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  1. In my opinion no, they just have a highly efficient frame that makes quick work of enemies. If people dont like the fact they are not quick enough or not doing enough damage to compensate they can either wait it out or leave. I can see why people would think so though as they want to actually play the game and not just run around going nothing, but in the end build your frame to be a god and do the same. This remind me of an excavation mission where someone did voice their concerns about not being able to kill anyone, so people stopped killing and the person complaining promptly got killed over and over again until they just left. One of the other members then chimed in and said "I wonder if he wants us to kill again".
  2. Go see Darvo in one of the Relay (Earth) I think its next to Cephalon Silmaris's place. Talk to him and ask if Clem needs help or something like that
  3. How about you choose the type of weeklies and dailies you want to do. So that those who dont want to play in a team or don't want to do a 1 hour survival will have other options Example like say you can only do 5 weeklies, but you have have 10 choices and once you have completed 5 the other are locked away.
  4. In the void mission Hepit capture i think Just capture the target and then spend your time scouting the area and looking for them in the environment. The best i have done in one as like 5 and the worst was like none.
  5. I'be only fought him once, during a excavation mission with randoms. He is tanky as all hell, even my fully kitted out weapons was doing like 200-300 damage and my warframe abilities doing none.
  6. I think what your friend needs to is to fall in love with the game. You can help him with it, teach him about movement modding and levelling up those mods. teach him about the frames and their abilities and how they work. Once he gets use to all that it might click and he might want to keep going. I think its best to gift them some weapons and some mods, but dont make them a god when they just new, that way they know what its like to be mediocre and turn powerful.
  7. I faced him once in a Excavation mission with randoms. He is a doozy, I had a frost that was doing no damage with any power abilities and my Soma prime was doing between 300-400 damage. I think it took the group like 10 minutes to chip away at his health but we got there.
  8. Look up Alyekk on Twitch, she gives them out or if you watch enough and earn gold you can redeem for it, or you can subscribe and get it. 🙂
  9. Yeah true, it is a bit boring, like those 30 minute survival mission that were happening in the week end. 15 minutes would have been better
  10. Seems pretty easy tbh, Ivara with a Baza or Bow, then turn your brain off.
  11. Go to Youtube and check out, Brozime, iFlynn, Tactical Potatoe, DKdiamantes. they have good videos for beginners, how to build weapons and all sorts of good videos to get you started and turning your frame into a god. Once you like a certain build, learn about forma and polarity for you frame and weapons and work towards aquiring specific mods and weapons.
  12. There need to be a sense of calmness, its early days yet, I mean when was this new system implemented like yesterday, theres bound to be bugs and fixes and ways to balance things so just hold of on all the "im going to not play", I mean if something like this upsets you this much then a game that updates very frequently like Warframe isn't for you. DE are generally pretty good when it comes to update so just hold your horses. Remind me of the UI changes and people threatening to leave because of the UI and DE quickly fixed it.
  13. yeah, it does get annoying especially when its a tier five bounty and its one of the last one you gotta do. Dam cache are sometime in caves, as well as outside on the plains. The area north east of the map in the Plains of Eidolon is a nightmare cos caches appear under ground up high in the Grineer compound.
  14. I would really like them to do reworks on the skins of older frames. A lot of newer frame coming out look really intricate and the old ones look plain and ugly. just look at Frost.
  15. I agree with this, while a kick button is a great solution fora lot of things, however there is too much room for abuse and i think those who are for a "kick" option will then complain about being kicked for the most inane thing. Like, oh brought the wrong type of gun, i dont like limbo, who even dies here, ewwww those colours. if i dont like how a mission is going cos of AFK'rs, people griefing, honestly i just leave. But is this a PC problem, i play on PS4 and to be honest i very rarely, if at all see people just not doing any thing.
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