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  1. I've sometimes had my profile icon not change until I visited my own profile on the forums.
  2. Maicael

    Staticor rapid fire as the cause of finger injuries

    If you're talking about scrolling through menus, then no it doesn't affect that functionality. In-mission scrolling switches between the "currently selected power" which used to be activated by clicking with the mouse-wheel. Not sure what (or if) there is a default key for using the "current" power anymore since changing it to secondary fire for weapons. There's not one showing for me, but I only use the number keys anyway.
  3. Maicael

    Staticor rapid fire as the cause of finger injuries

    If you haven't bound something else to it already, binding the scroll wheel to firing (in addition to left-click) is also pretty effective.
  4. Maicael

    What's Changed?

    I'd recommend doing all of the new quests. The War Within and The Sacrifice are the cinematic quests following Second Dream. Chains of Harrow is also pretty interesting/different. Then there's the Plains of Eidolon which (while pretty grindy) can greatly increase the power/usefulness of your Operator after War Within.
  5. Maicael

    Frame without a Prime version

    They just don't have a prime yet. A new prime is typically released every 3 months.
  6. Maicael

    Leveling question

    Only the first time leveling something counts. I just sold the extra one for a free Warframe slot.
  7. Maicael

    Venus: Where are their brains?

    Watched the Fortuna Musical Intro video, and at the end it said "Solaris Debt-Internment Colony." Perhaps their heads are kept as collateral.
  8. Maicael

    I know this game is free to play, but...

    Or you could wait for Baro's normal rotation to have the Supra Vandal, and it's not more powerful than other items, so not really pay-to-win even in terms of power level.
  9. Maicael

    Simaris Scan targets need more health.

    I've also seen an interesting case where a Crawler was the Simaris target. It got picked up by one of the infested drones. The drone died and instantly killed the Simaris target as well. I don't think increasing its HP would be necessary if: Its appearance was a little more distinct from Eximus units. Simaris would instantly notify you/mark the target either at line-of-sight, cross-hairs over target, or first damage instance regardless of having the Scanner out.
  10. Maicael

    Is Octavia worth the grind

    Metronome, and crouching with the beat of the music.
  11. Just to make sure, you've already maxed out the FOV setting in the Display menu?
  12. Guess Void Mode/Dash/Blast don't count? Then there's all the different ability modifications you can unlock for them through Focus.
  13. Maicael

    Mastery Rank Incentives

    They have several times either added in new items with higher mastery ranks as more ranks are unlocked, or gone back and redistributed the Mastery lock of weapons. 98% of all MR locked items used to be at Rank 8 or lower with a couple of new Primes and Syndicate primaries being the only ones higher.
  14. Endo is not a crafting resource (i.e. Plastids, Neurodes, Orokin Cells...), so it is not effected by Resource Boosters.
  15. Have you tried converting mods into Endo? Can get quite a bit from duplicates. The Ayatans give quite a bit. If I dissolved them I'd get +240k Endo.