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  1. The biggest issue I see with it is that it will probably just be the frames useless ability. I mean volts 1 and mags 1 arent exactly anything special.
  2. Well that's kinda the good thing about the steel path. CC frames are actually viable as are utility frames.
  3. Funny thing is that that wasnt the point the OP was trying to make at all because a decent power 130% powerstrength mesa can still nuke mobs fast and a 145% saryn can still spore enemies long before you see them. Kinda projected pretty hard with the nerf nuke frames thing
  4. Is it bad that whenever I see a game with a minority or woman I know the game is just going to be about virtue signaling? Kinda sad because I have no issue with either of the things listed, but I dont like political agendas being pushed on me. I miss when a MC was just a vehicle for the player to experience the story through.
  5. How does warframe take skill? Its literally google best weapons, look up build on YouTube win. Not really skill based at all, because this game is more based on gear than skill.
  6. They already can have a high status though pretty easily...
  7. Dont need a 4th nikana. We already have normal, dragon, and prime. Also how would you upgrade the twin grakatas without making them super OP?
  8. Eh, my family wasnt big on emotion. It exists but we all just deal with stuff on our own. My grandmother died recently and no one shed a tear. We miss her sure, but she was old and knew it was coming eventually, so being sad wont bring her back, so we move on.
  9. Dont forget metacritic is actually not allowing user reviews until 36 hours after the game launches due to that whole ordeal.
  10. Who said dark souls was hard? Did I? Please quote it. I said it took skill. Most games do not take skill, that's why Dark souls is still referenced, because its one of the few games that does. For the rest of it you're just being obtuse and I really dont feel like wasting time with stupidity.
  11. Removing people for having an opinion contrary to their political views is kinda a bad thing.
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