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  1. This is exactly what they intended with the defense objective healing changes; Copy+Paste the bold text Defendable Objects: Healing AoE and Damage Reduction Changes press control+f on that page and paste the copied text in; enjoy reading the greatest, most thought-out of changes ever made to Warframe; definitely didn't drop the ball on this one or just attempt to fix something that wasn't broken by intentionally making it useless. Seriously though, it's not a bug; it's a "feature".
  2. Done more than 30 missions, start to finish, only ever got these spawns once in a Lich Rescue mission. "Cephalite Resonance is a commonly found resource that you'll come across frequently simply by playing Warframe - Look out for Glassed enemies!" It's not a "commonly found resource" if the required enemies spawn once in a blue moon.
  3. It's not going to hit before Scarlet Spear ends. Scarlet Spear ended for PC before the Railjack Revisited; there would be a lot of untested issues with releasing this during Scarlet Spear; it's not going to happen. It will launch on console after Scarlet Spear ends for you guys.
  4. A few things; First, casting Nidus' Ravenous, his 4, at just the right time consumes stacks without actually placing the infested area; there is no healing, infested carpeting or maggots when used if there's about 1/8th of a second remaining on the duration, or 0.8 seconds. Fairly easy to replicate, it's just a matter of getting the timing. Second, using Archguns with gravimags installed does not activate the Growing Power buff with status procs during ground missions; very easy to replicate, just use an archgun with a gravimag in a mission with Growing Power as your Aura. It could be a specific issue with the Kuva Ayanga specifically, as this was the archgun I was using at the time, but I imagine it happens with them all. Lastly, and this is a long-standing issue with Revenant; you can get stuck in his Danse Macabre animation when trying to clamber up a ledge while channeling. This happens most commonly when you activate Danse Macabre then start using his Reave to get around quickly; it happens often in most Grineer and Corpus tilesets since there are a lot of ledges. When this bug occurs you are unable to activate or, in this case, deactivate any abilities until you either A) Die, B) Fall out of bounds and respawn or C) Run out of energy. This is the exact same issue that Grendel had which was, apparently, fixed; yet Revenant is still affected by the exact same problem and has been since his release? What?
  5. The entirety of Railjack in its current live state is broken, though. It's a complete mess. Playable, but that does not mean it's not broken.
  6. The controls freezing up seriously needs to be addressed during Eidolon Hunts; something about operator getting knocked down then either transferring back during said knockdown or dying causes ALL controls to stop responding with the exception of movement; you have to either get knocked down again (Which, for some reason, is a lot harder than it sounds) or you have to actually die and respawn; jumping in to water or typing /unstuck does not fix this.
  7. Rescue missions take longer than normal because, quite often, opening the cell the operative is in does not immediately trigger the 'take them to extraction' script; this isn't something I have encountered until the last couple hotfixes, which leads me to believe it's one of these scarlet spear updates to be causing it. I believe it has to do with checking cells too quickly, but I cannot confirm this 100%; it has happened to me so far only when checking the 2nd or 3rd cells; perhaps it has to do with quick-use Ciphers (Pressing 'y' on the keyboard to auto-cipher).
  8. Something really annoying has happened at least once in my past four Eidolon hunts for the past few days and I believe it has to do with the Operator dying when in a kockdown state but cannot confirm that's the cause; basically all controls freeze up with the exception of moving; nothing else works until you die and respawn. You cannot even jump or crouch, and as I play Trinity in Eidolons, means the lures are basically done for since I am unable to do anything until I bleed out; because, no, not even holding 'use' to quickly respawn works.
