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  1. I've been playing in public mission and whenever I kept dying, I do not get a revive prompt, making me instantly die without any chance of my squadmates to revive me. This happened during the sorties. Instant death with no revive chance from teammates. I don't know how I can recreate the instant death bug, but it had happened to me in other missions as well.
  2. Crap, I didn't know Ash Prime would cost that much, I would've made so much platinum... D:
  3. Nope. It is not possible to transfer data from console to PC.
  4. Like what @DarkRuler2500 stated: DE has already added a feature to defense/interception missions where if the votes are unanimous, it instantly starts the next round(s). Plus, if you can't do a mission solo, you should've extracted if you knew that. No need for someone to carry you. It was never a thing where if part of the squad wanted to stay, the whole squad is forced to stay. That's practically forcing all the players to stay on a sinking ship. So no, I'd rather not want that.
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