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  1. According to a certain moderator yes . But I'm not obligated to look that up for you . Take the info how you want too
  2. Complain isn't acceptable ..? I guess DE did say bend over
  3. All that is too make up for Founders stuff and excal prime. Don't act brand new
  4. Everyone tends to be greedy it doesn't matter what they play on . Btw I plan on doing the same for a 1v1 conclave match . Doesn't matter if you win or lose
  5. He has the right to complain . In fact I'm proud that he made this post instead of deciding to shut up about it . Its unfair that we're not get the Valentine's Day stuff plain and simple
  6. I hope we get the Valentine's Day stuff .
  7. Just waiting on wukong, atlas, equinox, and ember
  8. hydriod buff yes . and conclave fixes yes :D
  9. hmm we have ice sword fire wind healer fairy mummy infested sound music beserker son wukong nezha the third lotus prince gunslinger dragon id say those are all obvious..
  10. we have many jack of all trades
  11. theres always somebody trying to discredit somebody else
  12. Well your entitled to your opinion. As am I , if de considers it and it gets in I'll love it . I'm sure you'd stick you head in for a peek as well . Meanwhile have fun farming
  13. id like this. & maybe put upcoming warframes in them as well? sorta like easter eggs
  14. did you just call warframe operators generic?
  15. Because PVE is boring to some people? why are we even talking about PVE in the conclave FEEDBACK forum?