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  1. lukinu_u's Workshop -Saryn Napellus is here !

    Ever think about making a mithra syandana
  2. Pls DE don’t pick zephir for holidays

    Mesa is amazing but zephyr is also amazing so either one
  3. Ember's Deluxe Skin Feedback

    Why not just release both
  4. So two handed Nikanas , but how do you feel about two handed Scythes ?

    All I want , even if it’s an exalted weapon . Please just gimme de
  5. Option to buy more load out slots ?

    I would pay for more . I just want one load out for each warframe
  6. I know I know , you’ve probably seen this topic before but for good reason . Deep down you know you wanna be like an edge lord death god swinging around a huge sycthe . & with the annocement of two handed nikanas it seems a little more possible . Anyway my question is do you think it would be a good edition to the game or just too diablo lll.
  7. Melee weapon for Gara. Torn between 2

    So when Poe comes to consoles should I A. Use a Nikana on gara for the looks ( cause she does kinda look like a samurai ) or B. Use telos boltace for its utility to drag enemies in ? That I believe will synergies pretty well with her abilities
  8. Ember's Deluxe Skin Feedback

    I see green
  9. Just Make All Existing Focus Nodes Into Arcanes

    That we can infinitely use and can't sell, that way everyone can keep their shadow step and energy overflow . Other players can then obtain them in other ways like sorties or raids .
  10. Weapon That you Can shoot while running

    Hard to aim while sliding with the current controls on PS4, I would have to remap my whole controller
  11. De I would highly appreciate a mod or weapon that let's us shoot while sprinting . My sk8er boi nezha would love it . Thank you
  12. Exalted Heavy Scythe Warframe (what theme?)

    Evil lol
  13. Exalted Heavy Scythe Warframe (what theme?)

    I was thinking since it doesn't seem like DE will be adding huge scythes into the game anytime soon, wouldnt it be cool (cause cool and fun are all that matters) to have a warframe that had an exalted scythe as an ability doesn't even have to be the 4th ability btw but the issue is seeing how we have harrow and nekros already what theme is left thats appropriate for a warframe to have a huge scythe ? a farmer warframe?
  14. lukinu_u's Workshop -Saryn Napellus is here !

    I think a trinity mithra would be a really nice skin , you'd have a lot to work with because of the skirt and the broken back wings
  15. With Hok's Anvil, how will you name your weapons ?

    I'll make a light dagger & call it XXXTENTACION