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  1. I did it pretty much solo, if they have a small group of semi-dedicated players, all of research can be done in a week minus hema and colors.
  2. You can easily do it with Ivara, just stealth and steal LS for 5 minutes. You can also loot caches. There are a lot harder rivens out there.
  3. It's basically like getting a new frame except all the abilities are copypasted from a different frame. Why not just an entirely new frame and new kit.
  4. I am starting to think there is no wolf and all of you are just messing with me.
  5. Learn to tittle better, also try a new router.
  6. Tell every streamer who is about to start playing this game what happens in the Second Dream.
  7. It's a movie reference. Don't take it so literally dude.
  8. I think input from the community will do far more harm than good. It is exactly why we will never have endgame or hardcore content. I think super unbalanced Dark Sectors and Old Conclave were just fine, they just needed refinement and a few cheesy things nerfed down a bit. New conclave is just a lobotomized version of that.
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