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  1. Digital painting of a Loki-inspired stealth ship:
  2. I'm not sure how possible it would be to have multiple player ships in a single instance, but you could high-jack enemy ships to form your own small fleet.
  3. Heavy Stealth Bomber LOKUST A Loki-inspired stealth ship. Base Stats: Lokust features below average hull and armor stats with exposed engines that can be easily targeted and disabled by the enemy. Low-capacity shield combined with very quick shield recharge. It is fairly mobile as long as the engines are intact. Armaments: Molecular Disruption Cauldron - Mass destruction device that fires a concentrated beam of altered matter that nullifies weak atomic forces essentially turning any matter it comes into contact with into a high yield thermonuclear detonation. Its drawback is that it is completely ineffective against shielded targets and does a massive amount of damage to the Lokust if its own shields are depleted. Dual Twin Rattler Guns - They go pew pew pew and stuff. Located on either side of the ship these flak cannons are used to defend against light fast-moving targets. Modules: Stealth Cloak Battlefield Warp - Quick-burstfire of the long range jump drive allows Lokust to re-enter battlefield at a different point completely escaping the enemy when it is surrounded. Only to be used in emergency situations as you can never be certain where you might warp into. Tactics: The purpose of Lokust is to engage capital ships once their shield have been disengaged, ideally firing a single shot from its MD device and warping away into safety. It can defend against fighters and other heavy ships with a decent crew, and warp away and re-stealth when completely surrounded.
  4. What you linked is a file stored somewhere on your cellphone.
  5. I want to love you more than I already do.
  6. An Archimedes is already a term in Warframe.
  7. This game was really easy when I had my eyesight, but now that I am blindfolded, it is full of challenge. Up next: how to tie your own hand behind your back to make warframe harder?
  8. Whenever you says something is best in warframe, you are automatically wrong.
  9. You can't do anything hardcore in this game aside from racing how many eidolon trios you can do in one night.
  10. It's a space stapler, it staples holo-pages together.
  11. That's like saying using Khoras 3 when it gave affinity to instantly level all your weapons is a strategy.
  12. "Itzal is not overperforming" Press 1 and you are there. It makes vast plains of Orb Vallis seem as tiny as any other tile, just add a storm mechanic that annihilates you during cold times.
  13. Are you going to add the bolts that go through valk's hands.
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