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  1. Okay I don't normally complain but I now officially REALLY hate the new UI for relic selection during a mission. Clicking the upgrade button should NOT hide the select relic button when I have 15 seconds to figure out what I'm doing! Ijust got locked out on a defense mission because of this TERRIBLE UI decision... sorry I'm butt hurt about something simple and dumb but damn... fix this.
  2. Please please please! Increase the time for relic selection mid mission (in-between waves on defence or survival etc). The amount of time is abysmally short especially for how much harder not to mention shorter it is to figure out what's on your relic now. In my opinion a 60 second timer is in no way unreasonable. I maybe see the arguement for keeping it at 30 but 15 is a joke. Me and my friends commonly find ourselves scrambling to decide what relic to bring. If you aren't playing on voice chat forget discussing who's bringing what at ALL with this short timer. I don't consider myself a new player, been at this a while, but I'm far from having memorized every relic by name. This is the number one UI(ish) thing I would like to see changed.
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