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  1. Thank you . People forget this often, I think it’ll probably happen in 2021 . Also for those who say it’s a waste of development time your completely wrong, cross save would bring so much money into this game . Because it would make the game accessible to more people on more devices. I have had a pc for 2-3 years now and I still have yet to download warframe on it because I’m not going to waste my ps4 account where I spent 100s of dollars on cosmetics & im not the only one . Embarrassing thing about pc players is that they think no one else can become pc players, I’m sure there’s many Tenn
  2. I haven't seen any in a long time , where they taken out of the game ? Also if you do have one how's it been doing ?
  3. You thought it was the game freezing, but it was me Limbo !
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