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  1. Maicael

    StarChart Background Music

    I thought it was just playing the Somachord tones for a while. That might be better to provide some variety while loading. Don't particularly care to go back to the constant whooshing/hissing noises.
  2. Maicael

    Dojo Architect Feedback.

    I don't know how well building a bunch of different rooms for parkour would be or the performance impact with how dojos are being handled similar to relays. My suggestion would be to have a single console/entrance where you could access a menu to select a parkour course to load. It would then generate an instance for you of the course when you enter similar to how the Plains loads. May not be the best if you wanted to be in the same session as other players though as it would then be player-player connection again.
  3. Maicael

    Other Things That Need A Nerf

    Could go a step further and apply it to all Warframe abilities.
  4. Maicael

    Multiplayer Issue

    I've heard of this issue before a long time ago, and some googling suggests it has to do with strict NAT and UDP port forwarding. There's some settings mentioned about this under the Gameplay tab in the Options menu. Might try toggling some of those.
  5. Free-to-play does not mean free to collect 'em all. That's how every free-to-play game I know of works.
  6. Maicael

    Zenurik Energizing Dash

    Probably don't have it enabled. Click/select it and make sure that the symbol is reddish colored instead of black like ones you have not invested in.
  7. Maicael

    Regular blueprints and niatin extract

    Why wait around for Nitain in-game? There are numerous ways to be notified when an alert you're interested in goes up. There's the Warframe mobile app and several third-party ones, there's the Alerts Twitter feed, the website to check the status of alerts/invasions and other in-game timers, and I'm sure there's plenty more.
  8. Maicael

    Naramon Needs to be Changed - for the better

    Depends on if you're going after a particular high-level/armor/health enemy, or a large number of easier-to-kill enemies. Finishers are much slower than the regular attacks, and for most weapons you could get in 2-5 hits (even on multiple enemies) in the time for 1 finisher to complete.
  9. Maicael

    Freeing Inventory of Worthless Items

    The only things that consume inventory space are items like Warframes/Companions, weapons, and Rivens. Might be a few other lists, but most items like you mentioned do not take up any purchased inventory. There are still some things I wouldn't mind being able to clean out though, or at least have identical items (such as Warframe helmets) stack on each other.
  10. Didn't know Simaris would kick you out. I did notice the 15 second cooldown timer on the ability icon if you use your 4th ability twice in a row.
  11. Maicael

    Increase NIGHT cycle or reduce DAY Cycle on CETUS

    Summer Solstice is a real thing...
  12. Maicael

    Im new? What should i know about this game?

    They can be used in Void Fissure missions and unlocked to obtain a piece of an item that is considered "Prime." These are usually upgraded variants over their normal counter-parts such as Braton Prime or Paris Prime compared to the non-prime Braton and Paris.
  13. Maicael

    Im new? What should i know about this game?

    Save starter platinum for Warframe/Weapon slots. Orokin Catalysts (for weapons) and Orokin Reactors (for Warframes/Companions) double the amount of points you can use on mods on the item. Aside from being purchased, they can be obtained from random alerts, Invasion missions, and typically bi-weekly from special Gift of the Lotus Alerts that are done after a Developer stream. The wiki is your friend: Modding is the key to power and survivability. Collect them and rank them up as you can.
  14. Maicael

    started poorly

    Welcome to Warframe! Just rotate out stuff you don't like in favor of trying new things until you find something you really like or get some platinum for slots. I did that my first 2 years of playing Warframe before trading was introduced. As a rule of thumb, if something was difficult to get I avoided selling it until I had the parts needed to build it again. IMO Frost is a very strong frame while also being simpler to use/understand compared to others, but the strength of everything is very dependent on the mods it has installed. Orokin Catalysts (for weapons) and Orokin Reactors (for Warframes/Companions) are used to double the amount of points you can install into the item. Aside from being purchased, these can be obtained from random alerts, Invasion missions, or Gifts of the Lotus alerts (typically every 2 weeks coinciding with a Developer stream and lasting at least a day).
  15. Maicael

    Madurai's Meteor Dash

    It's not Madurai specific, that's default to Void Dash. Void Dash Cost: 25 energy Command: Bullet Jump, i.e. Jump (default Space ) while in Void Mode (default Ctrl ) Void Dash is a mobility power that launches the Operator towards the direction of aim for 12 meters, which will damage and knockback any targets in range. Each enemy hit with Void Dash will restore 10 Void energy to the Operator. It can be used to bypass Corpus laser barriers or Grineer energy barriers. Void Dash can also disarm a Kuva Guardian of their Kesheg.