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  1. My thing about the energy orbs is that everyone will just run around collecting them and use their 4s right away . Would be really annoying with Valkyr. But I see your idea
  2. u_u
  3. I would love a new game mode that is 3v3 or 4v4. And no respawns . To win you'd have kill every player on the other team 3 out of 5 times . no map , health regen , and no energy orbs, energy regen
  4. I challenege you (the few conclave players out there ) to be an epic scumbag in conclave! By using the following Nekros + Tigris Prime + Pandero . Soul punch + Fan the hammer = Grofit Leave your results down below !
  5. Or just change the way it works . I say if you get a kill with the charge shot you should be able to get another fully charged shot . Would synergies well with peacemaker
  6. What does "abused" even mean in a video game ? It's like saying someone can abuse sniper rifles in a shooting game because they are good at landing headshots . If it's not meant to work then don't make it a game mechanic .
  7. Ty bunny ! Sadly this devstream seemed lackluster compared to the other ones they spoil us with . Guess we're waiting for tennocon to scratch that itch
  8. Recently my girlfriend bought the titan one adapter thing for her PS4 and she's been recommending me to try it . For games like bf1 , titanfall 2 , and overwatch and I wanna know . Should someone feel bad for using a modded controller or mouse and keyboard on consoles ? What do you think ?
  9. I love this . +1 good job man
  10. Your making nezha next ?!? Yessssssdssdggfgbbhfvbbbgfgbmdssssdgggbb *foams at mouth* finally 😭😭😭✨
  11. Do you think Oberon should be able to cast his abilities while moving ? Or should it be kept stationary ? & do you like his new passive
  12. Kicking stance for sparring weapons
  13. Perhaps he shouldn't
  14. 😂😂😂
  15. I think changing chromas passive so Like allowing him to cycle between all four elements but not letting him have all 4 different kinds buffs at the same time . So we can change in mission depending on the situation instead of in the Liset ? What do you think , would this improve chromas kit a little more & actually give him a real passive then the one he has now