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  1. Could you maybe do the intro from Metallica's One? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EzgGTTtR0kc
  2. well that sucks, at least they bumped his enthralled count 4 us
  3. probably the same time frame that it took them to nerf gara, if revenant is op, little longer if he needs a buff
  4. wow thats kinda early for de dont most patches for warframe drop at 1pm lol
  5. q.q looks like it's gonna miss patch tuesday since it hasnt passed cert yet
  6. took a quick picture of it on my equinox, the blue isnt default tho, and the green is from the infested color pack. https://imgur.com/a/FFO3YZV @(XB1)RAG is NAROK
  7. very much this, idk wth they were thinking putting pc style ui on console everything is about 50x slower, what was wrong with the way it was? at least wait for kb &mouse b4 doing something like this. I feel they jumped the gun here.
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