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  1. Ok, this still does not work but in a very specific way. Upon login, the warframe you use is the warframe that can access the Helminth. If you switch to another warframe right after login, you won't be able to use Helminth.
  2. Same here, walking close to the "dentist chair" and pressing x does absolutely nothing. And now that I have posted in the forum, it now works.
  3. OK, I think the label "SEMI" in the config screen is misleading. I assume SEMI should be hitting the shoot button once and AUTO means holding the shoot button. So the real question is how many firing mode Cedo has? 3 - auto, semi and alt fire or just 2 auto/semi and alt fire. This is important because from reading the config screen, I interpret "AUTO" as holding the shoot button, "SEMI" as pressing the shoot button one press at a time (like a Latron) and I should get the procs. Indeed the alt fire did produce the AOE explosion with weak status damages.
  4. I have 215% Status in my Cedo under semi-automatic mode and it should proc on every shot but it did not.
  5. The fun part of the isolation vaults are all the infested spawning and you had to protect Loid to complete his tasks. The new isolation vault minigames is a complete disconnected set of task simply say: set timer, go do something before timer runs out. This is completely boring and do no promote game play between players. Come on DE, just replace the new isolation tasks with multiple Loids within a single cave with more infested spawing at each time will make it a lot more fun than what it is now.
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