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  1. Same here, have 2 plat bought K drives, one is lvl 20, other is somewhere a bit over lvl 10, not counting towards mr xp, not showing up on ''equipment'' tab! When you will fix this?😡 No point of using them, if not fixed!
  2. Yes. Looking forward for you to fix plat bought k drives not giving mastery. I have 2 K drives, whom I bought with plat, one is lvl 18, other is lvl 11ish~, not counting mr xp.
  3. Agree. I have 2 bought K drives, one is a bit over 10, maybe 11, other is lvl 17-18. No xp towards mastery rank.
  4. And not everyone have fast reflexes to do Pearl or fancy tricks, I just keep falling into that horrible, big black hole. Need some place where to level them easy just for mastery. Fancy tricks should be saved for other stuff. I keep redoing pipes near entrance to Fortuna. And my K drive is lvl 13, and still not counting towards mastery rank. I bought it with plat.
  5. Indeed. My plat bought K drive does not give any mr xp. Thanks for other hotfixes and looking forward for you to fix this one.
  6. Same here. Got lvl 11 K drive. No mr xp points, bought it via plat.
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