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  1. Can we get a management system for Relics?  In the off chance someone convinces me to do a fissure mission(see reactant question on why I don't), I have too many relics.  I know I'm not the only one out there.  15 seconds is not enough time to look at all my relics and pick one.  Can we please get a system where we can lock a relic, hide, pre-load ones I would want to use.  I don't really care which.

  2. Hi, do we really need reactant?  Don't you feel like it takes away from losing yourself in the game.  Instead of focusing on mission, having fun, your are worrying about making sure you pick up reactant to make sure you get rewards.  In survivals you panic because two of your teammates are gone off on your there own, you lost track of time because you were having fun, and now you have 20 seconds to find 6 reactant.  It really removes the fun out of relic missions, even to the point, I just don't play them anymore.  I miss being able to go into a survival, run around like a idiot, jumping of walls, hitting people with sticks, until the lotus would pop up saying 30 seconds left.  I was having fun, now, survivals are watching were everyone is to so you know where to run to get reactant.  Can we please just remove reactant?  Can I please just run around like a idiot again?

  3. Dear DE Steve on June 16, 2017 during Devstream 94 during Devstream 94 at 46:48, you ready my question about the acolytes returning with no Misery in sight.  The acolytes has returned multiple times now, and still no Misery insight.  So I will ask again, is there any possibility of having a Misery instead?  

  4. Why the change on the clan recruitment forums?  You have everything stuck together now, clans, alliances, groups, systems.  I came on here to look for a new clan to join and frankly, its pointless.  Half the posts don't have what system they are on, so I have to go into each and everyone.  I don't know if a lot of people used it before if that is why you changed it, I do know however those who did use it, benefit from it.  So I am just wondering why the change?

  5. Is there any plans to allow us to repeat a bounty and still get rep?  As it stands right now we can do the bounties, get the rep then I have to wait for them to reset to go get more rep.  I'm find with a daily cap but is rather be able to run the mission when I'm able to run them and not have to wait just to run the mission I would have run anyways

  6. So I enjoy long survival, even as a MR24 I extract and I'm capped out on traces.  Have you ever considered having a trace overflow?  So if I extract with let's say 1700 traces and my cap is 1350.  Right now id miss out on 350 traces.  If we had a overflow, we would get those 1700 and could use them.  If after extracting you closed the game, loaded into another mission or dojo, you would lose them anyways but at least if there were there for that limited time we could at least use them.

  7. Is there a reason we don't have a Prime Cosmetic Bundle?  Just the cosmetics, no boosters, NO plat.  I personally love the look of the Atavist Prime Armor, looks amazing.  Would love to have it.  Unforgentually, I do not need plat, never will.  Anyone who plays this game long enough, reaches that point where plat is never a issue.  I buy 30 day boosters so those 90 day boosters are no good to me, especially the 90 day credits.  I' sitting around 120 million credits.  So because I don't need any of those it's $80 for 2 cosmetic items.  I really enjoy warframe, just not enough to spend that much on 2 items.  However if there was a cosmetic bundle only, that gives me and many others like me the option to get that shiny goodness and support the game that we love.  So I ask again, is there a reason DE decided not to go that route?

  8. Have DE ever considered a relic pre-load system for fissure missions?

    T3/T4 Survival and T4 interceptions were my home back in the day.  One of the things I don't like about the relic system is the pause in survival.  Having fun and oh reward time.  The game pauses?  Did the corpus tech that was just about to ruin my day, decide he was going to take a smoke break?  He needs to grab another Miller out of the fridge?  Having the option to pre-load/pre-pick relics before going into mission then picking all the rewards after you extract would get rid of that pause.  It kills the momentum.  Makes it less fun.  Have you consider ever adding something like that?  Even just as a option on top of the current system?

  9. Dark Sectors have been gone for a long time now, although they are being worked on from my understanding they are not returning soon.  Which that in mind, don't you think it's about time to remove the clan ownership from them?  They clan that won them all that time ago, if they are still around is the same clan.  Most of their player base would have changed.  Yet there is still clans who use the Dark Sector ownershiper in their recruiting pitch.  Don't you think it's a little unfair to give clans advantage over others because you removed something from the game....2 years ago?  Or is it 3 now?

  10. Have you guys ever considered allowing forma to be applied to a single configuration?  As it stands right now, I have multiple frames build twice just so I can have a different aura mod.  If forma had the option to apply to all 3 configuration(as it does right now) or set it so that it only forma 1 configuration, that would make things a lot easier.  It would keep my inventory a lot clearer as well

  11. Is there any plans to give us a option to hide or Mark relics.  As it stands right now a lot of people have over 15 different kinds of relics and only 15 seconds to pick between them.  Is there any plans on dealing with this issue?


    To give a idea, I will list all my relics below


    135 A1 - 43 A2 - 25 B2 - 46 C1 - 1 C2 - 112 F1 - 115 F2 - 14 G1

    Ok I give up but I have 18 more different lith relics.  I can insure you that my meso, neo and axi are the same.


    Its a huge issue for me and many other people.  Please do something to help as this will only get worse with more relics always coming out.

  12. Is reactant really needed for fissure missions?  I find them very counter-productive.

    When you do a survival if the squad isn' grouped up, it's very easy to go into full panic mode because you just noticed you have 20 seconds to rewards and only 4 reactant.

    Interceptions can finish too quickly before 10 can even drop.

    Caps are just horrible.  Got the target, and instead of extracting you're sitting in a room waiting for reactant to drop.

    Spies are even worse then caps as there don't seen to be any spawn if the team splits up. 

    Reactant just seems to spoil the fun.  Instead of just playing the game and enjoying it while get rewards.  It turns into a job, pay attention to the time, squad location, they are turning, ok wait to they turn and kill them.  It really saps the energy out of it.

    So my question to you is... is reactanted really needed?

  13. DE Steve, on a previous stream you commented on the fact that the PoE update left out the time some Tenno invested in the game.  I know a lot of people have complained about the grind, I honestly love it.  I have somewhere around 5600 hours in the game, so it' safe to say I'm one of those players who time investment got overlooked.  This update game me something to do.  Gave me lots to do actually.  I have a renewed love for the game?  Why?  Because I don' t have everything after 2 days.  I got stuff to work towards.  I just wanted to point out that not everyone is against the amount of grind in PoE.  I don't want a casual warframe, I mistakingly brought Destiny 2.  I got enough casual from that.  So thanks for the awesome addition.

  14. With our current modding system, the mods work, top left to right, bottom left to right.  Any plans on instead giving us the option to link which elements we want to match or not match any at all?  This would not only help with forma'ing for mods like cyro rounds, but also give status weapons a bit of a buff.  I'm a huge status fan but they can't really keep up with crit weapons.

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  15. First of, a year ago, Steve said no open world Warframe, then out of no where, PoE..... not even the hint was such a amazing reveal.  Great job.  Now for the question.  Do you guys realize how big of a step you just made?  You know we are going to want to run around Earth, Saturn, Pluto, open world style right?  We are a very demanding bunch after all. 

  16. Hello, so one of the bigger scams people do on PS4(don't know about other systems) is dual for plat.  I personally have no problem with this but the big issue is people not playing when they get defeated.  Have you ever considered adding a trading post sort of thing to the dual rooms?  Basically both players would walk up to this console, enter in the number of plat, and rounds and the plat would be removed from both players inventory and award to the winning.  Leaving the dojo or game would be considered defeat that would keep people from bailing when they are losing and help people from getting scammed.

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