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  1. It's only been referred to as... daily/weekly challenges, correct? Are those endlessly repeatable for creds, then, or are they still essentially capped by being daily things?
  2. dang it. my beloved lanka riven is going to keep getting nerfed until it's not worth slotting because of eidolons, isn't it? ah well. this needed to happen in general, i'll live with the casualty and just blame it on the eidos.
  3. I do not understand what "tier rewards" are supposed to mean. the post is written as if this is somehow different from the "cred rewards" shop, but offers no explanation as to what it actually refers to...?
  4. Goodbye melee aimgliding, I guess? Actually a little disappointing with some of the weapon passives that only count when the weapon is out, like the Rakta Dark Dagger's reduced visibility. edit: hopefully you guys are going to take an immediate look at any of the weapons with blocking mechanics along with this. stuff like the Vaykor Sydon is... bad to begin with, and very incompatible with auto-blocking, so this is a perfect time to change it!
  5. Ehhh... mostly just duration and efficiency, bit of movespeed stuff or whatever. I don't really like using her bow since it locks out melee, and doesn't really do anything that I can't just do with my regular weapons anyhow. I might look into using it if those supposed 2.9 changes actually allow you to use melee with her bow active. Guess I'd reconsider then. for the most part invisibility and sleep are just so broken that i don't see much need to worry about her doing anything else. generally use either rakta knife or redeemer prime now.
  6. If we're just kind of throwing general questions and concerns in here: PLEASE look into adjusting the "sentinel" survivability mods you made equippable on pets. Their values are extremely undertuned for rank 0 pet stats. Link health to a 225 health Loki gives more than the maxed-out vitality gives to the highest base health pets. They're supposed to be a moderate option that gives pets a better survival baseline when paired with squishy frames while still allowing the fun situations of linking to durable tank-frames, but they fail at that completely. edit: frankly I think companion survivability needs a more thorough reconsidering in general; it feels like it was all designed for a very different state of the game than how it's moving. Most sentinels are rather squishy, but that often worked fine because they were rarely targetted and AOEs were less common. Now a lot more enemies have AOE attacks that will hit sentinels by accident, and any time you go into the increasingly-encouraged operator mode, enemy agro will rapidly switch to demolishing your squishy motionless sentinel.
  7. luckily DE also designed their entire affinity system so that the best way to level almost anything isn't to even play, it's to stand next to people who are playing. so you don't need to use the things you'll never use! or have fun
  8. I am of the opinion that it's probably rigged, but.... they actually track this stuff really easily. Some of their yearly infographics have even had stuff like the exact number of Corpus crewmen killed that year. i also think that de would ABSOLUTELY shirk putting real work into the game to do something dumb instead. but you're still probably right about THIS event.
  9. this isn't to get the anniversary items, though. it's just to unlock a bonus weekend. Buuut I still am leaning more towards the expectation of DE making it pass than not.
  10. I'm skeptical, myself. Pretty much every event DE has ever run has been rigged, and in fact, MOST companies tend to rig the results for "participation" events like these. It just looks really bad if they fail and hurts community morale and drive to play. but it's not like i can promise that they'll cheat it, either. good luck.
  11. I run as much survivability as I need to; I'm a solo player, I don't have people to pick me up. and in my experience, it just doesn't work out for pets that facetank everything. the stupid smeeta kavat seems to bypass the issue by being permanently invisible with a decoy or something, but i hate cats. Though, this might be another one of those things where the largely-solo play is working against me, since it means there are a lot less targets splitting enemy agro away from a dog that wants to run in or stand around. I could try to force more survivability in to try and bring pets with me but there just... wouldn't be any benefit in anything I do, at all, outside of the slim chance of that dumb cat doubling things. I don't need a huras cloaking me, I don't need energy orbs being dug up.
  12. I just use carrier still because I can't be bothered to switch to anything else for any circumstance. I hate cats and don't want to use them. None of the dogs feel like they have any actual point in general, and pet survivability is still god-awful if you're not playing a tank yourself. Less important if they're perma-cloaked from ivara, but i'm not always cloaked anyhow.
  13. Follow-up: Do kills in Sanctuary Onslaught count even though the enemies aren't real?
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