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  1. now with ember gone people will notice these frames more i fear either octavia or volt will be the next ones to get nerfed.
  2. its because the grineer really dont wanna lose against the corpus plus its a great part of my day to see ludi gives us more rare bp's hopefully it keeps going. also if i recall there was one a week or two ago on pluto or neptune it was a forma but still different planet.
  3. i was hoping this update would fix it but my codex is not updating new relics gained for example since nekros prime was out my codex wont update neo n3 relic as being obtained and so wont tell me where i can get it or where i got it from.
  4. loving the new update endo system is pretty good, the quest was actually fun for once and didnt need to do a random mission for the dialogue to pop up in the liset for the next mission which was good and the framerate issues i was suffering from in SOTR has finally gone. that said i have found a bug that's not game breaking but could be interesting i was messing around with weapon builds and somehow my soma prime and brakk despite not having the required mods do not make a noise when fired thus not alerting enemies not sure how i have done this bu it consistently happens every game until
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