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  1. Tenno Shotgun: Why All The Hype?

    Isn’t status better on shotguns ? But I’d want it to have 5% crit and 5% status . And all damage like tiberon
  2. Please , It’s time . Kicking stance with Kogake Prime

    One can wish 😭. I’d love this game forever if this would happen
  3. have wanted this for my whole warframe career , please make it happen . Can we get a kicking stance with kogake prime ! 😣, brutal tide and grim fury are outdated . And the only update sparring weapons have gotten in the past 2 years are obex prisma and hirudo .
  4. Does Feedback on Cosmetics Work ?

    I have seen many threads in the feedback section and in general discussions about embers deluxe skin and Volts & even when novas was coming out a long time ago about how they don’t like the skin and why . But each time DE just releases it , Faster then usual too. Remeber the fuss about valkyr prime ? Nope no change there. I’m starting to think feedback on cosmetics is a total waste of time . The only time i remember a victory for feedback on a cosmetic was chromas default helmet . The original helmet still made it in the game which isn’t a problem but at least they listened
  5. What i mean is, a helmet that works well with frost deluxe skin or chromas . But frost especially , cause when you see a deluxe frost you always see the deluxe helmet with it . Just cause the other Helmets don’t look great on the skin I know there probably less profit in making a helmet that fits well with a deluxe skin because the buyer would need to have the deluxe skin before even considering on buying your helmet . But i think it’s a great idea to start making alternative helmets for deluxe skin as a series of items . Because if it got popular which it probably would , it wouldn’t so hard to get your stuff implemented . No disrespect to favens hard work on his skins but if you notice not a single on of his graxx series has been declined & that’s because it’s popular. The community loves it and DE loves it , it brings everyone joy and everyone money (besides the community of course) .
  6. lukinu_u's Workshop - Titania Lympharis is out !

    Ever think about making a mithra syandana
  7. Pls DE don’t pick zephir for holidays

    Mesa is amazing but zephyr is also amazing so either one
  8. Ember's Deluxe Skin Feedback

    Why not just release both
  9. So two handed Nikanas , but how do you feel about two handed Scythes ?

    All I want , even if it’s an exalted weapon . Please just gimme de
  10. Option to buy more load out slots ?

    I would pay for more . I just want one load out for each warframe
  11. I know I know , you’ve probably seen this topic before but for good reason . Deep down you know you wanna be like an edge lord death god swinging around a huge sycthe . & with the annocement of two handed nikanas it seems a little more possible . Anyway my question is do you think it would be a good edition to the game or just too diablo lll.
  12. Melee weapon for Gara. Torn between 2

    So when Poe comes to consoles should I A. Use a Nikana on gara for the looks ( cause she does kinda look like a samurai ) or B. Use telos boltace for its utility to drag enemies in ? That I believe will synergies pretty well with her abilities
  13. Ember's Deluxe Skin Feedback

    I see green
  14. lukinu_u's Workshop - Titania Lympharis is out !

    I think a trinity mithra would be a really nice skin , you'd have a lot to work with because of the skirt and the broken back wings
  15. Umbra warframes [Discussion & Appreciation]

    Yes please 🙋🏽‍♂️. Need it for the PS4 skin