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  1. The Lichless Operative A World Without Grind An Alliance founded under one purpose: To make the system a better place by helping fellow Tenno rid of their miserable grindfests LICHES! Are you: Unhappy with the Lich system? Regret ever getting a Lich? Think the grind is ridiculous? Hate those leeches for stealing your hard earned bounty? Does the idea of shoving an Ogris so far up a Lich's kuvahole where even Wisp's Sol Gate doesn't reach sound inspiring to you? Or do you just like beating the Void Devil out of Liches for fun? Then apply today! Any clan is welcome! All you need is a deep disdain for liches! (and bullS#&$ grind mechanics!) Just Leave your Clan's name below and share with us your disdain for Liches, and you'll be invited! No taxes! No hidden costs! Hunt with us, today!
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