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  1. What if the issue is everyone in my region avoids excavation missions like the plague? If you've got a full squad there's no problem, it's when I have to run solo excavations is when the problems with spawns and path finding comes up.
  2. I agree, more hands = less work, but have a look on the Oceania sever, people don't run excavations unless they have to, 99% of the time you have to run solo if you need cryotic or want to relic farm, if something goes wrong like the power carriers not spawning, or enemies in general, it gets old, real fast.
  3. Unfortunately in my region not many people run excavation missions, when new prime relic come out you may see a few squads, on weekends when the player base is high, or new players going thru the star chart, but generally most people holdout for the fastest missions for relic farming, I had a look at star chart there's two squads running excavation on Earth and Venus, it's 7:45pm, there's no void storm on excavation right now, but if there was I'd doubt anyone would would be running it.
  4. Since excavation missions were launched back in 2014 I've experienced the same recurring problem, power carriers not spawning, having to wait around sometimes indefinitely, or having to travel across the map to the last place power carriers did spawn only to see the excavator that's half done or need one more battery killed, I hate farming cryotic because of the bad spawns that honestly should have been fixed years ago, excavation missions to open relics forget it, I just came out excavation mission opened 2 relics then all enemies stopped spawning, same thing in the open world missions, the amount of times I've gotten most of the way thru a Solaris united ect mission only the have the power carriers stop spawning and fail it because everything but power carriers still spawn and kill the excavator, normally the excavator get blown away from hundreds of meters away or bunch of air ships. This problem could be easily fixed if the bad design choice of power carriers is taken around back and dealt with old yeller style because if it hasn't been fixed by now it's never going to be fixed as the years of opportunity have shown, excavators should simply just drop with full power, and power carriers can be revamped into power leach's slowing or stopping the excavator, in any case this problem need to be resolved.
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