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  1. Sevagoth is pretty fun right now, but his 2 (Sow) constantly deactivates itself for seemingly no reason; is there a hidden requirement it takes? I will still have more than 15 seconds and it just turns itself off; it happens constantly, very easy to replicate this bug, just go in to any mission, activate it and watch the timer; it will just vanish, sometimes after a second, sometimes after a few seconds and, very rarely, a bit before it is supposed to expire.


    I see my problem now; for some reason I thought it was something that moved with Sevagoth, not a 'use it and enemies get tagged' ability, but now I understand; ignore this post.

  2. "Adding Synergy between The Vast Untime and all of Xaku’s other abilities. 

    • How it will work: Emphasis on “Untime”, when Xaku is in their skeletal form their other active abilities’ duration will become frozen in time. Once The Vast Untime expires, the duration of those active abilities resume. This was suggested in our feedback readings and we quite enjoyed the play on the ‘untime’ theme and the added benefit to Xaku overall! We feel that since this no longer has an Energy drain, and that it halts the timer on other abilities, the energy demands of Xaku’s kit will be significantly lessened. "


    Consider making Vast Untime Channeled instead of Duration with these changes; now, hear me out on this. The reason why I say that is Xaku requires all stats to be good; they need high strength, INCREDIBLY high range and high duration; if Vast Untime was changed to Channel, then you could build for high range, efficiency and strength with negative duration to keep its energy drain low; this would solve some of the problems of low base scaling on abilities while also fixing the "Unable to recast 4 to weaken enemies" since you can use it, cancel it, use it, to weaken new enemies. With Vast Untime freezing all other Xaku duration Abilities (Subsume exvluded) that would make for a very unique synergy that no other frame has.


    As they're set up to be 'buffed' right now, I can't really see any of these changes making a large enough impact on their kit since the base issues have not yet been addressed, namely low ability stats with low scaling because of it.

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  3. Please stop calling Evasion "damage reduction"; it is not, was never and never will be the same as damage reduction. They are different stats for a reason, please refer to them correctly; you don't call critical chance "critical damage" because they're different stats. Yes, evasion and damage reduction serve a similar purpose, but in very different ways! One makes you take no damage X% of the time, the other reduces damage by X%. I am not saying one is superior, I am merely saying that it's incredibly mis-leading to refer to Evasion as DR, because it just plain isn't or it wouldn't be its own separate stat.

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  4. 3 minutes ago, Pendragon1951 said:

    ahh ok, well seemed to be ranking up ok last night, does it just stop ranking up or it doesn't rank up at all?

    It ranks up in-mission and looks like it ranks up at the end of mission screen, but next time you're in a mission it resets to its previous state. Some people have mentioned that you can occasionally hop out of the mech in a mission back to your frame, use an ability and that seems to 'save' the affinity, but I have not seen this work personally.


    Basically, you can rank the mech up to 30 in a mission, but next time you're in one it's back to rank 1.

  5. 6 minutes ago, Sion-Forgeblast said:

    @Prince_El-Ahrairah defenitly.... though I feel weapons like Bramma, and Lenz have an excuse to 1) have self damage 2) be super strong. I mean think about it, what happens if your in the middle of an explosion? you DONT just get knocked down.... so imo the Lenz should be a similar strength to the Bramma, and due to them having innate explosive damage they SHOULD have self damage.... aka make them strong as hell, and risky as hell to use... either blow yourself up, or your enemys up 🙂

    It would be weird if just some explosive weapons had self-damage; I prefer the consistency of all have it or none have it; I do prefer this way more than how it used to be, but that being said the damage numbers away from the center definitely need to be extensively looked at for the explosive weapons, aside from Bramma. The entire purpose of these is to not have to aim well, yet you deal so little damage now that it's really not worth it when you could use a powerful rifle or something instead, at least to me. I am not saying explosive weapons aren't powerful and still good, but they're severely limited by the strict damage falloff numbers that they currently have. Perhaps the problem with the lenz is the Blast effect being wonky after the status changes which is causing the lower damage. Either way, the explosive numbers definitely need to be looked at and tweaked.

