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  1. Take a peek upthread a bit - this was addressed. Multiple relics have multiple duplicates currently - if everything was made distinct it would not take nearly as many relics as people think at first blush. The issue then becomes where to consistently obtain the relics from, but right now with the tier system that is in place, that could be split apart to make sure there's still at least 2 places to find every relic, notwithstanding random ones that will now be rewarded in endless fissure missions.
  2. I like the way this works now, it's overall a very positive change. I filed this in the bug report section as well, but even after the .3 hotfix a crash, migration or disconnect will lose you everything including the relics spent on the mission. That part is very much not cool. Additional thoughts: limit the scope of rewarded relics to the tier of the mission. This might already be happening and the ones I noticed were just normal rotational rewards. We were running an Axi survival and getting Meso relics. Yeah, the concept of being able to use the relic you received in the mission is grea
  3. I really regret not being able to attend this, as it looks like it was even better than I imagined it could be! Alas, PAX East this year sucked up the "fun travel" budget for this kind of thing. It was awesome seeing you guys there, though (and the year before) :) Also, I don't have my passport current, which would have been another hurdle to overcome (and another bunch of funds to raise). I'm happy to see that all of you looked happy and healthy in these pictures - no infested ruining the fun this time *chuckle* I just want to say thank you for all that you do, and thank you so mu
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