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  1. It's been said that there will be NPCs on Orb Vallis (at captured bases or something like that) where you can select the next bounty you want to do. As for saving progress, this is from the PoE initial patch notes here: The stuff mentioned here was being saved even in cases where disconnections would occur and you end up back in Cetus with an empty rewards screen. Tested it with fish and gems at the time as host and client because numerous players were thinking they lost all their rewards based on the empty rewards screen.
  2. Check the bounties from Konzu. If you see Revenant parts, then just do bounties to get the parts. Craft and claim them, then just go back out onto the Plains wearing the mask a couple of times.
  3. As mentioned above, as long as you remember to craft them they will begin piling up. Unless you're logging in multiple times a day just a few hours apart, then most of that crafting time is when you're offline anyway.
  4. Don't see how stacking Radiation and Blast effects would help before they've expired. I'd also include Heat, Electricity, and Cold since they're still effective at slowing/disabling the enemy. That leaves only Corrosive, Magnetic, Toxin, and Puncture.
  5. Stradavar can alternate firing modes between semi-auto and full-auto with slightly varying stats. You can read on it in more detail here at the wiki: http://warframe.wikia.com/wiki/Stradavar
  6. I'm not sure what language I need to understand this pun.
  7. Here's a list from the wiki of all weapons that make use of an "alternate fire" mechanic. http://warframe.wikia.com/wiki/Alternate_Fire As for what you're describing specifically: Stradavar and Zenith can alternate between full-auto and semi-auto. Hind fires a single shot as opposed to its 5-round burst Tenora fires a charged shot instead of being full-auto
  8. I usually go with Lex Prime for the secondary using a crit build. I use Zenith as my primary, but something like a Braton Prime or other high RoF status rifle to complement the slower heavy hitting Lex works well. Melee is just whatever I feel like taking at the time.
  9. Easy way for me was using Frost Prime with Lex Prime. Avalanche for holding them in place and not get overwhelmed, Snowglobe for protection (especially the operator) to easily use void beam to remove their defenses. Stayed in that mission and killed 100+ Sentients that way needing only 2-3 shots per Sentient.
  10. As your question has already been answered above, a useful info tool you may not be aware of is the ability listings of your Warframe in the Arsenal can show you how your modding (Power strength, range, duration, efficiency) actually affected the stats of the ability. Are they not also using the Repelling Bastille augment mod?
  11. Looks like a pretty high skill ceiling to me. Especially when considering the complaints some have about Mastery tests that require basic mobility proficiency. I'm not very good at Conclave either, but mostly because I can't aim while moving or while my target is moving too fast, even in a regular PvP shooter on a 2D plane.
  12. Maybe it will be in the next update. They did a bunch of reworks in this one.
  13. Sacrifice Augment--Warning Label: Adds a cardboard warning sleeve that says CAUTION! CONTENTS HOT! Exchanges the Health cost for Credits (only a few million for the legal fees).
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