  6. Maybe you guys should review explosive weapons as a whole after the self-damage removal instead of just going "AH LET'S NERF IT". These changes could be for the better, who knows, but the reason people use the Bramma is because it doesn't have absolute garbage AoE post-self-damage patch. If the other explosives were looked at and had their explosive radii increased or had the minimum damage reduced by quite a bit in some cases, people wouldn't feel like they'd have to use the Bramma to have a decent explosive weapon.


    For instance, the Lenz just has awful damage scaling now; you're required to get a direct hit, but even then the damage is mediocre; I don't know what happened to it post self-damage but it feels way weaker than it used to; tack on the fact that it has a detonation time where enemies get even further from the center and it has just been really hurt; I honestly feel like the Lenz took the largest hit, specifically because of the detonation time; perhaps it's time for a Lenz augment, if nothing else.

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  7. Done more than 30 missions, start to finish, only ever got these spawns once in a Lich Rescue mission. "Cephalite Resonance is a commonly found resource that you'll come across frequently simply by playing Warframe - Look out for Glassed enemies!" It's not a "commonly found resource" if the required enemies spawn once in a blue moon.

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  8. I didn't encounter this yesterday, but I did after todays' Hotfix (27.3.3). Not only is the Arsenal button missing, but when this happens I have noticed I also get softlocked in the Mod menu after attempting to do Fusion on a Mod; clicking the exit does nothing, hitting escape does nothing, clicking the back button (m4) does nothing. My only choice is to hard close via alt+f4.

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  9. I am sure someone has mentioned it in this thread already, but this desperately needs to be addressed; I have experienced players who refuse to Mercy their Kuva Lich because they either do not want to die OR, more commonly, "don't want to level my Kuva Lich up". As long as that one remains un-mercied then no others can spawn. My suggestion would be to have it leave if the target player goes down 3 times or if nobody attacks it for 1 minute, treating it almost like an AFK scenario.


    It's very bad manners to just let it keep going when other people would actively like to kill/get killed by their Lich, even just for the knowledge of that particular Requiem.

  10. Yup, just "lost" in a 20 minute or so run because I was 10 feet away from the exit when the host extracted, making me fail. I don't understand why this sort of S#&$ is still happening after all these years. Shouldn't the lone player(s) still be able to extract after the migration instead of instantly failing? This is so idiotic.

  11. There would be quite a simple solution to this; instead of making it all overshields on all frames, maybe it could be just Mag's overshield, AKA making this her new passive because, let's be honest, a Vacuum effect on her bullet jump is just not that useful. "Mag's Overshield prevents direct health damage". This would both give Mag some extra survivability and not require a major overhaul to shields (Though, shields as a whole could still use that).


    This would have to be different in Conclave, of course, but I have literally never touched Conclave a single time so this is based purely upon PvE.

  12. 15 seconds of invulnerability would be ridiculous. Would already make many bosses complete jokes. Well... bigger jokes. Just face-tank all of Kela's missiles; every single one. Doubt she'd even be able to deal the damage to remove it, even in a sortie.

  13. This issue got fixed in todays hotfix, though I would honestly love to see it return in a balanced way. As someone who only just started playing Limbo a few days ago, while this was completely broken, it was fun to do. I have no clue how to actually balance something like this, aside from reducing damage taken and dealt, but it would be quite fun.

  14. I believe this would be the correct forum for this; if not, my bad, I didn't see any other sub-forum that this would be better suited in.


    I see quite a few people do this and, while I am usually able to handle stuff alone, or with less people, this is extremely obnoxious; people sitting on Battle just to flip to Extract at the very last second purely to troll. I would recommend implementing some measure to prevent this, which I think would be a simple and elegant solution; if somebody chooses to Battle then within 3 (Maybe 2) seconds of the selection ending they should be locked in to it. This would NOT affect people who have not yet chosen or who have picked Extract. Basically, this would give people a chance to decide (And actually react) whether or not they want to keep going with less people (Possibly solo) or extract.

    Granted, there have not been a lot of people doing it, but I have had a few groups the last week where all 3 other people did this at the very last second, leaving me solo. It's very bad form and feel like it should be addressed in some way. I feel like the 3 seconds would be ample time to not only decide but to react if people do this. Not only that but you will still have 12 seconds to decide if you actually want to keep going or leave, which should be enough time to decide.


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