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  1. il y a 17 minutes, Pyus a dit :

    Rip in pieces Steel Path, I only ever solo'd 2hr survival missions and had more fun doing that than most things in the game. But to spite the AFK farmers the system gets nuked.

    Why not leave the eximus alone and open it to mission rewards and acolytes?  Best of both worlds so to speak?

    because everything good in this game gets nerfed to the ground, we saw this with M4D.
    I imagine the company meetings of DE: "guys, what should we do? we create some new good content or we nerf everything else to the ground? nerfing looks a good idea, lets do this"

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  2. à l’instant, [DE]Helen a dit :


    Introducing Bonewidow, a robust front-line Necramech that favors armor and health over shield strength. Impale and hurl enemies from the battlefield, or fight them up-close with an exalted warblade and heavy shield

    Yaaaaaaaaaaay a new useless necramech, because there is no content to use they :DDDDD
    also, for what i saw on the test build, necramech melee weapon is worst than using your very own hands to punch someone, there is no utility on his exalted blade.

    Btw, some content for Railjack, like, new railjacks, modular railjacks, new maps, new planets, something to make you want to do RJ is going to be nice, pls, do not let RJ die, do not let warframe became monotonous like, "farm weapons and rush maestry" that is the game right now, im on MR 20 and im beginning to let warframe aside because there is no good contents anymore.

    Im very excited for deimos arcana, but please, focus on new contents and not only on "new weapons and warframes only useful for MR".

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  3. now we just need the fix on M4D, the buff for the rhino "roar" of helminth, make the "empower" to have sinergy with the mods in your build with a cap of 100% strength, or the helminth system is going to became useless (like some warframes after M4D nerf :) ) and the fix of the excavators not upscalling the level on "excavation" missions and we are done for now :)

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  4. Il y a 4 heures, Amazerath a dit :

    "Untime" is Protea's theme. Not only it would have been a perfect fit but Protea also needed this a lot more then Xaku.

    please, do not say anything about protea, or they gonna nerf it too :( (also protea do not need a rework because she is really cool to play with it, maybe a duration increase on 2º abillity, but i agree with you, time mixing should be just for protea (also, give us PROTEA PRIME, i aint gonna play for 4 years to receive my main prime version, increase the prime warframes add's)).

  5. Le 17/09/2020 à 12:55, [DE]Megan a dit :

    Marked for Death Changes:

    Before we jump into the nitty gritty, let’s revisit what the ‘Marked for Death’ Helminth Infusion is: Stun an enemy; a portion of the next damage you deal to it will be dealt to all enemies around it.

    It’s important to note that the description mentions ‘a portion of the next damage’, which was always our intent, meaning we have some bugs to fix and explanations to make on the next steps here.


    With Marked for Death now in the wild and being experimented with, it was apparent to not be working as intended by overwhelmingly nuking enemies left, right, and center when combined with certain loadouts and due to certain bugs. We recognize the players who brought this forward with understanding that it needs to be addressed. Let’s get into the meat of it:  

    • Fixed Mods applying twice to the Marked for Death Damage portion dealt in the AOE.

    • Fixed base Damage using the Health/Shield Damage dealt and not capped at the Health+Shield the target had prior (e.g. enemy with 5 Health gets hit by 100 damage, and 100 damage is shared in AOE. It should just be the 5).

      • Radial damage was never meant to exceed the target’s Health and this was our bad. The desired strategy we wanted was players prioritizing tank units like Heavy Gunners to do AOE clears since heavy units have more Health than normal, thus the radial AOE would likely be lethal, not just normal units. This issue combined with numerous bugs of Mods stacking meant this was way over powered. A key part of reviewing these changes will be ensuring that players understand the best case scenario we envision for the power is targeting high-Health enemies to do radial damage to weaker enemies. 

    • Removed Critical Chance from Marked for Death radial AOE. 

    • Capped Damage multiplier stat to 75% and normalized Damage type mults.

      • Here’s an example of normalized Damage type: if the Damage you deal is 0.5 Impact, 0.4 Slash, 0.3 Heat that sums to 1.2x but after normalizing they become 0.42 Impact, 0.33 Slash, 0.25 Heat.

    • Fixed Marked for Death with Arcane Trickery equipped triggering invisibility almost every time, because each enemy hit by the AoE has its own 15% chance to activate Arcane Trickery.


    Well, i didn't saw an good use of those abilities or the capability of removing and setting other habilities on warframe's but i cant see why this ability deserves an nerf, when Baruuk is ingame. This ability revived some good ol' warframes that i didn't saw peaple using in a very long time (like Excalibur or Ash), and i think this nerf is a mistake, because its a very complicated ability to be obtained, you need rank 6 in the helminth, have MR8 to buy the helminth segment, and need's to test this ability in numerous warframes and builds, when Baruuk you just need to have MR 6 and fortuna syndicate to have the most OP warframe ingame that just is game breaking. Also, i dont see any reason to Xaku doenst do damage to Eidolons since he (or she) have the same damage of AMP's, this isnt going to break eidolons, because they already are easy to kill and have no secret about it.

    Maybe i had misunderstood the objective of helminth segment, i was thinking that these capability of doing changes was to let warframes that wasn't used in a while good again (because some of then took a "rework" that killed that warframe, or some of those just have useless habilities, like radial javelin), since everyone is nuking with Khora, Baruuk and Saryn, making helminth capable of breaking the "meta", but how we can see, DE's wants to keep the broken meta warframes and guns for like forever. I understood the need of a nerf on M4D, but a single NERF, not making the skill useless. There is some peaple that really like some warframes that nobody uses anymore because they became useless ingame, like Excalibur, Ash and Atlas (need one more rework, like the Xaku) and i think they deserve the right to be good in something, AT LEAST being capable to kill enemies.
    By now, helminth system its just a waste of resources.

    Since the Add of the "Hard Mode" or the "Steel Path", i feel the need to give warframes 2 more slots, one exclusive for augment's, and one exclusive for "hunter's mod set's or just a common slot.

    Also, i think that "Empower" ability should have sinergy with the mods in your build, with a cap of 100% ability strength in the next cast.

    Also, the "Master's Summons" should be passive skill to ALL warframes, giving you the capability to spawn your death sentinel or kavat one more time.

    Also, i know that is hard to do this but it was going to be good anyway if this came to game, it was going to be good if the prime warframes add was a little bit increased, maybe doing female and male add, there is peaple that doesnt want to wait 4 years to receive their main warframe prime versions, of course i understand completly if this couldn't being implemented, but since Gara's prime version didn't came out in 2 years, that made me worried about Protea's and other's warframe's prime version.

    @[DE]Megan and all DE's developers team, cheers to the new update, im a fan of DE's work, but i dont see any reason to nerf the "marked for death" when Baruuk's is ingame. Peaple doesnt like to have something that they like being killed. killed, not nerfed, we accept some nerf's, but not skill killings or warframes being useless.


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