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  1. It does not; that was listed in a preview build, but DE changed their mind before the actual release. There's no cap on the number of status procs, it just now has regular base damage scaling instead of an exponential multiplier per proc. Though this DOES still mean that there is a lot less meaningful benefit to trying to stack as many status procs as possible, since the more procs you have the less relative benefit you get from each extra one. So yeah, I'd... really not recommend magnetic or impact for this. They're both pretty bad damage types, impact especially will rob a lot of elemental status procs because of how much priority physical damage gets in status weighting, and there's not much point any more in stacking as many status as possible for Condition Overload. so i guess i'd personally recommend just going with whatever element will actually be most useful for the weapon's own performance with your planned setup. Maybe heat since the DoT from those can stack, I guess? Iunno.
  2. One fun bonus (that's definitely a bug) is that trinity specters seem to be able to restore energy even through abilities that are supposed to block energy regen. I've watched it happen quite a few times as Ivara while in prowl.
  3. I still can't really wrap my head around some of the combat discipline fans I've seen pop up in more recent times. I understand the potential benefit, I just have trouble imagining a situation in which that benefit is... actually useful? I feel like the game is just flooded with so many brokenly overpowered options for healing that can bring frames from near-empty to full near instantly, and tanky frames are borderline unkillable to begin with, while squishier frames usually are more worried about being caught out and suddenly dying outright in under a second. maybe as a mostly solo player i really just don't have any grasp of what squad play is actually supposed to play out like. (though nobody said it here what makes me laugh the most is when I sometimes see people say it's a great aura for trinity. that's definitely what the frame with a one-click full squad heal needs, another healing source)
  4. Probably never! Probably never anything LIKE them, either, honestly. Whatever dreary garbage "squad link" ends up meaning is probably the most we're going to get. Which I'm guessing is just going to be, like... two separate braindead missions where you might sometimes have to wait on people in the other one to progress or something. the funniest part to me was that, right when raids were being retired, DE was also talking about how dark sector conflicts were finally going to come back in a new form, and pointed that out as an example of how this sort of removal was only "temporary". Temporary, of course, in this case having been years. And then shortly after admitting "okay so there's actually zero connection in ANY form from this new thing we're releasing to what we said it was a replacement for. also we couldn't get any of the interesting components we said would be in it to work right so now it's just a mindless AOE slaughter farm and called sanctuary onslaught." (bonus points that this was also when they completely stopped talking about the proposed rework to focus gains to allow getting it from more varied gameplay, since now there's just a designated mindless farming mode for them)
  5. Overly eager? It took years of complaints and criticisms for them to finally start adjusting dispositions.
  6. This is probably both true and also a cop-out on their part; the mod could very easily just be changed to just be a general primary mod instead of being nested down into a specific category. As a simplest pass, this would technically allow it to be equipped on a LOT of weapons it does nothing on, but there are already a lot of mods that have no logic checks against being put onto worthless weapons. Including cautious shot as it is now since it already includes several weapons without self damage. The other factor is flight speed mods. Terminal Velocity is not a universal mod, but is only equippable on rifles with actual projectiles, strongly suggesting that they DO also have the tech in place to have a mod just refer to a list of valid weapons; doubling down on this is the fact that both the Komorex and Fulmin came out unable to equip the mod and were later patched to be allowed to. so yeah, while they have a ton of spaghetti code, I really don't buy any excuse from DE that they have no other option but to make an entirely new cautious shot for bows instead of changing the existing mod. Especially since this still leaves a bunch of self damage weapons with no equivalent. I feel like they're just continuing to be incredibly stubborn and spiteful about the general self damage issue.
