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  1. They can still work over time. I remember there was an update that once came out around 12 A.M. EST (I live in the same time zone DE is in). They are willing to work overtime if they're close to finishing. They've done it before and I don't doubt they'll do it again if need be. So no need to panic. 

  2. Cross play has already being enabled for War Thunder (basically a F2P game) between PC and PS4. Ditto for Final Fantasy Realm Reborn.


    If it is possible for two other companies to implement cross play, I don't see what is holding DE back on it.


    War Thunder also have very frequent updates from my 1 month of playing it.


    So, its a matter of PC players not getting their updates for 2 weeks for both parties to be in sync (since PS4 gets our updates once every two week)

    Those games are already in full release. Warframe is still in Beta. There's constant updates and constant need to check for bugs. Square is a huge company. They have a department that checks for bugs itself. I read somewhere that DE has roughly 200 employees total. Imagine how much Square has in every buliding they own. They can afford to have more people and more company divisions for specific things like testing.

  3. I'm all for this idea. I play DS1 and DS2. That back-flip ring was the worst idea they could have come up with. A set invincibility frame like in Monster Hunter would work. You had less than a fraction of a second in which you were immune to all damage except DoT like burn, poison, etc. If they could master the MH dodge/roll it would be amazing. Because of the way it was set up in MH I had no problem going in to fight stuff with a decent weapon and horrible armor. 

  4. ...doesn't cancelling a project return the individual contributions to the users in full...? Doesn't help you much since you're losing members but it's not as if they would be lost entirely.

    As far as I know all the materials, when you cancel a build, get thrown into the Clan Vault. 

  5. You do realize a large percentage of players that join leave very early in gameplay and never come back, right? If each and every player who joined the game continued to play, the forums would be absolutely teeming with life. You would get a public game almost instantly with hundreds of parties on each node.


    You need to also remember there's also regional divisions. I myself am on the American East. There's European, Asian, American West, and some others. Just because your region doesn't have a ton of people, doesn't mean the others don't. This game is peer to peer. You need to choose that region that you're in to get the most stable connection.

  6. on ps4 whe did not had à chance to buy the founder pack

    As was said earlier. Founders was a way to help DE make the game. It was their kickstarter so to say. People who gave them money took a risk. They didn't know if the game was going to succeed or fail. It's an investment. They deserve what they got. The game succeeded. What they got should be exclusively for them. They took the risk in shelling out $150+ for something that they didn't have a clue on. 

  7. This post. It gets my +1. Even though there have been hundreds of them this one gets my +1. 

    As OP stated. They should remain that way. I had the option to get founders, but I didn't. I regret now because I'm actually enjoying a Radial Blind build Excal. and an Excal Prime would have been better but oh well. I missed out on the Strun Wraith because I actually said screw this boring event. Do I regret it? Yes. Do I say "DE gibbs Strunz Wraithz! Dey haz I wanz!" No. You earn what you worked for or paid for in the case of founders. They should stay that way. There will be more things to come. Every online game I have played has had event exclusives and no one complains about not getting them. Why can't we have that here?



    Yeah, it's good that you can represent your (correct) opinion. But like there's a lot of players who aren't represented. The guys who don't bother with the forums because they flat out don't love the game or see it as having a great future. It's update 13 already, nearly 14. yet glaring issues still remain. 

    Your assumption about people not on the forums is horribly wrong. I didn't bother with the forums until recently. I just normally don't like looking at the forums unless it's for updates and patch notes. I've been around since U7 and have enjoyed the game since. Took breaks here and there because I got burnt out, but apparently with you said I didn't like this game so I didn't go on the forums even though I have 900 hours of enjoyment on this game.

  9. "Corpus-Tenno Relations officer"



    Dear Tenno,



    Why should you receive more fieldron out of our supply when it's inevitable that you'll fight for us to provoke The Dog's Death Squad to hunt you down? While our Resource Management team would gladly enjoy swaying your favour to support us, the Grineer dog's have already done that for us. But we do continue and ask you for your continue patronage.


    With much Profit




    I lost it at Dahla-Bill... You sir... have made me giggle more than I should have.

  10. Mine would be Ember Prime for the reasons

    1. She's awesome.
    2. She looks harmless to where it's misleading, I mean dem curves and duck looking helmet. Baddies will be like: "Lulz. Look at the duck faced *insert offensive words here*! THEN BOOM! FIRE BALL TO THE FACE.
    4. Winter cuddles would always be warm lol.

    Or Valkyr for:

    1. I think angry people make best bodyguards.
    2. Never be late while clinging on for dear life while she riplines her way to your destination.

    3. Warcry! Strike fear into your enemies.
    4. Paralysis. As was mentioned before temporarily paralyze them instead of killing.
    5. Who doesn't like scratch marks on their backs? Ummm i mean.... she can cut my food with those claws.

  11. Mine is Saryn. I ended up getting her the 2nd day I was playing. Which according to my profile info was 1 year 1 month ago lol. I just can't bring myself to sell her no matter how limited on space I am. 


    i still dont understand why people sell their frames. everything has a way to be used, you're basically just limiting yourself by selling them. sure there's limited slots, but there's also a trade channel. sell rare mods and buy slots. (r5 cores go for about 2-4p each too)


    The problem is buyers. EVERYONE is selling. Not many are buying. Most buyers want the new and hot prime gear. 

  12. - I enjoy playing Valkyr, Zephyr, and Ember.

    - I will always run back for the dude who get's downed no matter how far.

    - Lex Prime best side arm ever.

    - Snipers and semi-autos are all the weapons i enjoy. Screw your Soma.

    - I hate the ugly Cow-Girl Hybrid (Nova) with a passion that burns hotter than Vay Hek's hatred(that's the equivalent of 1,000,000 UY Scuti stars).


    -Shotguns are totally boring in my opinion.

  13. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart. Been trying to stress this more or less in the same detail.


    Passionate Ember player here, I got nothing but S#&$posts directed at Ember as a whole a few weeks ago. Majority of posts this thread makes me happy. I like the fact Ember can be a tactical warframe if you're not about the no-brainer spam-4-to-win playstyle.


    I think the problem is that people compare her to Nova. Every time I see someone say "Ember suck, huehuehue!!1!" They're the "Nova press 4 WIN WIN HUEHUE!" kind of person. I have about 9 warframes and she's in my top 3. Not my most used. Saryn takes that place since I got her the very first day I started this game, literally the day the Vandal event ended, so I can't get my Saryn removed from Most Used lol. 

    I seriously find Ember fun. You just can't rely on the press 4 win mentality. I combine her skills to make the most use of them. Hell, I did a couple of those Suspicious Shipment alerts with Ember Prime and I was the only one to not go down repeatedly in most of those. To make up for her squishiness you can't stop moving. The more you move the less bullets you get hit with and I mean strafe not run in balls deep lol. 


    Now onto Fireblast. Yes this thing sucks. I don't even use it on infested cause it still can't even kill them from walking into the ring. I however do use it when there's a Vauban using his Vortex. Stack a few rings, watch them get sucked in, they get hurt and weakened while we pick them off as they're inside. I was going to say some more stuff but my mind just threw it out the window. If I remember I'll just add on to this post.

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