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  1. So I've been playing mesa a lot more because I love how well the tenora charge shot synergizes with her 1 . And I had an Augment idea : Ballistic Ante: Getting a kill with Ballistic battery full charges another ballistic battery in your next shot . Getting 25 kills with ballistic battery the next two shots are fully charged, 50 kills 3 shots . Ballistic Battery takes 3 times as long to charge. This would not only be a more viable Augment than the one we have but it would synergize really well with peacemaker. Also it would scale a little better.
  2. Thanks man , we have another mecha Frame enthusiast . There's a lot of people that believe it would be a bad idea but I mean we have a frame that's based on a brawler that throws rocks and another that is a literal pixie so I don't think this is that bad of an idea
  3. Bait , we don't discuss such things here seeing how this is the home base of DE .
  4. take a look at this
  5. Megan mentioned that there might not only be one winner on prime time also
  6. Octavia's invis is recastable so what seconds
  7. Isn't Loki squishy ...?
  8. Stances that have a lot of momentum help out with nyx's slow movement problem
  9. I'm confused on what's she's bad at , literally can do anything . Dmg? No problem , CC ? Ha , Stealth? I been invisible since the mission started . What are her downsides , I feel like she blows every other frame out of the Hydriod (water) lol
  10. Amprex, wanted to see what the hype was about
  11. Wow a lot of people are saying techs
  12. Napalm ? Nullifiers ? Energy drain eximus? A certain boss ? Let's us know below As for me I find the index enemies more challenging than most , especially at higher levels . Another enemy that I find tough is the artificer
  13. Yeah there's no limit as long as you can aim at it , & yep this is why he's my favorite . He's everything I'll ever need till a mech frame comes out
  14. Are you doubting nezhas speed ? You can doubt him being a viable frame , you can even make fun of the way he looks , but never ... never doubt this guys speed .
  15. Don't forget his augments ! Safeguard , is the most meta thing nezha has right now . Not really a fan of it but you can't deny it's usefulness when your surrounded by people who keep going down . pyroclastic flow, let's nezha actually kill something that's a higher level than 40 with his abilities . Favorite btw