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  1. I kind of like the game play loop, but the rewards and bugs are really hurting me, you and my enjoyment of the game. I was in a fun squad last night, we started just after a new wave, in space, managed to stay top 5 for the relay for space (3800 pts). The host had to make dinner, squad disbanded, and now I was stuck.. starting many ground missions, I never got another player to join. Trying to set up a squad in the see of yellow text (or orange or gold, colourblind here) is almost impossible. When we finally got around to it we were at 82/100 murex, 57 mins to go. And a couple minutes later we were at 88/100.. or 82/100 or 44/100, depending on who you spoke to in the instance chat. And we were stuck, no codes transmitted, no codes received. Spent 20 minutes in one of the 5 space squads to get no code. While there were still ground squads scanning and sending codes. The yellow chat also stoppped, just stopped. It was probably lagging anyway, since I noticed my space squad host transmitting a code from when we were on the ground like 15 mins earlier. The icing on the cake: I got nothing in mail, no bonus credits, nothing. 5 Minutes after the wave was over, my score still hadn't moved for the event (it is about 3800 pts higher now, I'm assuming the wave already crashed before our ground scores were added). Now since you only can see this after the wave is down, I can't make screenshots of the scores. I don't know which instance I was in since that is not visible somewhere. I know we kept talking with the same 20-30 people at least. But that's 3 hours that feel less rewarding than one night cycle of eidolon hunting, or doing the sortie. And I can't dare leave the relay for fear of not getting rewards. In fact, you state now we really only get some bonus if your relay does 100/100. I hope we PC can get an extension and I hope our console tenno get a later, better balanced and fixed version.
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