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Clan Chi To Meiyo! Presents...

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Video by Psycho1108:




This video was made quite a long time ago by my good friend, comrade & Clan-mate

Psycho1108 back when Clan "Chi to Meiyo!" had just barely gotten started.


He came into our then quite small family referred by a friend-of-a-friend while we were "borrowing"

space on a friend's TeamSpeak server. (Big Props to the 13th MEU for being our hosts!)


Psycho's first conversations with us in TS were full of confusion, anger and quite a few choice  four-letter

words. He was, we found out, having a bit of trouble soloing  missions around Venus or Saturn. Don't quite

remember which, but I think it was Corpus, definitely.


We warned him it's not always the wisest choice to go it alone and three of us joined him for a very quick milk-run.

From what I recall Psycho showed above average skills, running and gunning with his Excalibur and doing an

awful lot of melee. Nothing special to note at the time as it was low-end. No one went down, not even the FNG.


Really nothing extraordinary, at least until we all got to extraction and were chatting afterwards.


As I remember it one of my other new guys Shadowseer told the new-guy he thought it went really well and

then Psycho said he thought he would like playing squad with the Clan more than playing solo. Since he'd been

going it alone all afternoon and only gotten his 'Cali up to Lvl 11.


Then Shadowseer asked a simple question about Psycho's build. "What sort of mods are your running with?"


Psycho's reply: "What's a MOD?"


I ABSOLUTELY AM NOT KIDDING! One afternoon, eleven levels on the 'Cali. Never touched the Mods. All skillz.


I laughed so hard I had tears in my eyes. I told him "You're doing it all wrong but you are doing it SPECTACULARLY!

Welcome to the Clan!" He's been with us ever since. Shadow taught him the basics of the Mods in less than ten minutes

so we could do an Alert to get him his first Artifact Card (Yeah it WAS that long ago!)


Over the next couple of days we learned Psycho was a student artist and avid gamer, studying in the US far from his home.

He fit in well with the mix of nationalities we had then (and still have). We spent a lot of time between missions talking about 

the game and it's lore, the Devs and their vision for Warframe.


Less than three days later he told me he had something he had been working on that he wanted me to see. He said that the idea came to him like a vision when he was in the shower and he'd banged it out quickly that afternoon. I cannot tell you how deeply moved by the video when I first saw it.  Watch and you'll understand.


It's everything Warframe was, at that time and before, painstakingly snipped from the many Official Trailers and synched flawlessly to music that I knew well that also harmonized with the Tenno plight and the mulch-cultural nature of my Clan as well as the community as a whole. 


This to me, is who we are.


We are "Chi to Meiyo!" 


More will follow.


Warlord: "Chi to Meiyo!"
{Blood & Honor.}

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