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  1. Stop removing the sparkling ! i want to sparkle. also how do you know my password ?
  2. what about making the event not stupid instead, like, give only 10 pearls for being there and 3 pearls for every kill instead ? If afk/exploit is the most efficient way to do it, people will afk/exploit. how did you not see that coming, it boggles the mind
  3. I completed phase 3 ( several times ) , and did not receive the archweapon deployer. (i did get the gravimag) so what happens now ? edit : welp; i did receive it after a quitting the game and coming back
  4. Still having insane memory leak in fortuna/vallis, solo/online, 32bits/64bits version, did tons of tests, always happen... Warframe.64.exe eats up 20/30 MB a second once in the plains, and never ever stops,eating all physical ram, then swap like crazy until system crash. (ingame ram usage counter is busted and wrong, unless it's GPu ram somehow) The game doesn't even close properly, process is still eating ram (or swap, 'cause i dont have 30GB of ram, mind you).. 10 minutes after the game was closed. This is gonna kill some people's HDD and systems. Anybody suffering from heavy stuttering after a while should monitor ram usage in task manager. edit : after more testing, the leak seems to be linked to some sub-missions in bounties, any bounties asking to infiltrate the laboratories will initiate the crazy leak it seems.
  5. i have a crazy memory leak problem in fortuna/vallis. Using task manager while playing, it's obvious that the in-game ram usage counter is busted and totally wrong, does not report the real ram usage at all. warframe.64.exe process eats up ram constantly, and starts swapping once all physical ram is exhausted, leading to stuttering, then a game crash/freeze. If i close the game before that, warframe.64.exe never actually stops ( i've done a few tests and it was still running after 10+ minutes, same with 32bits version), and keeps eating ram away ( >30Go lol ), until complete system crash. it's ridiculous, by getting out of the elevator and staying idle, i lose 25Mo/s of RAM. (25MB of ram every second srs!) The ingame counter goes barely above 2,000 MB, meanwhile the warframe.64.exe process reaches 8Go/GB of ram usage in a matter of minutes.
  6. well if patch notes don't count, i guess yes. *rolleyes
  7. rivens were always supposed to evolve dynamically depending on weapon usage, they never did, but don't act surprised, it was expected.
  8. yep, i see some people have this problem since the chimera update. it indeed does seems random, it was working for me before fortuna, including in arbitration missions.
  9. it seems helios no longer scan new things. (precept and scanner equipped)
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