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  1. Oh, god, just saw a screenshot of supposed leaked files including new ores and gems. the landscapes are the worst S#&$ DE ever shoved into the game and they just keep doing it. #*!% this.
  2. The post you quoted claimed that the actual requirement for accessing Railjack was completing The Second Dream. Which itself requires MR3 now, but did not before.
  3. Wow, look, you found the issue with the mod eventually! but the game's got well over a hundred bad mods, quite possibly over two hundred, and most of them have never been touched or acknowledged. It's unlikely for this bad mod to ever make it onto DE's priority list.
  4. Most likely a long-time veteran who's bypassed a lot of various MR gates by having done the content already before said MR gates were put in. There are a couple of old weirdos who like to stay at MR0 as a gimmick
  5. the point of it is to put something steve fantasized about in the game despite the company's complete lack of ability to design for it or understand the genre they're trying to ape same with the barren open landscapes
  6. There are supposed to be equivalents for other factions eventually, but I hope they actually don't add any more kuva weapons to the grineer liches unless they also decide to just give in and give a more reliable way of picking weapons. You don't have to kill a larvling with a weapon you don't want, but you still could easily end up having to kill dozens of them before finally getting what you want to spawn. The more weapons there are the lower the chances are for each one.
  7. Well, let's look at the stats here. Strength: Don't see any issue with stacking the hell out of it, actually. Many non-damage effects hit hard caps relatively early in to strength stacking, and damage scaling is just... damage scaling, fairly linearly at that. You also take significant hits to a lot of other stats to go so all-in on damage. Really not any issue here. Map-clearing powers aren't like that because of 300% power strength (which a lot of them don't even go for!), it's because of having a game breaking ability design to begin with. Duration: Also fairly straightforward for the most part. Every point of duration adds the same amount of time. It's easier to stack up without making a big sacrifice other than the slots, but generally doesn't have very directly gamebreaking effects. Full room lockdowns or such are a problem, but I think almost every case of them you'd be able to do just fine by simply casting more often even with worse duration scaling. The energy economy is too utterly shattered in several places to prevent that. Efficiency: This stat is just stupid! Escalating returns instead of diminishing really make this one stand out as having needed a hard cap. But there's also only two mods for improving it, to that hard cap. Stacking it is technically already headed off, I guess. It probably never should have worked the way it does to begin with, and should have actually been "efficiency" instead of "% cost reduction" to make it stack/scale in a less absurd manner, with different numbers on it. Range: This is also... kind of another problem one. With AOE effects, this also turns into something that has technically escalating returns when it comes to actual area covered. A lot of ability designs can become pretty absurd when they start getting too big, which has led to DE being all over the place with abilities almost arbitrarily requiring line of sight or not. But quite a lot of them still don't, and I think everyone's pretty familiar with the results of what abilities affecting such massive areas are. So, some of the stats are issues, I'd agree. Though I'd probably disagree on it being much by means of power creep for most players, since it's been like this since Corrupted mods were released extremely early into the game's life once it was out of closed beta. Those were, and still are, the biggest sources of being able to get an absurd amount of stats into potentially gamebreaking territory. Individually weaker mods added since like the Auger set or such have had very little impact in comparison, I think. (except maybe now for their interaction with shield gating but that's a separate thing).
  8. Man, after the last few years of releases and what they've focused on, I feel REALLY skeptical of this claim!
  9. It's actually kind of annoying that something so blatantly false and misleading got upvoted so much. People really loved the implied narrative for overall balance on this one, huh? The only "3.0" change Iron Staff got early was the streamlined combo inputs.
  10. It's pretty amusing to me that not only have they seemed to ultimately double down on the single shoulder thing for this armor set, they're also ALREADY releasing a recolor of it. From the same source.
  11. Oh my god, you saved my steel path run, because I absolutely refused to ever do a PoE bounty again.
  12. That much I certainly won't disagree with. I don't think the mode necessarily needs anything crazy or unique, but there's a lot of room to make things better than normal without being absurdly so. Culling some really low level drops out, maybe partially upgraded relics or something. 100 levels doesn't REALLY add much of a boost to affinity either, but it seems the mode's not really... meant for leveling (though this makes them including increased affinity as one of the intended bonuses a little flaky). Steel essence drop rate versus uh... the 15 it costs for a relic pack, also seems very undertuned as a start.
  13. It will certainly lack longevity for the majority of people. It also seems like it was just sort of slapped out on the side with like two weeks of work because it has no new mechanics or anything, so I'm not so convinced that this is a problem.
  14. They've been stubborn about this for far too long to change it now, I think.
  15. The main thing there I think they might have fallen short on was it being a better way to "engage in better scaling Affinity rewards". Affinity really does not scale all that well with 100 raw levels without any boost, especially up against a significant (though I don't object to it) survivability multiplier. Which makes me wonder if at one point they'd intended to have an affinity booster on it like they have the drop chance boosters, but decided against it. But, oh well, not a big deal I think. Steel Path is a very quick and lazy release, but wasn't meant as anything more, and it's fine if it's for a niche audience. (i certainly prefer this expenditure of dev time on making something not for everyone to them spending years cobbling together a S#&$ty space combat sim knock off while constantly boasting that it will redefine the game's entire future)
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