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  1. I mean he dies pretty quick with operator already so it wouldnt change much.
  2. You know that term is racist right?
  3. I mean this is general discussion and he's already submitted the issue. So he cant talk about it?
  4. No. That's why no one cares about it anymore.
  5. Its funny a guy with an excal prime glyph (which I'm assuming can only be gotten through founders pack) is whining about new player experience. It's way better now than it was 5+ years ago.
  6. Pretty much what I said. I have no idea why somebody would thing the boar prime needs a buff. It's a pretty insane weapon.
  7. I have more of an issue with the inconsistent flight time of the water.
  8. I thought raids were removed because DE couldnt fix them. Theyd fix 1 issue and that fix would cause 10 new issues.
  9. I mean most weapons fall off in high end content. So I wouldnt really use that as a valid form of 'x weapon needs a buff' i mean the lenz starts falling off at around level 85 for grineer and i wouldnt say it needs a buff. (No I dont consider 85 to be high end content.)
  10. Moat of them aside from, 'if you dont like my content you are a homophobe.' Not naming and shaming, but most people can figure what trash I'm talking about.
  11. Why shouldnt a prime be made good? Also the prisma skana should get a boost. Even with the syndicate mod, it's still lower damage than the broken war.
  12. I cant tell if the boar prime ones and twin grakatas is a joke or not...
  13. I'd probably say it would be Inaros. He's hopefully getting a rework since DE wants to be more interactive with frames and their powers.
  14. Literally the constructive criticism is make each capsule give more kuva. I'm not really certain what you were expecting. Also you're being butthurt again so I disregarded your wall of text.
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