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  1. Maybe they'll be able to wander one day. Being able to swap anything, even cosmetically (and the stat differences are so miniscule that they're already solely cosmetic), is pretty unlikely though. The modular system is MUCH too badly programmed and implemented for that to be likely. The modular systems are so mired in bad decisions that zaws cannot even equip skins, because stats got tied to physical model meshes or something. They also claimed that, despite pre-release mumblings of swapping parts out and gilding being a lock-in, that they absolutely never had ANY intention of allowing any amount of part swapping or taking zaws apart. this never got relented on, and it never got reprogrammed in a less goofy way. The additional systems all slapped on top of it make it seem even more likely that the whole thing is doubled down on. Even the dumb k-drives have all parts ENTIRELY cosmetic, absolutely no differences, and they're still not part-swappable and have the purely cosmetic board bases count as separate mastery items.
  2. Eh, to each their own I guess. I skip any sortie that has defection or plains of boredolon on the roster. both are easy but I absolutely despise them.
  3. They're neat. I'll probably never see them again outside of sorties though. in general it's amusing that one of the most complicated (though perhaps not difficult) sets of spy vaults is on a low level planet now though.
  4. But it ISN'T a mid-tier mission, it's a high-tier mission DE touted as a new end-game mode shoved onto an otherwise low-tier planet. Disruption's starting level range is 35-40, that's as high or higher than any mission on Sedna.
  5. .This thread is three weeks old and the drops were, in fact, broken and the mods were unobtainable. This was a very dumb rant on your part.
  6. That's... about it! I've got hint transmissions disabled (specifically because of her being tied to it for no clear reason), but her challenge completion lines seem to be popping back up again anyhow now in the mini-season.
  7. That Defy animation and description sort of sound like it's a brief period and replaces all other actions while using it, like unaugmented Nyx absorb. Which... does not sound great! But maybe the armor buff will be. the passive is probably 'good' but sounds extremely silly to me.
  8. They've implemented a few slight improvements via hotfix, though everyone still seems to hate it. It's possible that the patch that got shoved out to consoles did not even contain any of those slight improvements, though.
  9. You absolutely do NOT have to shoot all of his legs. You only have to take out one leg to down him and harm his main body, which it sounds like you've been doing fine. He does seem to have a low couple thousand health and shield, though it varies based on what exact level he spawns at for you. You said your weapon is rank 24, but damage doesn't directly scale with rank; have you got any damage mods on it? It's possible you're having a hard time getting through his shield, and now that other poster has said those fully regen when he stands up, which is possible. (the other possibility is that the boss is bugged again because that happens sometimes)
  10. I put an edit in there, but I'll repeat it now: Technically you CAN mute him, I think, since there should audio options to just mute all voice lines/transmissions entirely. But the text will still pop up, and you might not want to flip that option back and forth all the time.
  11. No, you probably can't shut him up in any way besides muting all voices. Broken host migrations have been a major playerbase complaint for... Uh... the game's entire existence, I think, so good luck on that front, too. If it's any consolation, people seem to generally agree that hexagon farming is better done on survival missions with farm frames anyhow, even if they don't stack like they used to. Of course, that's not really any safer from the host migration threat...
  12. They sort of did this already, though, quite a few years ago! That's already how Archwing worked. And still sort of does, too! But because it was so isolated from normal game systems they seemed to either get terrible or unusable data from it... Or people just hated and complained about it so much that DE didn't want to try and translate anything over. A lot was mishandled, honestly, which is a shame because archwing mods and enemy scaling DID feel significantly better balanced than the main game. This sounds like it's going to attempt to be even MORE divorced from regular mechanics, so I'm not sure we should actually expect DE to get anything actionable out of this. Especially since the old tweet in question seems to indicate that Steve somehow thinks the reason for absurd scaling is letting the same attribute mods stack, when the actual problem of the game's exponential scaling absurdity is how all of the different stats multiply off of each other. That's kind of the biggest red flag statement, to me, along with his example being elemental mods as something that never should have "stacked" despite there deliberately being combined elements clearly intended to have come from using multiple elemental mods. Same-stat stacking getting out of hand could have been a design issue for warframe power mods, though!
  13. the real change the game mode probably needs is for the reward table to not be complete garbage, but there hasn't seemed to be any response to that yet. personally I was just hoping/expecting to at least be a good source of axi relics since all of those are miserable normally. But no, it's just lith through neo, and 30-40% of the c rotation drop chance is eaten up by a pathetic amount of a limited usefulness resource and three gimmick mods, all of which are also just on enemy drop tables to begin with.
  14. Some are pretty awful, some are okay. The worst portent for improvements, though, is that they added like four new robotic weapons in the Fortuna update, and they're some of the worst robotic weapons in the game instead of power-creep improvements like most weapon releases are.
  15. Okay, one: no, I don't think the updates take "months" to catch up any more. They do tend to take several weeks! two: yes, a lot of that delay is still largely on DE's end for how much they have to scramble to hotfix everything and getting their tangled mess of tech-debt code running on things. It'd probably be a lot easier if the game wasn't built on top of so much spaghetti, but there's not much fixing that at this point. It's a mix of cert and how many times they need to re-patch things to actually get them working because of how much of a mess initial deployments are. The patches were submitted to cert 2 days ago, but the initial update came out just about two weeks prior to that. It didn't take cert several weeks, it took them two weeks to get the content patched to a point where it was worth submitting. And they'll probably still need to hotfix it on consoles, too! eight hotfixes came out during that two week period. That's kind of the evidence that DE isn't very good at getting an update out working quite properly or fully thought out to begin with.
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