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  1. Overall it looks great, love the design except for one thing: That tentacle-finger looks horrible imo. Like someone broke it so it's just limp. Not a fan of it at all.
  2. IGN: Blightshadow Twitch: Blightshadow Good luck to all participants! :-)
  3. Only one submission? But I have so many ideas! Oh well.. Faction: Tenno Description: Since we have electric (Amphis) and fire (heat sword) weapons why not an ice one? "Said to be the weapon of choice of the first Frost warframe, this shattered sword still retains its masters power" This one handed long sword (like the skana, dark sword etc.) has a broken blade when sheathed, but when wielded the rest of the blade forms from ice with vapor effects around it. Ground slam will cause an AOE of ice spikes stabbing from the ground around the player. Color of the blade will be icy blue with the core tinted with the energy color. Original Artwork: Here is a rough sketch of the idea:
  4. Concerning melee, with U10 you have added several melee oriented mods some of which are based on blocking, obviously you want blocking to be an integral part of melee fights but it is still not practical to stand and block when you can use your guns or even do hit and run tactics using slash-dash, every second you are blocking attacks is a second that you lose health without damaging the enemy much if at all. What is your vision for blocking? is it just a way to reduce damage while nearing an enemy for a melee strike (which is absurd since you can shoot them while you run) or do you have something else in mind?
  5. I belive it was stated that it was implemented by mistake and that it is actually something that you should only be able to see with Loot Radar (/Thief's Wit mod) equipped.
  6. There was a problem with melee warframe mods not showing text (maybe even not working?) and it seems to be fixed now. I didn't notice anything else yet.
  7. They also added 2 melee weapons to the market, nerfed the HEK and Gorgon a bit and it seems that there are more of those big infested in missions.
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