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  1. The difference, of course, is that you don't need bullet jump mods to avoid killing yourself with it. I don't think cautious shot will necessarily be the "meta" for it, but it'll probably see more use, just because of how many people hate self damage and dying to accidents or things suddenly being in front of them. The sacrifice of an actual damage slot in addition to its needless penalty are pretty big things against it currently. or at least, it'd probably get used if it wasn't likely to require so many forma to fit in, but shoving a ten rank mod into the 9th slot on a 60 capacity weapon is probably going to take quite a lot of forma. Plus whatever it'll cost to open up the slot. So... actually, no, I can't imagine most people who currently hate explosive weapons for their self-damage are going to be super keen on formaing them six times to solve it.
  2. Yeah, I wouldn't really know about it, I've never built a zaw and never will. I just know that they're probably another entry into the top-tier but largely homogeneous heavy blades, since from the sounds of it zaws tended to power creep the hell out of almost every weapon category they were available for.
  3. I don't think you can, frankly! Melee weapons within a category are just about always extremely samey to each other, except some of them will just end up being numerically better. It's sort of a fundamental design issue/property of them, and the only good way to have weapons in the category stand out against each other is to have a small number of them with very distinct stat profiles or gimmicks. Chances are one of them will still end up the "best", but at least there might be SOME different feel to them. instead of that, though, DE tends to just have a habit of overcrowding the HELL out of a few melee weapon categories with constant releases and power creep. So we've got scindo prime, galatine prime, gram prime, and paracesis all having almost the exact same profile. There's heavy zaw blades, too, but maybe those are less slash heavy? War stands out as being impact based except that's usually considered a straight negative! And coming up is Grendel's signature melee weapon: A crit/status heavy blade!! Back when melee 3.0 changes were first being discussed, DE even stated a plan to "fix" scythes by just making all of them heavy blades too. Who knows if they're still going to do that one.
  4. Hmm. There are some corpus enemies (maybe just Dera crewmen?) who have radiation damage weapons, but I have no idea if they can ever actually proc radiation status or not. Weird.
  5. Today, or yesterday? I think yesterday's was rad hazard, and I know I've sometimes gotten consoles to come "alive" as Nyx by casting chaos while radded. But today's seems to be corrosive enhancement, so... Hmm.
  6. they patched it after a week or two. But when it came out, yeah, redeemer shots couldn't crit. There was some confusion over it for a bit because yellow numbers were popping up from the melee stealth damage multiplier, which the redeemer was inexplicably able to activate on fully alerted enemies right to the face. It might still do so??
  7. High rate of fire weapons still benefit from more fire rate. Though it does empty the Acceltra out pretty quick, he also gets quite a lot of reload speed to get it right back out there. It does tend to require charging right into the enemies in order to restock ammo at the rate you expend it, though, which leads to the actual risk of the acceltra; if you're running too fast into combat you're going to blow yourself up with it. Though if you keep the elemental damage as blast or something (or eschew it entirely for one of those full-on hunter munition only builds some people seem to like?), you can render yourself immune with kinetic armor. though you'll die REAL fast if you ever charge into your own fire without it active/high enough. as for the akarius, i never got the blueprint, but it kind of sounds like it's just not a great weapon in general
  8. At one point DE had promised an entire rework of how focus gains would work to allow players to gain it effectively by doing a variety of different missions and stuff to build multipliers instead of it being locked to repeatedly grinding a small number of extreme cheese options for it to be gained in any reasonable amount. then they realized that sounded like work, and also realized the "new dark sector" game mode they'd announced sounded like work, so they scrapped all effort on both of them and shoved sanctuary onslaught out as a game mode dedicated to nothing but mindless map wiping for focus. no time to actually work on anything that wasn't a needlessly giant open landscape or hour long cinematic quest, I suppose.
  9. I'm kind of curious, what would you say the various Valkyr builds are? I've never played her out of complete lack of interest, because from looking at her kit, it seems like the only real playstyles her kit encourages are "mash into the enemy with melee while not dying because of armor" and "mash into the enemy with exalted melee while not dying because of hysteria". From a non-player's perspective, it just feels like her build variety would still all revolve around pretty similar playstyles.
  10. Hmmm. I don't think it's QUITE so clear cut, but I can see where you're coming from on this. I think the issue is mostly just that Valkyr's kit is so narrowly focused that it's very easy for other frames to heavily overlap with it; pretty much all she does is "don't die" and "buff melee". She has some edges on this over Gauss, still, since she does not need to worry so much about toxin or radiation damage, and her attack speed buff can also be shared with allies. Paralysis can also open enemies to finishers, and while you might not often want to actually DO these finishers, enemies being open to finishers does grant a very significant damage buff to regular melee attacks against them.
  11. We can't use primaries while carrying a datamass, but if you only have a primary equipped, carrying a datamass just makes you go unarmed. The same could be applied to archguns, with you pulling it back out when the datamass is dropped. Sure, it might not "make sense" for the archgun to temporarily poof like that, but nothing about the archgun deployers makes any sense at all, or how most weaponry works. Akimbo pistols get turned into one gun with twice the fire rate and magazine size, and there's absolutely no restriction on any of the melee weapons while carrying a datamass, regardless of hands used. frankly the no-primary thing feels like it's a pretty needless mechanic at this point anyhow, not like secondaries are really any weaker.
  12. OvisCaedo

    Hek mods

    To nitpick a bit: The Vaykor Hek is a great weapon to build standard critical mods on. The regular Hek does not really have very good crit chance to mod off of,, but gets access to a unique +200% multishot mod. in spite of lacking that mod, though, the Vaykor Hek is generally considered to perform much better in general. But it also requires MR 12, so you may be stuck with the regular variant for quite a while if you're newer. I'm not really sure what the best way to mod it would be, though.
  13. "We're aware of the unsolvable problem that's been true for most of the game's life and we've only perpetually doubled down on and worsened with powercreep over time" isn't particularly encouraging.
  14. I think people are really underselling how strong of a damage buff Accelerant actually was, here. Though it was often awkward to use since heat wasn't that great of a damage type on its own. But it sounds like heat procs are about to get a lot better, so accelerant could've been REALLY good here. I wonder if it'll become an augment for her 3 or something...? They were both kind of just big waves of fire you shot off, anyhow, with differing effects.
  15. I'm kind of worried by the idea of the main reward for the kuva lich-type system being... even more powercreeped versions of existing weapons, that also have inherent randomness to them. weapon exilus slots might be nice, but I feel like it's gonna take a LOT of forma to make room for them. vauban and ember/heat changes sound nice enough though. Mostly? Accelerant was actually an extremely strong/useful ability and it sounds like it's gotten axed completely.
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