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  1. Shame I couldn't buy more wreckage slots, then I would have kept my <65 rolled Vidar reactors (all three after 100+ runs), but hey, my zekti and lavan reactors will become better but still not good enough to build!
  2. Mine are still there, hope it's something support can help you with (I check inventory, search 'instant')!
  3. You do understand that you cannot increase your wreckage slots; the slots you buy for railjack are for the built and repaired components and weapons, not the looted/wrecked ones?
  4. Nice, but still won't repair one when it takes about as many hours to farm as to build and we only have 30 wreckage slots and like 6 regular slots. The only things worth building are above 27.5% when max is 30 and above 55% when max is 60 for weapons and Vidar reactors above +90 avionics, because the price and management of items is too costly. And 12 hours. And still a ridiculous amount of resources compared to how fast we get them. I agree, the missions weren't quite annoying enough, best not go out in your railjack like last night's prime time showed, you really want that 6k hp and 3k armour minimum. I actually like this, the content as an AW boarder is generally very laggy even with a great host, even if you perfectly spammed 1 just before your reticle was shown, you could die. Obviously with the damage thrown around and the nerfed AW weapons (from before empyrean) it's still mandatory Amesha. Love it, best thing in the hotfix! Thanks DE
  5. Oh dear, wrong order, first balance their drops as rewards, then remove them from market. Hope some people were lucky enough to guess this was coming and buy some drones before today, because the repair resources are beyond over the top high, hope these will go down but it seems not since we get a doubling of another resource drop. Really making it impossible to like railjack economy DE. Oh noes my relics, at least I can still get all the stuff I can't use while trying to get that 4% chance to roll 5% of 90+ vidar reactor, if I don't get something useless like anything but a vidar reactor. At least it's not nerfed, so it's positive. But please just up the chances of getting a 'rare' reward, nobody in their right or unright mind will do empyrian for relics, we do not care about reduced relic drop chance here, but I appreciate trying to make it sound better. i don't even, why? Why? Is this basically saying it will take a few months before we get command and we can't have everyone be ready for it? nice I hate it when people .. misspeak .. This was not a bug, DE wanted to change the functionality. That's fine, don't try to sell it like a bug. Obviously, again, wrong order. Should have balanced both the entire content and intrinsics as a whole first, heck make it so every finished mission we get bonus intrinsics, like 2 for Earth, 6 for Saturn, 12 for Veil, reward the players for playing. It's not like we can save up for Command anymore anyway. nice (but also i'm scared of the names we will see :)) I was hoping the new decade resolution would be balance twice, nerf once, but maybe next time. I wish I could be optimistic, but the few good things in the patch are outshined by the bad balance foundation, both in ship/equipment/rewards and economy. With some really good feedback on the forums and other places too. Sigh.
  6. Could be, not sure about that. The Flexa bug seems to be that the spawn just does not occur, the map loaded well for me and we got the regular objectives and all. Restarting every time there did nothing sadly, but it loaded the game indeed. Ruse War Field seems to be mostly infinite loads and load into empty skybox
  7. Indeed, Flexa has been bugged since the start it seems, but the last spawn on ruse war field was just never loading in over 15 attempts it seems
  8. And right now the spawn "Tmp":"{\"sfn\":505}" is getting so much load, everyone I talk to cannot enter it.
  9. Not glitching out the entire mission for me, but definitely glitching out AW mode: generally end up in warframe abilities, warframe weapons, warframe moveset, unable to gain energy. Tact 4 omni warp back, wait for load, go in operator mode, type /unstuck, leave RJ regularly (no slingshot) generally fixes it, otherwise bulletjump to crewship/objective station and enter, then leave will fix it 90% of the times. Something you come across a lot as the AW/boarder, I stopped using slingshot to be safer.
  10. Sentient Anomaly isn't working on Flexa, seems to have never worked there, current state "Tmp":"{\"sfn\":553}" in game also flashes, no spawns.
