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  1. Maicael

    Mesa Fanboys in a Rad Hazard Sortie !!

    I usually just bring an Icy Avalanche Frost. If people stay close and I keep an eye on their protection, then nobody gets procced and it doesn't matter what they're using.
  2. Maicael

    Why did DE get rid of the old crouch animation?

    I prefer that one animation for the other action that got changed a while back. The other one looked better and cleaner.
  3. Maicael

    Cautious Shot is absolutely terrible, please buff it

    I'd say this suggestion is pretty close, but I'd get rid of the enemy dependency completely. Just make it to where equipping the mod guarantees you won't one-shot yourself, but still does significant damage (taking multishot into account however), and upgrading the mod reduces the %damage of your total health lost.
  4. Maicael

    Shrine of the Eidolon: Hotfix 22.12.2

    Maybe read Rebecca's response that's in that thread?
  5. Any chance of reverting some changes to the alt-fire? Like being able to shoot through Snowglobe (since "infinite" punchthrough), or bringing back being able to see enemies with the sonar instead of a stuttering circle that may or may not be where the head is?
  6. Maicael

    Plains of Eidolon: Hotfix 22.0.4

    Does this fix it for other resources? I'd noticed my Pyrol getting halved after returning to Cetus as well.
  7. Given the distances and increased difficulty of hitting with projectile vs hitscan, will projectile weapons have less falloff compared to hitscan? Edit: Or is this post meant to imply "most weapons" affected as being hitscan as the previous paragraph was saying something needed to be done about hitscan vs projectile.
  8. Any thoughts on allowing players to "Extract Endo" OR "Sell for Credits"?
  9. I agree with others that Sortie rewards should be looked at soon with how frustrated many players are getting with it and especially about adding other Riven types to the drops. I can understand DE not implementing a universal token currency as there's nothing preventing players to go for one sought after item and ignore all the rest. I like the idea that DeltaPhantom suggested here: It gives players a selection of items to choose from based on groupings while letting DE add/modify groups, the items they contain, and the group's chance to be rolled. My suggested modification is that instead of adding a token to be redeemed somewhere, just display the rewards and let players pick it similar to how Relic rewards are selected. Riven Common Uncommon Rare Legendary Rifle Focus Lens Greater Focus Lens Orokin Catalyst Legendary Core Shotgun 2k Endo 4k Endo Orokin Reactor Secondary x3 Nitain Forma Exilus Adapter Melee (Other Resources?) Companion/Sentinel
  10. Maicael

    Coming Soon: Spoiler-Heavy Devstream #83!

    Operator Mechanics (War Within spoilers)
  11. Maicael

    [PC Status Thread] Update 19: The War Within.

    Anybody know, or can DE answer: Is The War Within going to be replayable starting out? I'd like to know because I wouldn't mind playing the quest immediately, regardless of any bugs involved, if I can go through it again relatively soon after some hotfixes. Just curious given the recent change allowing The Second Dream to be replayed, and hoping that this was kept in mind from the start when making The War Within.
  12. Maicael

    Resource Farming

    For Oxium I think Cerberus, Pluto is one of the best spots. Neural Sensors I usually run Elara, Jupiter. I've usually only had them drop within the first 10 minutes or so. I'm not sure about the best place for Rubedo or Plastids as I've had hundreds of thousands for as long as I can remember.
  13. Maicael

    My lack of an anniversary arsenal

    You'll have to wait until next year's anniversary and log in. I'm hoping for some Dex Armor!
  14. Maicael

    Warframe Market Overhaul

    Sounds pretty good in terms of the UI. I don't think I saw anything about showing us what we've already earned Mastery for, just what we own. Would that be something available to add? I'm not sure what the idea is with the Cores and Credits if you're wanting to tempt people to purchase or if you want them to play. If you're wanting to tempt them, then I'd agree with others that the prices would need to be a bit lower.
  15. They shouldn't really be "brought back" as many of them were just introducing permanent additions to the game. The lore could be introduced to new players simply based on them encountering the missions/enemy involved and playing the transmissions for them specifically. As for the rewards for completing it, those are meant to be free for players that participated in the limited time window in which it was introduced. It's an event, it's over, there are ways to obtain the (weapon)rewards, but not necessarily as easy as before. I missed 8 events during a break because my laptop would crash with Warframe. The only thing I'm missing from all those events now is Latron Wraith and Bore.