan
      Discord members around to play, chill and grind with. An active clan to do railjack with.

    6. How often are you able to play during a typical week
      Im planning on playing a lot during the event, then slowing down as another game's world cup approaches in late August. 15 hours+

  2. BandiCam is pretty good, but one item is not included: No built in video editing software. Other then that, I am VERY happy with that, minus the free version comes with a small watermark at the top. It also shows your current FPS in the corner, which is nice. Works for many many steam games, and WoW, if you play that.

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