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  1. Just thinking about this but why not give enemies a better movement system/ai. Like enemy movement 2.0 , where each factions monsters move and hoard differently. Like infested that wall run or climb the ceilings, Or more flying corpus that get around and attack you, or grinned on ground vehicles or riding dolls ect. Imagination is the limit tbh.
  2. Source that DE said work has not been justified . Stop making things up, fact is you don’t know what If de put in more and more work with each iteration. DEs lack of effort and courage towards conclave could just be that they are not ready to commit to something that is different from what the game has been doing for all these years, which is PVE content. But as long as PVE content is all that is polished & released then there will be more and more harsh content droughts because the replayability of pve content is minimal at least for most people. Which causes burn out for both players and devs. I’d argue that even destiny does PVE better then Warframe. But that’s a different conversation.
  3. I also wonder when are you going to realize that’s just your opinion? Destiny 1s PvP use to be trash , now look at it . But hey I’m not really here to change how you feel .
  4. All of DE’s attempts were half assed in my opinion. For example having two people work on conclave isn’t “trying“. But I know they could do if it they wanted to .
  5. a risky investment for sure but a decent pvp experience might bring in many new players & also it would give people a reason to stream warframe. If you look at how many people stream/watch warframe its abysmal EDIT: Currently they're is only 633 viewers of warframe on twitch. compared to destiny 2's 5,000 viewers.
  6. I love you 🥰, that’s where my head was at too *cough*
  7. Lemme start off by saying I don't play anymore, I want to but i don't have ps4 anymore & I own a high end pc now so I plan on waiting till cross save to come out before I come back. But when I use to play around the time revenant was going to come out, I remember being burnt out because of how easy the game felt for me & I wanted to ask the rest of the community if they honestly believe if this game is non challenging or maybe you think otherwise. It also could just be that the gameplay is what you make it, like If i want to jump around skillfully and take advantage of all my warframes capabilities I can, but if you wanted you could just walk around just using melee or your primary weapon. Anyway what do you think?
  8. Why in the hell is ONE guy working on it ..?
  9. This is easily the most important post of this thread
  10. They mentioned this a while back has it been brought up again ? cross save: Being able to play one account on different platforms (PC, PS4, XB1, Switch)
  11. That’s amazing ... I think another problem with conclave is that the skill gap is WAY to high, us casuals struggle Fighting people who are this good at parkour . I think a way to bring the skill gap down a little would be to bring back stamina for conclave . So you just don’t get dominated by people who this amazing at parkour
  12. Those are some big wagers lol I’ve bought a lot of prime access & I use to play conclave a lot
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