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  1. Weapon That you Can shoot while running

    Hard to aim while sliding with the current controls on PS4, I would have to remap my whole controller
  2. De I would highly appreciate a mod or weapon that let's us shoot while sprinting . My sk8er boi nezha would love it . Thank you
  3. Exalted Heavy Scythe Warframe (what theme?)

    Evil lol
  4. Exalted Heavy Scythe Warframe (what theme?)

    I was thinking since it doesn't seem like DE will be adding huge scythes into the game anytime soon, wouldnt it be cool (cause cool and fun are all that matters) to have a warframe that had an exalted scythe as an ability doesn't even have to be the 4th ability btw but the issue is seeing how we have harrow and nekros already what theme is left thats appropriate for a warframe to have a huge scythe ? a farmer warframe?
  5. lukinu_u's Workshop - Wukong Mithra is here !

    I think a trinity mithra would be a really nice skin , you'd have a lot to work with because of the skirt and the broken back wings
  6. With Hok's Anvil, how will you name your weapons ?

    I'll make a light dagger & call it XXXTENTACION
  7. Warframe Open World

  8. Umbra warframes [Discussion & Appreciation]

    Yes please 🙋🏽‍♂️. Need it for the PS4 skin
  9. Umbra warframes [Discussion & Appreciation]

    No not at all I don't care for Excalibur prime . I was just thinking as a company , offering Excalibur umbra up for money would be a smart financial move . Since everyone's so crazy about umbra it would make lots and lots of cash . & honestly I would pay for that scarf btw it wouldn't be pay to win seeing how Excalibur umbra isn't much better better then Excalibur anyway . Slight boost in stats if we're going by China frame
  10. Umbra warframes [Discussion & Appreciation]

    Please vote http://www.strawpoll.me/13288914 the infamous umbra , is very popular & is wanted by many. So I had an idea , if de decided to charge for him, they probably would make a lot of money . More then a prime access I believe seeing how much he's been build up . & yes I'm jinxing it
  11. Melee Rivens vs Channeling efficiency cap

    For good reason
  12. Can Warframe Beat What Destiny Has?

    don't forget PvP. & subjectively first person
  13. Can Warframe Beat What Destiny Has?

    I don't believe destiny failed . In fact they made a lot of money off the game , people are still only , it never takes more then 20 seconds to find a match .
  14. Can Warframe Beat What Destiny Has?

    It won't because you they are very different games . There will only be 9 subclasses in destiny while warframe has 25+ frames . Destiny will be in first person and third person , warframe will only be in third . Warframes PA system is kind of unreasonable. Destinys Reskinning is unreasonable.. (rambling)
  15. All of Chromas Augments..

    Should be added to the base ability and new augments should be made for them .. except vexing retaliation because at least that changes up the ability a bit . Everlasting ward was a cheap move but guided effigy looks even cheaper . Well this is all my opinion your entitled to yours . I feel like Augments should change the way the ability feels , but also give it some purpose , & not bandaids