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  1. That's actually exactly the plan. DE has stated more than once, quite clearly, that the Umbral series will NOT be another prime series, a very limited number of frames will be getting umbra variants, likely all via quests. I'm guessing somewhere between 3-5 total, but no more than that. For one thing, I doubt Steve will let a shoehorned story make it into the game. He may have at one time, but he seems to be paying more attention to and improving at making a good story.
  2. Ash. Easily. Then nyx. Then atlas. Loki is kinda rare, but he's never been as popular as say saryn. Unlike Saryn though, Loki is remarkably consistant in rarity and relevance. Most common? Saryn. So. Many. Saryns.
  3. The fact that warframe makes more use of CPU's is a matter of fact, not opinion. It's simply how the game is constructed. I have an i7 (forget what socket...) and two overclocked 970's in SLI. My gpus hardly break a sweat when WF is at it's most demanding, but I frequently get windows spamming color scheme changes because I approach 75% CPU useage Most likely it's something to do with drivers and the evolution engine. DE may not have had the time to optimise the game for the latest and greatest just yet.
  4. The devs said it themselves, they get sidetracked. They're far from perfect. Look on the bright side though, it's not the worst thing in the world. It's not gargantuan, unlike the elephant in the room. Plus, who knows, it doesn't look like much right now, but it could very well be a fantastic addition to the game. It does give incentive for players to explore some under used assets after all.
  5. If you'd been listening, all text anf values were fillers. With the current schedule, I'd reckon TWW, as it's been stripped down massively already.
  6. Speak for yourself man. I'm a vet by most definitions but I'm loving this round. And no, I do not intend to white knight, I've disliked baro rounds before. But 1: nobody is psychic, and 2: Salt and sarcasm gets us nowhere.
  7. I dunno about you all but I'm very happy with this round. So many ducats to farm, so little time
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