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  1. You didnt though. Once I hit MR 30 I'll still get the new stuff just to try it out. I dont play to get a higher MR that is a byproduct of me playing with new stuff. Pretty sure it's the same for a lot of people.
  2. You sure you play the same game as the rest of us? I've been playing for 6 years and new stuff is all that keeps me playing. No new stuff comes out I quit playing until new stuff does, then I play until I've got everything new then rinse and repeat. Pretty sure that's a lot of high MR people.
  3. I like solo if I'm just playing for fun, groups if I'm formaing or grinding for something.
  4. That was the reason capture targets got the bleed out timer. Could down the capture target and farm oxium ospreys that spawned regularly.
  5. Imagine not knowing the index exists for credit farming...
  6. But they are using it that way. They cant use mocap, that's all. They could easily implement the Command tree.
  7. Makes me feel old seeing people say umbra, zephyr p, and trinity p are their oldest primes.
  8. Would care, but I dont dude to both consoles selling out within minutes of preorders going live.
  9. Pretty much what you said. I enjoy watching playthroughs of Warframe and I watched one guy play with his subs and they ran him through every mission, like he has 0% damage taken or done levels of carried. He played on his own one day and figured out he wasnt geared enough to be in the part of the star chart he was in. He figured this out because the raptor deleted him easily and he only managed to blow up 1 before he ran out of revives. Someone pointed out he got carried and he banned the dude.
  10. But you are fundamentally wrong. If the basis of your argument is flawed then so is your argument. Also the system is fine. It allows casual players a chance to get to 30.
  11. To be fair the down a lich 3 times system should be minerly tweeked. I had my lich spawn but the dudes were hanging back killing stuff and I was nearly at extraction and it spawned way back where I was near them. They downed it 3 times before I could even get back to them because it was a level 1 lich. I think the player should have and option of the 3rd down to send them away.
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