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  1. Wow be condescending. You could gain usually 3 levels a week if you did all but 1 task. 3 per week to get to 15 puts it at 5 weeks, so you had a week buffer. So yeah I'd call that pretty high participation. Not very smart are you?
  2. While the intermission 1 ran for only 6 weeks. So that was was very high participation.
  3. I think eventually nightwave will fall into the failed ideas category that DE has. It got implemented but requires a lot of work to come up with new story and rewards, so I wouldnt be surprised if it eventually just turns into an intermission permanently at some point.
  4. I mean zenurik got stuck with channelling energy reduction for a while a no one cared then.
  5. Wow 1st patch of the year and it literally makes the game unplayable. Good job DE.
  6. Then you must not remember how shotguns used to be. By your logic they were fine the way they were.
  7. I mean I just started doing arbitrations for real about a week ago. I never really use statues because I dont have anything to use them on.
  8. Is this a joke topic? I'm kinda serious. I have like 60+ sculptures and am sitting on 60 or 70k unused endo.
  9. I cant say I've had a quest spoiled for me that I didn't intentionally spoil for myself. I mean youtube is kinda bad about spoiling anything these days. Games been out for 2 days? Thumbnail of the final boss etc.
  10. Problem is; if you've been here since the beginning it is in order. I'm not sure how DE could really fix the issues though.
  11. Eh that's fine. I dont really play much during the work week. It would be nice if DE did their jobs and informed you of the suspension/ban though.
  12. Because you've never made a mistake. Dont be holier than thou.
  13. That's not really helpful. Didnt ask for a lesson like I'm 5. The question was at the end of my post.
  14. Speaking of toxicity. Someone pmed me directly from region chat and said something rude and I told them to #*!% off. I made the mistake of typing it in region chat. Now all I get is a failed to connect to chat server message. So I have no idea if I'm banned or suspended or what. Any ideas? From what I've read that if you are suspended it will tell you if you try to use chat.
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