  11. Weird bug I'm having quite consistently: When using the slingshot and hitting something (enemy, asteroid, not crewship), 5 out of 6 times I end up like this: In my archwing, but with warframe powers (that I can't use since I cannot get energy, although an energy pad will give the +100 energy message, my AW gets it, not my frame) and normal weapons. While it was fun beating a Veil fighter to death with my scan hammer, and shooting the fighters with my OP rubico, it was very annoying since you can't really play the game Rep recipe: - use slingshot, hit enemy fighter or asteroid - get stuck in AW/frame hybrid (can still boost and use gear) Fix: - omni tool back, once inside, operator mode and type /unstuck (in frame unstuck doesn't always help?) and use an airlockdrop to get outside Expected: - when in space, use AW all the things..
  12. Well then.. got a relic (baza) and a credit cache still :( And the intrinsics summary is still wrong, 49 on mission summary, 47 actually
  13. Not sure if it is part of Economy, but I'd like to discuss the limited slots for Railjack components, weapons and wreckage.. First the regular Components & Armaments slots If you know, you know. You can find them on the market, but there is no indication of how many you have, how many you might want and need and how many are in use now (basic mk 0 stuff?). When it comes to turrets, it feels like you need quite a few to be able to have a good ship: there are 5 different weapons (Apoc, Carcinnox, Cryophon, Photor, Pulsar) in 4 different types (Sigma, Lavan, Vidar, Zetki). Even if we leave out sigma, I expect people to want at least 2 types of most weapons to be able to build for damage or for easier heatsink management, different weapons etc. Let's say 6 slots for the frugal no muss no fuss, 20 for the collector (we'll ignore the RNG of the weapons now). Haven't found ordnance wreckage yet, no clue how many you need or want, so I'll say 3 for those right now. Shields are funky, but generally you'll want to build for either the bonus, shield regen or shield amount. You can get by with 2, collectors will want more. Engines are similar, so let's say 2 for those too. Reactors you will probably want at least 3, because the stats are so important for play style, avionics cap for fits, flux for weapons, bonus for bonus. So for a nice minimum I'd say 16, no clue how many we start with, but if it's 12 it is low, since you would need to buy so quickly. As a collector I'm fine with spending more, but I need to be able to see how many I have. Wreckage, now here's a huge problem. Between weapons (5x3 = 15 unique drops, again ignoring RNG) and components (3x3 = 9 but with huge RNG differences) this is just far too little. It takes way too much time, effort and grinding to repair them compared to the repair drones, it reeks of pay to play in stead of the usual pay to avoid too much grind when this stuff is taken into consideration. Please consider buffing this to 45 spots or even 20 components and 20 weapons wreckage slots; losing good engines or a good reactor hurt so much when you can't even drop stuff you picked up during a mission (like in RPGs with limited inventory space, you can at least chose what you decide to keep, the auto scrap is a huge negative UX thing). So, UI/UX DE peeps, I know you're overworked already, but this is another critical thing for the newest release. And the RNG balance really needs to be looked at and hopefully made visible somehow, if we get RNG let us at least see what the ranges are (so we don't have to try and get some online sheet)
  14. Should this hold for everything? Should every wreckage piece be at least as good as the base item? vs the base mark I:
  15. You should keep playing and evaluate if these points are still valid in your opinion. Reactors in crewships do get shielding behind a hack, which is a pain right now due to bugs not allowing you to get through the door sometimes, meaning even your punch through weapon won't help. Amesha cannot protect RJ in higher levels Saturn already. No AW can survive higher levels where the swarm is insane, unless there is perhaps at least one Amesha outside too. The damage now is insane balance wise. I'm fine with getting hit hard, if I get to hit hard and do the 'git gud' at the game, in stead of trying to hose enemies with my AW gun (the lvl 30+ fighters are a chore). I like your first point, but right now it is offset by the damage the crew ships do and how many you have to fight at once (4 at a time is the highest I've seen so far)
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