  9. Going all-in on an idea I had of, rather than 'tubes', these are some sort of high-tech parasitic 'worms' that help keep it held together and which visibly pulsate, possibly writhe, on the frame; going to try to keep it different from Nidus as much as I am able while sticking to this theme. I doubt this will be even considered, yet it may provide a good base for another future frame. Passive: Uses health to cast all abilities, the inverse of Hildryn which uses shields and increases armor gained when parasites return to the main body; its abilities are literally using the parasites that hold its body together. 1) Infesting Lash/Lancing Return: Affects enemies in front of the frame by sweeping the area in front of it with a tendril created from the parasites, infesting enemies which increases damage and duration of status effects; Coming in to contact with enemies that are affected by these parasites provide a temporary boost to the frame which has approached them, be it the user or allies; grants a small surge of health upon contact and a temporary armor boost; the armor drains over time as they are not actively 'feeding' upon the host ally but protecting it from harm, whereas on an enemy they are actively feeding upon their body; dead enemies can still provide this buff, lingering for a short time after the body disappears (To allow some leeway even with a Desecrate Nekros), but at the cost of reduced numbers (Dead enemies do not provide as much healing/armor as live enemies), no more than 1 time for each enemy, possibly per player. Holding 1 will cause all parasites to return to the frame they belong to, providing an instant boost to health and armor; they will return from any distance, but range and strength will directly influence how much of a bonus they provide; this prevents them from simply casting them and running 500 meters away then getting the full benefit; after a certain distance they would die before returning to the main body, thus providing no healing/armor; lancing, in this case, used as 'removing an infection'. 2) Linking Tendrils: Enemies currently infested reach out, connecting to fellow parasites in other enemies and pulls them together; has a max number of 'connections' per enemy, pulling them toward either the average center or, if aimed at a specific enemy, to that enemy; these tendrils spread damage dealt between the affected enemies while bringing them closer; the length and suction is not as strong as Vortex or Larva, but serves a purpose no other frame can do, specifically causing single target damage and status to affect multiple enemies; damage would be approximately 30%, but strength increases the effect up to 80% max dealt to connected enemies. 3) Spontaneous Aspirate: All enemies currently infested take damage as water is absorbed from their body, causing these parasites to grow larger and stronger; affects all parasites belonging to that frame in range and causes all bonuses to increase based on strength; costs health over time to maintain the control with parasites and enemies out of range being unaffected. This affects health and armor received from enemies for both himself and allies; also increases the length of time parasites last after an enemy dies. Aspirate, in this case, as 'drawing from the body via suction', in this case by the absorbent bodies of parasites. 4) Fester: All parasites are fueled by the user, essentially feeding them extra strength at the cost of using its own health, granting greatly increased status damage against enemies and providing stronger buffs for allies, at the cost of increased health for each ability the caster uses; has a minimum cost which no amount of efficiency can overcome, perhaps to a minimum of an additional 25% health cost for abilities, base of 60% increased cost or so.
  10. The practice button on the Mastery Rank screen actually already exists; it's on the bottom-right of the screen. This picture is linked from the Mastery Rank page on the fandom site. Could it be larger and in a better place? Yes, definitely; perhaps directly under Begin Test, but it does exist and just sends you straight in to the practice test.
  11. Meaning activating hacking terminals, using parazon on Thralls, etc; sometimes when you attempted your lich then all other actions involving the Use key would completely break.
  12. Any plans on fixing Archmelee no longer locking-on and dashing in toward enemies? It's nearly impossible to actually hit, let alone kill, these enemies considering they can fly a hundred meters a second.
  13. I did not know about the staff replies button, so thank you very much, and I somehow missed this mini devstream; wasn't alerted of it on any of the usual sites they use for some reason. My foot is in my mouth, so thanks; I do appreciate it.
  14. Not everyone goes through and reads every single topic, let alone every single post; doing a stream or an official news topic about it will give it much more visibility. You're basically saying they dropped a note in to the sea, so there's nothing else they should do to let people know.
  15. It's been almost a month now since the last devstream; do you guys have a general idea of when the next one will be? Obviously it wouldn't be as quality as ones in the past, as far as setups and stuff, but it would still be nice to hear about what you guys are working on, specifically when it comes to fixes toward Scarlet Spear, as well as news of the next event/Protea being pushed back by at least 1 week? Anything would be really nice to know how you plan to do some fixing to the next event before it releases, considering how bumpy this one has been, even after its many hotfixes.
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