  7. This is a really weird thing to be so worked up about.
  8. I'm... honestly skeptical things still get read this deep into feedback threads, but oh well, may as well copy paste something I wrote on reddit. Maybe it's time to scrap kuva larvlings entirely; the whole Lich system, while getting better in terms of reward structure, has only gotten increasingly asinine as updates go on to try to fix how bad the gameplay structure was to begin with. Liches are now something we, the Tenno, very deliberately go out of our way to personally willingly create using the powers of our Lich-making-knife, so that they can go pick up a weapon from the grineer armory and bring it back to us. We kill them to get it, of course, but... what the hell is that entire premise? Kuva liches aren't a personal nemesis, they never were, and they never will be. I feel like it would be better to just scrap the failed narrative on this one and implement something like a contract-taking system instead, maybe using that dojo room they made us build. Have the Kuva Liches framed as elite soldiers that the Queen already made through horrific kuva experiments that killed them repeatedly and rendered them nigh-immortal, and are now. causing trouble around the system. Then we're instead taking up a bounty to personally challenge them and take them down. Just pick a weapon and element and the anti-grineer intelligence room will "track down" (generate) a Lich to become your mark. Cut out the empty time wasting of larvling farming and the absurdity of our role in the entire system and liches even existing. Some of their dialogue might not match up as well without being replaced, but a lot of their dialogue ALREADY doesn't match up with the system we got, so oh well. I guess we'd also maybe lose out on their shoulder-helmet (that doesn't really make any sense to begin with), but is that actually something people find compelling?
  9. Huh. Last time I tried using ivara prime (after the change to the prowl effect), I don't remember it looking like that at all. I thought the supposed change was just supposed to be making it fade more while moving (because it looks atrocious in motion). ...But now that I think about it, I remember seeing another thread on reddit talking about how the prime prowl effect had become outright broken in some way and become tied in function to a "distortion" effect in graphics settings to appear properly or... something? At least, I think people said it seemed to be that setting, it might have been some other one... or I could be mis-remembering completely. edit: also I think the previous poster wishing it was tied to the prime skin itself meant they'd like to have the non-prime cloak when using a regular ivara skin on Ivara Prime, since she does have some improved stats. (though they weren't enough to make me want to put up with the primed prowl effect, personally)
  10. I didn't really like it when it was first revealed, and I... don't really like it now, either. I think it's a very busy design that clashes a lot, and doesn't really come across as Ivara-like to me at all. I think I somehow thought it was a Khora skin or something several times when I saw it, because I kept forgetting that it was supposed to be Ivara. it's too bad, too, because i really don't like her prime look either. Regular old Ivara for me, I guess.
  11. I'd like to put forth that I still REALLY think the ability screen should also be more expanded by default. There is absolutely no purpose to the screen except to see information on abilities, which there are only four of and the current format is already DESIGNED to have space for all of them side-by-side simultaneously. None of the arguments in the previous thread seemed to actually give any reason or justification for this beyond "well, it's like a conversation! with the most deliberately obtuse person possible." Especially as frame design moves increasingly towards synergies and interactions between abilities, it just makes the most sense for them to all be visible at once for comparison and cross-referencing. Maybe have the video clips paused unless the ability is hovered hover, if there are concerns of overwhelming visual noise from them all playing at once.
  12. I wonder how many people are just gonna take pictures of the two lovebird vroombas
  13. What??? How is cautious shot so badly programmed that this is the easier solution? What about all of the self damage weapons that can't use it AND aren't bows? Are there going to be three or four new band-aid mods for cautious shot, which was already heavily criticized for being a band-aid mod that takes excessive investment to begin with?
  14. I feel like the parazon finishers add absolutely nothing to the game and that it's not really worth the effort to try and force them to be more accessible. I know abandoning ideas in half-finished states is a common complaint/criticism, but... the parazon is so utterly pointless that it's probably worth ignoring. we've had fancy finisher animations for every melee weapon category in the game for years. Most of the game's lifespan, I'd assume. Another set of them for a wristblade we suddenly have is just... not an interesting or compelling addition. The mercy mods (and the hacking ones, really) all just feel like very half-baked ideas that were rushed out and tacked on so that the parazon wasn't JUST for the lich password system.
  15. Good improvements to parts of the grind aspect and potential worthless rewards, except there still will not be anything fun about the lich system in terms of gameplay. So I can't say I'm feeling particularly interested in doing one again! Maybe I'll try to get the bow, or maybe even just grinding the larvalings for the one in sixteen chance of it will sound too tedious for me to want to bother.
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